Perfect Money » What is it and how does it work?

Perfect Money » What is it and how does it work?

perfect money is an electronic payment processor that allows you to send and receive payments over the Internet. It’s one of the most used electronic payment processors due to its speed of sending and receiving money from anywhere in the world with very low commissions for the usuario.

The Perfect Money electronic payment processor comes operating since 2007 and it has been characterized for being an en línea payment and collection system widely used in pages for earn money en línea. This platform belongs to the company SR & I, which has a class A license to carry out financial transactions with third parties.

Basic notions of Perfect Money

platform management Perfect Money has been operating since the year 2007.
Languages Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
accepted countries Most countries are accepted on the platform, but some are not.
Activity Electronic payment processor.

Registration and first steps in Perfect Money

To start on this payment processor it is necessary to start with registration, and then make the main settings. These sections are presented below:


Registration in Perfect Money is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here. When entering you must go to the “Registration” section, complete the data (among which you must choose if you are an individual or a company), complete the captcha, accept the terms and register.

They will send you an dirección de correo electrónico to your correo electrónico, which contains an ID (that you will use to log in) and the password that you have entered.

Registration Form

You cánido perform the registration in the payment processor Perfect Money from the following backlink: Go to Perfect Money.

First steps

After registration it is necessary to perform the main account settings, and for this in your account you must entrar the “Settings” section. In this section you cánido editar your personal informationincrease the security of your account, verify your account, configure notifications, among other information.

It is important that you complete all the information in your profile and increase the security of your account. Without verify your account You will be able to carry out the various operations, but with your verified account you will have fewer limitations in operations.

Apart from this you cánido equipo up notifications, work with the public API offered by the platform, manage sub-accounts, add websites, add a phone and verify your account by uploading your identity document.

How does PerfectMoney work?

Perfect Money is a payment processor that allows different types of transactions regarding Internet payments. Perfect Money payment processor perro allow you to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world with really low fees.

With the Perfect Money payment processor you perro deposit cómputo in your account, withdraw cómputo from your account, send payments to other users, receive payments from other users, make internal transfersmake exchanges, operate from a mobile APP, make withdrawals, view history, among other aspects.

After registering and configuring your account you only have to start sending and receiving payments, where you perro withdraw your money in different ways. Before starting to operate within the platform from trying to improve the security of your account to avoid losses in the future.

In the Perfect Money payment processor you perro also work with bitcoinsallowing transactions to be carried out using cryptocurrency technology.

Wallets at Perfect Money

From the moment the usuario registers It has three different wallets in the currencies of gold, dollars and euro. From the “Account” section you will be able to see all the wallets you have, since you cánido add others from the “Add account” option, from the “Acoount” section-

Each wallet you have has a code, which you will use to receive payments into your Perfect Money account, in the wallet to which they send you payment. You receive payments in one of the wallets you have and also the payments you send are through the wallets you have.

When adding a wallet you must indicate the currency of said wallet to receive payments in that currency. With the top three purses usually people work, since they have the most important currencies in the trading world.

Operations in the Perfect Money payment processor

The Perfect Money platform allows you to carry out a equipo of operations designed to work with the transactions that cánido be done in this electronic wallet. The operations that you perro work with in Perfect Money will be presented below:

internal transfer

You cánido transfer or send payments to other users who have an account in Perfect Money. When sending payments to other users you must indicate the wallet code of the usuario to whom you are going to make the payment.

For send or transfer payments to other users you must entrar the “Internal transfer” section, where you must follow the steps indicated to make the transfer.


you perro rwithdraw the money from your Perfect Money account using the various payment methods that the platform allows.

To withdraw the money from your account you must entrar the “Withdraw cash” section, where you must follow the steps indicated to make the transfer.

Deposit money

You perro receive payments to your wallets and you will be able to deposit money using the various payment methods that the platform allows. When receiving payments from other users you must give them the wallet code to which they will send the payment.

you perro also Deposit money using the various payment methods offered by the platform. To carry out this operation you must entrar the “Deposit” section, where you must follow the steps indicated to make the transfer.

Exchange of internal cómputos

You perro transfer money from one wallet to anothersince this will allow you to have greater control of your money related to the currencies with which you work.

For exchange money Among your wallets you must entrar the “Change” section, where you must follow the steps indicated to make the transfer.

credit change

He credit change from Perfect Money is a special platform for lenders and borrowers. The process of borrowing money en línea may interest customers who need to obtain funds quickly to develop their business or obtain money for their personal use without going to the bank.

Fees and commissions in Perfect Money

the tfees and commissions in transactions and operations are low at Perfect Money when compared to other afín payment processors.

To send money the commissions They are small. Being 1.99% for unverified users and 0.5% for verified or Premium users.

For receive money or deposit funds there is no commission of any kind.

The commission applied in foreign exchange USD/EUR and EUR/USD will depend on the market.

To remove money the commission will be 2% for withdrawals by bank transfer and 0.5% for withdrawals through Bitcoin.

Not everything on this platform are commissionssince Perfect Money will give you an annual interest of 4% of the cómputo of your account.

Referral system in Perfect Money

Payment processor Perfect Money has a referral system direct, with which you perro obtain bonuses. You have the opportunity to receive 1% per year with a minimum remainder for the month in your partner’s account. Payments are made monthly.

You cánido find your referral backlink from the “Affiliate Program” section, where you must complete your backlink as indicated in said section. Also in this section you cánido find promotional material to get referrals.

Security at Perfect Money

Being cautious is the best way to avoid fraud. You cánido never be sure that your access password has not been intercepted by piratas informáticos and that you are the only one who knows it.

For this reason, the perfect money system offers various security tools.

identity verification

This tool is used to identify the real owner from a PM account. This security feature identifies the computer used to access an account.

If he system identifies an IP address password that has not been previously used to access an account, the security system blocks access to the account and sends a PIN code to the correo electrónico address that was specified at the time of registration.

Some Internet providers use IP addresses dynamics for your users. In this case, the system will send messages with new IP codes every time your IP address changes.

mensaje de texto login

This option is used to create a logical connection between the usuario’s account and the mobile phone of the same. Every time someone tries to entrar the usuario’s account, the system will send a confirmation code to the mobile phone specified during registration.

The authentication by mensaje de texto it is the most advanced and reliable way to protect against unauthorized access to your account.

Attention! mensaje de texto notification is a payment service. The cost of each message is 0.1 USD. To use mensaje de texto authentication, you must have at least 5 USD in your account.

code card

The system provides the usuario with a security code card which is a graphic image sent to correo electrónico. Every time you make a transaction, the system sends a request for a specific code card number. The code card is a convenient and reliable security tool that is often used by financial systems around the world.

When a usuario enables this option, the system will automatically generate a code card available to download in 24 hours. It is also sent by correo electrónico to the address provided during registration. Disabling this option also requires entering a card number. The code card should not be saved on your computer or in the dirección de correo electrónico. Keep a physical copy of your code card. Print it immediately upon receipt and delete the digital copy.

Anti-fraud monitoring system

Perfect Money has implemented a anti-fraud system unique intellectual that scans each transaction to disminuye the risk of fraud. If a transaction seems suspicious, the system automatically redirects payment to operators for manual processing. If the payment has been deemed legitimate, the operators will process it.

Due to the nature of this procedure, the transaction perro be delayed up to 24 hours. if your payment is latewe recommend that you wait 24 hours and then contact our customer support to resolve the issue.

Other information about Perfect Money

The Perfect Money processor has other options which is important for the usuario to know. Here are the various options:

  • Mobile aplicación.
  • Developer APIs.
  • Transaction Histories.
  • Retracts.
  • Refunds.

All these data are important to the usuariosince they allow it to have access to different services.


This payment processor It is widely used in the world of investments, and it is widely used in Russian platforms of any category. Perfect Money owns various forms to be able to transfer your money, and thus use it in whatever you want.

Its ease of use and low commissions applied to its transactions have made Perfect Money one of the main platforms in recent years that has become a benchmark among the Spanish-speaking public.

In addition, Perfect Money has a affiliate program through which benefits perro be obtained by recommending the services of this site to other people.

final words

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 Perfect Money » What is it and how does it work?
  Perfect Money » What is it and how does it work?
  Perfect Money » What is it and how does it work?

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