Payzabux is SCAM

Payzabux is SCAM

Payzabux is SCAM.

But that’s not all that happened to me yesterday, besides discovering that this PTC does not pay (he has not even made the first payment), other houses occurred to me, worthy of the worst Tuesday and 13.

It seems that bad luck yesterday was primed with I get out of the crisis.

But hey, you have to continue and regretting is a waste of timewe will continue working to win en línea money and help everyone who wants to read me to continue earning money.

If you continue reading, it means that you want to know what happened to me yesterday, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you with hair and signs.

We start:

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Payzabux is SCAM

As you will remember, Payzabux is a PTC that we have added a short time ago, it really gave me a good feeling.

Although we know that PTCs are very unstable, I thought that it would extend over timethe pay-per-clic was logical, the “gift” premium membership lasted only a few days, etcétera…

As I said, it seemed that it was going to last longer in time, you will remember the last SCAM discovered, those of Uniclique and Cliquesteria, that after almost a year the first and more than a year the second, have become SCAM.

well this It hasn’t even lasted a month.

I started to get a bad feeling when they took me out of the referral contest at a stroke.

Thanks to the money chest, I spent more than 24 hours in the first place, until they eliminated me.

That’s when he started to get pretty pissed off.

Yesterday my suspicions were corroborated, after two days of waiting for payment, it has not been madenor do I think it will be carried out, therefore, I am not wasting the time of myself or my referrals and I declare it SCAM.

free sports bets

The second story to tell you todayWell, it happened yesterday, it’s about sports betting.

I lost my second bet on winner in the last days.

she was wearing a Super streak of more than 30 successful bets.

So much so, that he directly copied the bets and the same thing that he bet on winner, he did it on other platforms such as mobabet.

As I told you, so far I was doing well.

Until I lost yesterday’s bet.

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Betting shops

The third story comes from a bookmakerthat as he said The Quijote “whose name I don’t want to remember”.

I have to say that I am not one to play in betting houses, the only time I did it was through beruby and the play turned out quite well.

This time, and seeing my gains in winner, I thought about investing a small amount of money to make a profit.

No sooner said than done.

For a couple of days it was fenezca, but yesterday I “discovered” live betting.

What I didn’t discover (and still don’t see) is that when you bet live, it seems that you bet on a number of goals, which is not seen until you place the bet.


€10 lost, not counting the profit he had had, a total of €13.

I complained to them several times through contact.

But after exchanging several correos electrónicos, they decided not to answer me again.


Well, one disastrous day yesterday, I went to bed quite overwhelmed, but today a new day has dawned.

Nothing has been lost that cannot be replaced and we must move on.

If you have come this far I encourage you to continue, make money en línea is possibleI do it every day (some more and some less) and many people live from this, you just have to take a tour of popular networks and check it out.

But I’m not talking about earning 500 euros in one day.

That’s impossible, or at least very rare.

I’m talking about people who spend 8 hours in front of the computer, like any other job, and at the end of the month they get a decent salary.

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I encourage you to continue, do not give up, keep working, little by little you are seeing results.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Payzabux is SCAM
  Payzabux is SCAM
  Payzabux is SCAM

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