Payza turned Scam and Liar

Payza turned Scam and Liar

It is very late, but this news seems very important to me.

We stop using Payza

Today March 21 when trying to access my Payza account it was impossible for me.

His official blog doesn’t work either.

Appearing the typical Google plus fallo when a page no longer exists or even the FBI logotipo appears with a message saying that the domain has been seized by the US authorities.

I started to investigate and the thing seems seriousWell, more than rumors. companies like NeoBux They have already stopped accepting deposits or withdrawals through Payza, until the problem is solved.

Among the alleged accusations are: Money laundering.

One of the owners “Ferhan Patel” has already been arrested and the other is being sought by the authorities.

Personally I had Payza as one of the most secure processors after PayPal.

So I hope this gets fixed soon.

Withdraw money in bitcoin

There is still not much news about it, but with the difficult situation in Venezuela we cannot take risks, it is best that you get the money as soon as possible.

For those who had their account verified There is an option that is currently working.

By changing the .com to the .eu you perro still access the page.

As soon as they get in, convert their money into bitcoin and immediately transfer to the wallet of their choice: LocalBitcoin, Upholdetcétera… I did it and fortunately I was able to avoid losing my money, which wasn’t much, but it still would have hurt.

The transfer took approximately 2 hours to complete.

I think that Payza wants to continue maintaining the trust of users through this .eu domain | But it may not last, because right now everyone must be trying to get their money out and payza may not be able to cope with so many withdrawals together.

For those who did not have their account verifiedit is more complicated, since the page does not let you do exchange with cryptocurrencies if you haven’t verified the account.

The only way I cánido think of to get the money right now would be to buy advertising or invest in pages that are still accepting Payza (gptplanet, scarlet-clicks, etcétera).

The truth is that I trusted Payza a lot, it charged on most of the pages for this processor.

It seems very crazy to me that a company of this magnitude cánido become Scam.

But we don’t know what could happen, in the past this has already happened with other wallets and the companies have disappeared forever.

That’s why it’s best to prevent… I hope many people cánido read this and I managed to get their money out on time.

Without further ado, I say goodbye, as soon as I have new news, I’ll be updating the article.

Officially Payza becomes a fraud!

Nothing good to say, Payza was taken by whoever brought him.

On March 26, to try to calm users, they sent an dirección de correo electrónico with this message:

According to the correo electrónico, everything was fenezca and the page would continue to work as usual on its new domain.

But the truth “that is more false than tomorrow I pay you.”

How previously they saw that I was able to withdraw the money I had in Payza without problems, they also sent that dirección de correo electrónico advising that everything was fenezca and in fact on YouTube there were still many people recommending charging through Payza as if nothing had happened.

I made the mistake of giving it another oportunidad.

I tell you that I needed to buy some things, so I had to pick up a urgent money in 2Captcha to later sell the dollars and everything else that you already know.

Well, I did so, the detail is that the money was never credited to my Payza account.

I already consider that money lost, since I have withdrawn it for more than a month and nothing, normally it should not have taken more than 3 days to be credited.

⇒ How do I know that the culprit is Payza and not 2Captcha?

The reason is to verify the transaction on the blockchain and if they did, it was in fact long overdue.

I also sent them a ticket to Payza support, where I wrote them the problem and gave them the backlink of the transaction and they never answered me, when previously they answered quickly and kindly.

⇒ More reasons to rule out Payza

1.- Now if there are many people complaining, if they deposit money it is not credited and if they withdraw they are not paid.

2.- The Pages like Scarletclicks that they had temporarily removed Payza, they have officially removed it permanently, today none of the pages that I work are accepting Payza.

Reflection on the fall of Payza

This leads us once again to the fact that no page is 100% secure, so don’t even think about saving large amounts of money in any wallet.

It is preferable that the dollars you earn in the most profitable pages to earn moneyyou spend them on going on vacation with your girlfriend, on food, or on whatever the gift wins… It’s much better to do that and it makes your life happy… Well, you never know what day a processor of these perro give you a bad surprise .

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 Payza turned Scam and Liar
  Payza turned Scam and Liar
  Payza turned Scam and Liar

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