PayPal: guide to use the best payment gateway

PayPal: guide to use the best payment gateway

PayPal It is the best known payment gateway worldwide.

It is quite possibly the most used platform when making purchases en línea.

For us, all of us who dedicate ourselves to earn money on internet It is an essential system.

If you keep reading I will explain how it works, both to receive payments and to make purchases en línea.

If you visit the Internet often, especially en línea stores, you will have found the logotipo of PayPal very close to that of credit cards.

Surely at this point in the largo, you will know exactly what it is PayPal and what it’s for, but for those who still don’t know, here I am to explain it to you and get the most out of this great payment processor.

As you know, not so many years ago, there was a general perception that making payments over the Internet was insecure, although today it is known to be completely safe, there are many reluctant users.

The payment processor has made it possible to eradicate these fears and create an easy and secure way to receive and pay en línea without sharing your bank details.

That’s right, exactly as you read it, with PayPal you will not have to give any account number or credit card to anyone.

You will only need an dirección de correo electrónico with which you register to operate with your account, you will be able to create PayPal account without phone (you will only have to associate it if you want).

That said, for the information of the most reticent when it comes to giving out their telephone numbers and much more their bank accounts, we are going to begin to explain how PayPal works.

Create PayPal account

Creating a PayPal account is extremely fácil, the first step you have to do is go to their website and clic on “create Account“, from there it will take you to a page like in the image below.

You must clic on “personal account“.

To get here you perro do directly here or through the banner below.

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After clicking on “create Account“remits you to another page where you must fill out a small form, it is very fácil, your name, surname, correo electrónico and password.

You must accept the terms and conditions and continue.

The next step will be to choose the option to pay with your bank card, you must entrar one to be able to pay for your purchases en línea.

Verify your account

The verification of your PayPal account it is a necessary process to help keep it as safe as possible.

In addition, when verifying your account, you will espectáculo all users that you have verified your identity and that the ownership of the cards or bank accounts associated with the system PayPal.

Once your identity is verified, any initial limits on sending and withdrawing funds that are placed on unverified accounts are removed.

To verify an account you will need to add a credit or debit card or a bank account.

It is a completely safe process.

Once the card or bank account has been added, the confirmation process will consist of a small deposit from PayPal to the bank account that you have linked (usually a few cents) within 1/3 days.

These quantities are the ones that will serve you as “unique confirmation code” for verification.

Once the amounts are received, you must go to your account and entrar them.

In this way you will already have your account fully operational, you will be able to receive money directly just by entering the dirección de correo electrónico with which you have registered and you will be able to pay in the same way.

When you receive money in PayPal, you will receive it automatically.

However, when you have to pay for something with your PayPal account and you don’t have money in the payment processor, you will receive a charge to your bank account for the purchase amount 3-4 days after purchasing the product.

Limitations in PayPal

To comply with the European Union regulations, PayPal is obligated to request and verify the information of its clients.

According to the current regulations, they will have to carry out this check before a limit is exceeded.

annual amount of €2,500 in payments received in your account.

Of all, if you are a person who does not receive large amounts through this system, you do not have to worry about this.

In addition, they will automatically notify you when you reach a total of €1,800.

From that moment, in order for you to continue sending and receiving money, you will have to provide the information requestedIn this case, normally a copy of your ID and some type of bill from your home will suffice to confirm that the information is correct.

PayPal claims

It is not usual, but sometimes we have to complejo turístico to PayPal claims.

Normally when you have to make a claim, it is for a problem with a purchase or payment for a service.

The first step for the claim is to open a dispute in the resolution center to try to resolve it directly with the seller.

You must open the dispute in a within 180 days from the date of purchase.

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To go to the resolution center in your main panel, you must go to “more” and there at the bottom where it says “go to resolution center

Once inside the resolution center, you must choose the case or transaction in question and explain what happens.

This will go directly to the vendor or service provider for him to explain.

You have time to answer, if in this “friendly” conciliation the seller or supplier of the product does not answer, we perro raise the case to a claim.

In most cases PayPal fails in favor of the client, unless it is a case of blatant lying, they will agree with us as clients.

paypal phone

The PayPal payment processor, unlike other afín processors, does have a customer service telephone number in Spanish.

Not only will they attend to us through the resolution center, but we will also have a contact telephone number (in Spanish) and a chat to be able to resolve the doubt or whatever happens to us at the moment.

Personally, the times I have had to contact them I have done it by phone, they are very fast.

You only have to dial 918362990.

Although it is a La capital de españa phone, they refer you to Latin America.

They always speak to you in Spanish, you must entrar the code that appears on the page on the keypad of the telephone with which you are calling, it is a numerical code valid for one hour.

In this telephone number they solve all the doubts you have, both about payments and receiving money, they are quite agile and give a good service.

final opinions

And here the articulo.

I hope that the operation of your Paypal account.

really a Paypal account It is essential for people who work on the Internet, both to issue payments and to receive them.

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This is an essential platform that we have to have yes or yes, since although there are other payment processors, this is the most widespread and the one that you cánido find in a large percentage of web pages.

If you are not yet registered, I recommend that you do so, it will always be very useful, both to pay in en línea stores easily and safely, and to be able to receive payments.

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 PayPal: guide to use the best payment gateway
  PayPal: guide to use the best payment gateway
  PayPal: guide to use the best payment gateway

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