Good afternoon beautiful people! I hope you have had a good weekend.

I have been doing my PTC, and everything related to earning money on the internet.

I’ve been looking for a payment processor that I cánido use on all (or most) of the pages I use.

And I have found it: it is Payza.

I will tell you about everything there is to know about this payment processor, the pros and cons and why and why not choose it, do it or not, it will depend on you.

Payza For some time now, it has become a good alternative to PayPal, the payment processor par excellence.

Almost a year ago (how time flies) I told you about PayPal as the best payment processor.

you cánido read the articulo here.

But times have changed, when I wrote that articulo, the big PTCs like Clixsense and Neobux accepted PayPal as a payment processor and most of us received payments there.

Today things have changed.

PayPal is very picky and does not accept, in most cases, this business model as it is considered unfeasible.

In fact, one of the “clues” to recognize a recently exited PTC that is going to become a SCAM is to accept PayPal as a payment processor.

Therefore, we must get used to working with several payment processors (I have already told you about skill), and Payza is one of those that yes or yes we have to keep in mind.


  • Your registration is totally free
  • You perro have multiple Payza accounts
  • You perro receive money from many PTC pages
  • Possibility of income and withdrawal from bitcoin
  • Sending money between accounts is free
  • Money perro be loaded to Payza by checking account or by card
  • Lots of different currencies and countries
  • Disputes perro be opened
  • referral systems
  • Possibility of requesting a prepaid card

Registration in Payza:

The first thing to do is register in Payza, it is totally freeyou perro do it through this banner:

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The banner will take us to the Payza website, there we will look for the option sing up (registration) and we will choose “personal account” and we will begin to fill in the fields.

From there, you have to go to our dirección de correo electrónico and validate the account.

we cánido login us (next to sing up is the log in button).

We log in with all the data that they request, we must put the real data, because to verify our account we will have to send our personal identification in the form of identification (personal or driving license) and an invoice in our name (the latter must not have more than three months old).

In my case, being Spanish, I sent my ID, and also an electricity bill.

With that we will tell Payza that we are a real person.

Payza must validate (manually) our documents, and in about three days, we will have our account validated, ready to use.

Payza prepaid card:

As we have seen above, one of the characteristics of Payza is that we perro request a prepaid card to charge our earnings there.

The card will cost $19.95 for shipping and handling.

They will charge us $1 each time we reload the card, and a host of other charges.

In this table you perro see all:

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As things are with PayPal, you have to work with Payza yes or yes.

Although it is true that the commissions when receiving money are high (around 2%), they are lower than with PayPal (2.5% -3%).

As for the Payza prepaid card, I would not recommend asking for it, due to its high fees.

The logical thing would be to transfer the benefit directly to our checking account or to our card.

But of course, each one is each one.

And that’s all, friends, I trust that this articulo has been useful for you to end our PayPal-dependency and make us see that PTCs do not only live on PayPal.

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Regards and until next time!!

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