Payza: What is it and how does it work?

Payza: What is it and how does it work?

Today we will talk about Payzaand it is that if we want to dedicate our time to earn something of en línea money It is essential to open an account in a payment processor to be able to withdraw the profits obtained with our work.

One of the most habitual and reliable processors that exist right now en línea, is without a doubt Payza.

Previously known as Alertpay, this electronic wallet has become one of the most widely used thanks to its easy handling and the facilities it gives all users when it comes to controlling their money freely.

Before going into the matter, I tell you that I have always believed that the safest way to protect our money is to use several processors and have amounts distributed among all of them.

Do not focus on a single wallet, you never know what may happen in the future, what’s more, it is not even completely safe to have our savings in a single physical bank.

If you want to know what other electronic wallets I use, stop by hereyou will find quite detailed information on the best and most reliable ones, surely one of them will meet your needs.

General information

Accepted users: More than 200 countries Bitcoin transactions Affiliate system Trans. bank, prepaid card


Different types of accounts offered by Payza

At Payza we have 2 different types of accounts depending on the activity we are going to carry out, Business and Personal.

The Business account is business-oriented, that is, if you have a business or a company, whether en línea or physical, you perro integrate Payza as one of the payment options.

We will have access to personal tools such as payment buttons, etcétera.

The Personal account is intended for most people, it allows you to send and receive money between accounts quickly and for free.

This is the account we need to receive the money earned in ptcs or investment pages where they work with Payza.



To open an account



Send money



Receive money

2.50% + $0.25

2.50% + $0.25

Add funds: credit card



Add funds: bank transfer

$3 under $50

$3 under $50

Withdraw money: credit card

Commission from 8 to 12$

Commission from 8 to 12$

Withdraw money: bank transfer

$3 commission

$3 commission

Withdraw money: Bitcoin

$2 commission

$2 commission

How to open a free Payza account

The first thing is to complete a registration, for this we will have to clic on Signup, choose the nationality and the type of account that we are going to open, Personal or Business.

Then it will take us to a window where we will have to fill in our first personal data.

In this first step we will have to put our name and surname together with our main dirección de correo electrónico for Payza.

We will also have to choose our password.

I imagine that it is not necessary for me to tell you that the more convoluted the password, the better.

Once inside our account we will have access to several settings that it is always convenient to carry out, one of the most important will be to verify our account.

Verification is necessary to carry out many of the actions without any type of restriction, such as charging from some pages, making bank transfers, etcétera.

To verify our account and eliminate the annoying restrictions, clic on our name and on the drop-down menu on verification.

They will ask us for the DNI scanned on both sides and the verification of our mobile phone.

In some isolated cases, they may ask to make a bank deposit to verify the account, although in my case this was not necessary.

They are usually quite quick to verify our account, speaking of my case, it only took a couple of days to confirm the documents sent.

Once verified, you perro collect from the pages and move your money as you want without any type of restriction.

Receive Bitcoins in Payza

Payza, how could it be otherwise, adapts to the current times by allowing Bitcoin transactions on its platform.

To manage bitcoins in Payza we go to the menu and clic on Cryptocurrency Address Manager.

There we cánido generate our Bitcoin addresses.

Generate your bitcoin addresses

We cánido create up to 50 different addresses and use them to receive Bitcoin directly into our personal Payza account.

If you are looking for a good page to earn Bitcoins for free and receive them in Payza, I advise you bitcoinRight now it is possibly the best option to earn fractions of this cryptocurrency without the need for investment.


Diversify, that is the magic word when it comes to saving our money en línea, it is convenient to have our earnings in different payment processors, everything on the Internet is very volatile.

And it is that in the past we have seen some processor or other close, leaving thousands of users without their money, so it is better not to keep everything in the same bag.

Payza is an essential wallet for working on pages to earn money, only surpassed in users by the giant Paypal but with some aspects that make its use even more interesting.

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 Payza: What is it and how does it work?
  Payza: What is it and how does it work?
  Payza: What is it and how does it work?

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