Hello friends!, a while ago I talked about Payoneerwhen I told you that PayPal would not accept payments from clixsense.

You cánido see the full entry here.

In this articulo we talked about why PayPal no longer accepted payments from our favorite PTC and the possible options at the time of payment.

payoneer like payment processor it is very fácil and easy to use if we are used to this type of services, it will not be difficult for us.

We will have to fill in our complete personal data.

When filling them in, do not put accents or strange characters, as they will give you an fallo (I say this from my own experience).

The first screen will ask us for our name and dirección de correo electrónico.

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Here the second screen will appear, where we will put our address and phone number.

In the last screen, we will have to put our bank account and accept the terms and conditions.

Easy and fácil, right? Well, all you have to do is carry it out.

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Payoneer also has the option to apply for a prepaid MasterCard card.

It is a very interesting option, but you have to take into account that, like almost any card, it has annual maintenance costs of €29.95.

In other words, the option to ask for it or not, I leave it to your choice.

It will always depend on the movements that you have in your accounts, if it is worth it, only you will escoge.

The other option is withdraw the money to the bank account that you have equipo up with a commission of 2% (PayPal charges 2.5%, I think I remember), so we will save that annual commission.

With your registration, Payoneer will give you 25 euros, yes, it will not be initially, but will go up to your account when you reach 100 euros, not before.

Then you perro withdraw the 125 to your checking account.

He registration with Payoneer is free and you cánido do it from this backlink.

As was said before, a dead king is a king, and there is no evil that does not come for good.

I am confident that Payoneer will help us eliminate this “paypal dependency” that we all have, since we have many other methods of payment for our businesses and jobs on the internet.

AND What do you think??

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Greetings and until next time friends!

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