Peoople: Earn money for recommending any

Peoople: Earn money for recommending any

People is another one of those applications recommended to earn money from your mobile phone; a Spanish application that since 2016 has achieved more than five million downloads in the Play Store. For years it has been recommended by influencers, since, in addition to serving to earn money, it serves to share recommendations with the whole world. It is one of the best aplicaciones that has emerged from Spanish talent and here we detalla everything about it.

What is People?

It is a mobile application with which you perro recommend all kinds of products or services. You perro install it and get recommendations for restoranes closest to your location, movies that cánido “blow your mind,” books to change your life, among others. You also cánido make product or service recommendations and share them with others, agregado you perro create private or public collections.

For some time it was one of the best Aplicaciones to earn MONEY with your mobile, which has changed over time. However, many people still use it to generate some plus income with their recommendations for movies, books, trips, among others.

Register in People

In this section we explain step by step how are you going to register in the application:

  1. Download and install people from the Play Store or the Aplicación Store.
  2. After installed, select one of the three registration options.
  • indicates your real name, password and Nombre de usuario you want to use (must be available). Using the nombre de usuario and password you will be able to log into the aplicación later, so remember them.
  • Select a few people to follow.
  • Choose the things you like.

Ready! You are done with the registration, now you perro use all the functions of this application.

How does People work?

Its operation is very fácil, the aplicación espectáculos you the recommendations of other users about sites, movies and all kinds of products and services. What makes it different from afín applications is that, for example, if you liked a product based on a recommendation from another usuario, the aplicación will indicate where perro you buy this product. So that you cánido take your first steps, we indicate below what to do:

  1. In the main menu you will see a search barwe look for “Coffee” because we want to go for a coffee after finishing this articulo.
  • Select results among the categories: collections, recommendations or users, we select “CaféLab Cafeteria Murcia” among the results of recommendations.
  • Finally, we were able to know all the recommendations of this cafeteria that we are going to visit soon.

It also works to generate income, to do so you must first be part of a referral program by recommending the application to five people. Then you need to make at least two collections, but not private, but public, such collections must have recommendations. Another requirement is to have ten followers on your profile and have given “like” to at least twenty different recommendations. If you meet these requirements, you cánido earn money passively with your móvil inteligente just recommend products services.

Who to follow on People?

In People you perro follow a lot of people, of course, if you want to get the best recommendations, you must first follow the influencers. But, not to any influencer, but rather to those who recommend the things you likehere we share with you some influencers in People classified by the type of things they recommend.

Books: @marialcazar03, @andreorowling, @mm2313, @bookpiic.

Restoranes: @tatnaicb, @luciaavfdez, @indiabuselli.

Vídeo game: @theshootercocyt, @salvaavf, @logangofficial.

Fitness: @sarabaceiredo, @gotzonmantuliz, @lorenzomohi.

In the application when you register you will see some people that you cánido follow, as we espectáculo you in the following image.

You cánido get more of these influencers in the section «influencers» from the official People website.

People Aplicación for PC

Unfortunately, there is no PC version, however, you cánido use an Android emulator on your computer, so you cánido download and install Peoople without having a mobile. An emulator that we recommend is BlueStacksince we have used it and the Peoople aplicación goes very well with this emulator for PC.

People’s Web Aplicación

So that you have a little more information about Peoople and its installation, we recommend you go to its official website: There you will find all kinds of relevant information, such as the most prominent influencers within the community created within this aplicación.

Aplicaciones afín to People

Really, People is not a unique aplicación to generate income, there are many other options that they perro become better or worse, it all depends on what you are looking for; Here we detalla some of these applications.


It is an aplicación with which you perro plan better financially, if what you want is to save money and not die trying, this aplicación is for you. It is an excellent option that we have already told you about in this blog; GoinApp is the application that cannot be missing from your mobile if you want to improve your finances. In addition, it has several options to earn moneysuch as its referral program, with which you earn 3 euros for each of your referrals that associate their cards and bank accounts with the application.


An application that just having it on your mobile makes you earn money, it works in the background collecting information from the other installed applications. Keep in mind that the aplicación respects your privacy and personal information, to learn more about it, visit our Smartme articulo in which we talk about everything.


Using this application you perro also get rewards, to do so you must earn points, which you get by answering questions, watching vídeos, downloading applications, among others. AppKarma is an aplicación that we have also described in this blog, the points you get you exchange for GiftCards or Paypal moneya great option for you to get plus money.

People and their opinions

The truth is that People has been one of the most important applications that pays to earn money, but as we have already explained to you above, this has changed for some time. Now there is a problem that many users are reporting with the aplicación, and that is that users are not counting the referrals they get. Therefore, they never reach 5 referralswhich is the requirement to earn money for recommending products and services.

Obviously, currently it is not among the best Aplicaciones for Venezuela and other parts of Latin America to earn money. However, by the time this “bug” of not counting the referrals that users obtain is fixed, it will once again be one of the best. We hope we have helped you with this articulo, remember to share it with your friends so they get to know this great aplicación and start making recommendations.

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 Peoople: Earn money for recommending any
  Peoople: Earn money for recommending any
  Peoople: Earn money for recommending any

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