Payza has problems: domain is closed

Payza has problems: domain is closed

Payment processors

Payza closed its doors, however, we continue to use other payment processors that are very insurance and above all they fulfill the current legality:

Payza has problems.

A couple of days ago it was announced by Davsete from Ganha-Easygreat portuguese blog of how earn money en línea.

The news broke on March 20, it seems that one of the two founding brothers of Payza, Ferhan Patelhad been imprisoned.

The accusations that the North American government poured on the founders and owners of Payza are very serious accusations.

According to Yanqui justice Payza allegedly processed more than US$250 million in ponzi schemes, child pornography and other criminal activities.

What amounts to pure money laundering.

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The point is that the Payza page, the one of a lifetime It is out of service.

In this image, you perro see what appears.

⬇⬇ To entrar our payza accounts, we must do it through the page

What to do with Payza accounts

If we look back a bit, we will know that Payza arises from AlertPaythe name change occurred in 2012.

AlertPay had no problem accepting any type of business.

Payza excluded from the beginning all pyramid schemes and all businesses located outside the law.

At the same time that Payza emerged egopaya processor in the name of the Patel brothers (according to the US government). Egopay completely ceased its activity in 2015keeping usuario funds.

Knowing this and knowing who was behind Egopay, It may be advisable to withdraw the funds from Payza.

As I have told you before, to this day, Payza continues to work through

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How will it affect pages like Clixense, Neobux, etcétera..?

Payza It is the second payment processor behind Paypal. great pages like clixsense and neobux They use it.

Or at least they used it…

From what I have been able to vea today, Clixsense has withdrawn it as a payment processornow we only have Payoneer, Skill and Tango Card, presumably the other big one like Neobux has also withdrawn it, but the latter is something that I have not been able to confirm, since I still do not have a minimum amount for the payment.

Undoubtedly the pages that use Payza the most are the PTCs, but we must let a couple of days pass to find out if they have really withdrawn it as a payment processor.

Final conclusions about the certainty that Payza has problems

The payment processor Payza has some pretty serious problems.

Only time will tell if their owners will be able to weather the storm and get ahead.

But In my humble opinion things look bad.

Not just because of the damage that has been done.

Because even if the owners defend themselves and really have nothing to do with shady matters, the damage has already been done and They have lost the trust of many internet users.

Among them me.

But life does not end in Payza, there are many payment processors.

Some we already have I get out of the crisis and others we will add soon.

Greetings and until next time friends!

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 Payza has problems: domain is closed
  Payza has problems: domain is closed
  Payza has problems: domain is closed

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