PayPal | The most secure and used wallet

PayPal | The most secure and used wallet

PayPal It is the payment processor par excellence, the most used and accepted by the majority of users and the reasons for this are many, we will review all of them in this articulo.

I suppose that by now practically all of you know about the existence of Paypal, for those who don’t, say that it is an electronic payment processor that is used to send and receive money between users using a fácil dirección de correo electrónico.

The company was initially founded under the name of Confinity5 in 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery, with the intention of facilitating both commercial and personal payment transfers without the intermediation of a bank or credit card. credit.

Open a Paypal account

Anyone cánido open a Paypal account, since it is free, there is no requirement for it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the only thing is that if you want to have a verified account and have all the advantages that the wallet offers for it, you will have to be at least 18 years old.

We simply access the main menu and clic on Create Account, then we select the type of account that we are going to create. If we are going to use it to receive and make payments for our business, we will select Business Account, the other option is the one that the vast majority use and therefore it is the one that you will have to select, Personal account.

Then we only have to fill in the corresponding forms, where we will have to put our country of residence, name, surname, correo electrónico, password, etcétera.

Once registered we will have our operational account and we will be able to send and receive payments using an dirección de correo electrónico. But to eliminate limits and provide our account with greater security, it is highly recommended verify our Paypal account.

How to verify Paypal

Although we cánido receive and send money without having the account verified, the truth is that for our security and to eliminate certain limits it is advisable to verify it, do not worry, since it is a fácil and free step.

Once inside our account, we look in the menu “Briefcase” and we will proceed to backlink a card or a bank account.

backlink an account

When you add a method, you will have to wait 1-3 days for Paypal to deposit a small amount of money to you. When it does, you have to entrar said amount in the corresponding box within the form that the wallet will enable you to do so and that’s it.

In this way you will eliminate the withdrawal limit imposed by Paypal for unverified accounts, this limit is equipo at 2,500 euros per year.

On the other hand, we will also be asked for personal documentation, something that Paypal and all banks are required to do by law. just go up a copy of your ID and of an invoice clearly showing your name and address.

Fees and commissions

One of the many features that make Paypal such a “charming” site is undoubtedly the commissions that they charge us for the different actions that we do in our account.

for your purchases 0% does not matter the method you choose
For sending money 0% if you use the Paypal cómputo, 3.4% agregado $0.35 if you use a card
for receiving money 0% between Paypal accounts if you use the Paypal cómputo, 3.4% if you use a card

These commissions are only for personal accounts, for Business accounts their own commissions are applied for each of the actions.

How to claim or open a dispute in Paypal

This option is one of the main advantages that we have when making a purchase with this processor, the possibility of claiming our money from the seller and receiving all of it in case of fraud or simply not agreeing with the characteristics of the product that has been purchased. bought.

To begin with, it must be made clear that this function will only work for you when claiming for a product purchased from Paypal, whether it is a physical or digital product, but in no case to recover the money sent to another usuario of the platform. unless said usuario has sold or promised you a product and has not complied with what was agreed upon in the sale.

When we cánido open a dispute

Before making a dispute and requesting the return of our investment, all situations where we cánido open it with guarantees of success must be clear to us.

1-. You have not received the service or product agreed upon in the sale.

2-. The page in question has disappeared.

3-. After paying, your account was canceled for no apparent reason.

4-. Open the dispute within the first 180 days after you have paid for the service or product.

5-. The product has arrived in poor condition or does not conform to the description that the seller made.

6-. If it is a physical product, you will have to claim within 60 days.

* Before opening a dispute, get in touch with the seller and try to reach a kind agreement with him, in the event that his response does not match your claim, open a dispute in Paypal.

open a dispute

In case of not having previously reached an agreement with the seller, the last step will be to open a dispute directly with Paypal to try to recover our money.

For this we go and clic on “Resolution Center” a backlink that is usually located at the bottom of the platform and there in report a problem.

open a dispute

We will explain in the form the reason for the dispute and why we want to recover the money, always as respectfully as possible.

We will have to wait for the seller’s response, as a general rule this usually takes a few days, so do not despair.

In the more than likely case, that the seller declines your dispute, we cánido raise the complaint to a claim.

Here we are going to have to expose our problem as detailed as possible within a form, where we also have to add the Transaction’s ID (very important) that we will find in the purchase receipt.

Claims tend to be more successful than disputes, but you have to go through the first option before you get to it. In any case, we will also have to wait for a while for the Paypal resolution center to clarify the case with the seller. If in the end they give you the reason, the seller will be obliged to return the entire amount.

Final opinion about Paypal

Whether or not you dedicate yourself to earning money en línea, Paypal is a more than interesting tool. It makes our work easier when making purchases, payments, unlike other methods, are made instantly and it has a very high level of reliability.

To put a but we could say that it lacks its own card, which somewhat limits the movement of money, but the possibility of transferring our money to our bank accounts without any commission partially mitigates this deficiency.

As for pages to earn money, I use it above all to collect from paid survey websites, since the vast majority of them accept Paypal as a prominent payment method.

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 PayPal |  The most secure and used wallet
  PayPal |  The most secure and used wallet
  PayPal |  The most secure and used wallet

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