Paytoo, what is it and how does it work?

Paytoo, what is it and how does it work?

paytoo is a ppayment processor, the ideal complement for all of us who dedicate ourselves to the world of en línea earnings.

Although not a well-known payment processor, we it will be very usefulsince we cánido transfer our Paypal cómputo easily and safely.

Paytoo has several advantages over other processors, so it perro be interesting for users who do not have access to PayPal and that nevertheless, charge of some pages of I work en línea by Paypal.

Between his A lot of advantages the following stand out:

  • free registration
  • website available in several languages, including Spanish
  • accepts users of all nationalities
  • money transfers between accounts are fast and also free
  • have your own prepaid card
  • you perro transfer cómputo other payment processors
  • affiliate system

This makes, as I said before, that it is a very interesting payment processor For people who live in Latin America, who make their payments through PayPal, but nevertheless, this processor (PayPal) is disabled in their country.

What is PayToo?

paytoo is a Paytoo Corp brandAmerican company founded in 1999.

Since 2004, Paytoo offers mobile phone services, VoIP prepaid card and secure transaction solutions in electronic commerce.

Paytoo has launched its first mobile solution to mezcle telecommunications and payments in a single account.

This payment processor has greatly increased its offering and has revolutionized the way you communicate through your mobile wallet (Paytoo Mobile Wallet).

With Paytoo Mobile Wallet users we cánido use the money available to make calls, transact business, send money to friends and withdraw money safely.

Therefore, it will offer us many possibilities of earning money en línea through these payment processors.

We cánido do all these transactions in our day to day, and in a safe and functional way.

Paytoo registration

Registration in Paytoo is extremely fácil, we We will go to the login section and there we will find a page with four stepsfill in correo electrónico, password, mobile phone and a security code

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After They will send us a code by mensaje de texto to the mobile number that we have entered, we confirm and we have to fill in our data.

We too they will send an correo electrónico to validate our accountwe must do the two steps, don’t forget them!

The data that we have to put are the habitual ones, name, surname, address.

We will also have to put (it is not mandatory) if it is going to be a professional account.

In our case, we will not mark that option.

And that’s it! We already have our Paytoo account

Menu that we are going to find in Paytoo

When entering Paytoo we We find a quite nice interfaz and in Spanish!!very important thing, something like this will appear:

The interfaz of the Paytoo page it is extremely fácil, you just have to know what each of the points are for.

The main menus are as follows:

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  • Deposit.

    From here we cánido put money in our Paytoo accountthere are three ways: Paypal, Ukash and bank draft.

    There are transaction limits, depending on the level of our account.

  • Withdrawal.

    through this menu we perro make withdrawals to our account.

    We have five withdrawal modalities: paytoo card, credit card, bank account, virtual card and paytoo agent.

    The most logical thing is to choose between the second and third options.

  • Transfer.

    With this option, we cánido send money to our friends and family who also have a Paytoo account.

    We perro also make payments to platforms that have and accept a Paytoo account, such as Ysense, Uniclique and Cliquesteria.

  • Paytoo prepaid card.

    This is another of the strengths of the processor.

    It will be possible request a physical card with which we cánido buy in any establishment or withdraw the money at an ATM.

    The negative point of this card is the $30 it costs to request it and the $2.95 monthly maintenance fee.

  • Bill payment.

    Service Only available for US users.

  • Recharge.

    Option for recharge your mobile phone.

    More than 250 supported operators in 90 countries.

  • Gift Cards.

    Possibility of creating gift cards.

    Option not available for Spain.

  • Virtual cards.

    Option identical to the one Neteller has.

    Very useful for buy safely on sites that require a credit card.

    You would recharge the exact amount of your purchase and that’s it.

    They are also useful for verifying your Paypal account.

  • confirm transaction.

    When carrying out certain operations, they will send us a code to our móvil inteligente, which we will have to entrar for greater security.

  • Payroll Direct Deposit.

    Only available to users in the United States.

  • Finance.

    Same as above, only available for US users.

Settings section

This section is where we will have the most sensitive and personal settings, therefore, it would be necessary to dedicate an aparet point to them.

Here I explain the most sensitive configuration of this payment processor.

  • Configuration management.

    Here we cánido change our passwordspersonal data, create alerts, level up in our wallet, etcétera… I advise to fill it all completely.

  • Bank account.

    Here we have to entrar our bank accountto make withdrawals or deposits.

  • Credit card.

    Here the same, our credit card to make withdrawals or deposits.

Another aspect to highlight is the wallet levelsthere are two levels and cánido be configured vía configuration management:

  • Level 1: We will have to upload our identity documenton both sides, has no cost.
  • Level 2: We will have to upload an invoice or receipt proving our residence.

    The cost of this service is $1.5, which will be subtracted from our cómputo.

    This service will be important for accounts that register more movements.

Referral program

Although it is not a habitual thing in a payment processor, in this case Paytoo does have a referral program.

Referral earnings cánido be divided into two types of commissions:

  • we will earn 5% of the commissions paid by our guests in each transaction
  • 10% of sales earned from Paytoo products

As you perro see the commissions are quite interesting, you cánido register here.

Or in the bottom banner, both will take you to the same site.

Why cánido Paytoo be interesting to us?

There are many, and very good reasons to get a free account and a Paytoo walletI will espectáculo you what they are:

    • Transactions with the highest level of security
    • Ideal alternative to banking solutions
    • reasonable commissions
    • Perro be used anytime, anywhere
    • Multitude of services in a single application
    • Have a prepaid card
    • All web services with the mobile aplicación are in Spanish (important)
    • Possibility of transferring the cómputo of other processors such as Paypal
    • Mobile phone recharge in more than 90 countries
    • Secure and instant payments in stores associated with paytoo
    • Send money safely to friends and family
    • Create and send gift cards for your favorite brands from your mobile

Paytoo Final Opinions

Paytoo will be very important to us, especially to collect vía ysense, and in Latin American countries such as Venezuela.

This may happen if we are in Venezuela and we earn money with Ysense and we want to collect it.

Well, that’s where Paytoo comes in.

We perro collect the money earned in Ysense by PayPal, vía Paytoo.

All this without commissions, since it is well known that the collection of commissions is quite annoying for the users of these pages, since they take a few cents (sometimes dollars) that are very difficult for us to obtain.

Therefore, I think that the most important aspect of Paytoo is being able to transfer the cómputo of your Paypal account, very important in those countries where Paypal cannot be verified so easily, therefore those users will be able to enjoy their money and not have it “trapped” ” on the processor.

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And nothing more friends, I hope you have found the articulo interesting, if you want to register, here is the registration backlink.

Greetings and much success!

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 Paytoo, what is it and how does it work?
  Paytoo, what is it and how does it work?
  Paytoo, what is it and how does it work?

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