Payroll | Exchange, DeFi and endless

Payroll | Exchange, DeFi and endless

Nominex It is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with enormous growth potential and has a large number of features that any investor in the crypto world likes.

Something really important is that soon we will be able to operate on this platform using all the funds we have in the Binance exchange, all without paying plus commissions and without having to be logged in, this is one of the many things that has this website that makes using it a benefit for us.

One of those features among many is that we cánido fully entrar the world of decentralized finance but within a centralized platform, with the additional security that this offers.

And it is that we are going to be able to farm and earn dividends with the native token of Nominex, NMX.

The exchange is more than 3 years old and currently has thousands of users, although it is true that it cannot yet be compared with the big platforms, little by little a gap is being made between them.

But hey, how about we stop with formalisms and let’s see at once all the characteristics of this promising exchange?

Nominex is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies valid for all countries, it has its own token that we cánido earn by farming.

It has an interesting referral system, along with other rewards.

How to register and first steps in Nominex

Registration is free, we will not even have to upload supporting documents to start using Nominex, this will only be necessary to increase withdrawal limits.

To open an account you cánido do it through the button that I have left you a little above, this will take you to the landing page of Nominex, there we clic on the button Begin.

We will fill out a small registration form with our correo electrónico and a password, then you will have to confirm by means of a backlink that they send us to our correo electrónico.

After that, we will be able to entrar our newly created Nominex account and start trading or using any of its options that we are going to detalla below.

We are talking about an exchange where we will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but in this articulo, in addition to that, we are going to espectáculo special interest in the NMX token farming option.

Buy Crypto

As in every self-respecting exchange, we have the option to buy cryptocurrencies, either to trade, farm or simply save and hold them.

We have the possibility of buying them by credit/debit card VISA or Mastercard through two different payment channels; Koinal and Mercury.

Buy cryptocurrencies

The minimum and maximum for each channel is different, as are the commissions that are relatively acceptable for both cases, since they are located in the 2.5% for Koinal and 3.95% on Mercury.

Transactions are almost instantaneous, at most it cánido take about 10 minutes.

Trade & Earn

The options for trading in Nominex, as it could not be less in an exchange that aspires to become a leader, are enormous, since we are going to find practically any token on the market to buy or sell.

The interfaz is quite fácil and does not lead to errors, it is clean and makes us focus on the only thing that matters to us, trying to earn money with our transactions.

The fees that we are going to pay in Nominex for trading will depend on our level, this is based on the total trading volume that we do per month, together with the seniority that we have as users on the platform.

The more trading volume and seniority we have, the less commissions we will pay.

There is a detailed table in the Rates section where we perro see all this with ease.

We will pay the commissions every 30 days in arrears and we will do it in the native currency of Nominex (NMX).

As a complement and incentive to trading, we also have tournaments, both demos and real, where we will choose to win prizes depending on the volume of trading, in which we will choose hundreds of USDT that will be paid to our account.


For those of us who are not expert negotiators, this product is the star product in Nominex.

Here we will have the option to earn the NMX token by farming.

The operation does not differ at all from decentralized DeFi platforms, such as Biswap or Pancakeswap.

We have to invest two currencies in equal parts to obtain dividends from one of them, in this case we need USDT and NMX, the latter will be the token from which we will obtain dividends.

Once our Metamask account is connected to the Binance Smart Chain network, where, as I remind you, we will have to have BSC to pay the gas for each transaction and some USDT to divide our investment with NMX, we will clic on DeFi NMX and then where it says Liquidity pools.

We find a form on the right where our USDTS will have already been detected, we just entrar the amount so that it perro be translated into NMX and we approve the contract.

Then we will Personal Farming and in the box on the right we mark the NMX with which we are going to stake, we approve the Stake, we confirm the transaction and we will already be receiving NMX in real time.

Stake activated

We will see that there is a feature called Plus PoolWhat it does is reward users who have their tokens farming over time.

The longer we are farming without touching our tokens, the more profit we will receive.

We are going to receive these earnings every day in the form of free NMX to our main account portfolio, where we perro withdraw them or exchange them for other tokens.

Nominex referral system

At Nominex we have a fairly intricate referral system where we will be able to increase our earnings due to their different activities within the platform.

This system is divided into several levels and ours will depend on the amount invested in the staking pools of the NMX token, logically the more we have invested, the higher the percentage to receive.

Different levels

In the image we perro see how much we have to invest to entrar a certain usuario level and the percentage of commission we receive for each action of one of our referrals.

Everything will be paid for in the USDT stablecoin.

If you are interested in entering Nominex and being part of my farming team, you cánido do so through the button that I have left you at the top of the articulo or from this same backlink.

Opinion about Nominex

When it comes to farming, the vast majority of platforms are decentralized, which leads us to be continually exposed to hacks and other stories.

At Nominex we are much safer in this regard, although reliability is never 100% as it is a centralized platform, we feel much safer depositing our funds there, since it has all the security protocols.

To all this we must add that its native token, unlike what happens in other pools, has many emplees, including paying all trading commissions.

In addition, as has been shown with the native tokens of other exchanges, the price in the long run tends to skyrocket, so accumulating NMX is never going to be a bad iniciativa.

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 Payroll |  Exchange, DeFi and endless
  Payroll |  Exchange, DeFi and endless
  Payroll |  Exchange, DeFi and endless

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