Payoneer | Tutorial in Spanish and commissions

Payoneer | Tutorial in Spanish and commissions

Payoneer is an international payment processor that operates under American law.

It is a totally secure platform and one of the most used by US users.

It should be noted that Payoneer has been en línea since 2005 and is present in practically every country in the world.

With more than 10 years of experience, he collaborates with thousands of companies that use Payoneer to process payments with their respective customers.

In Europe, it has not traditionally been a used payment processor.

But if we analyze some points in detail and compare them with the competition, we will see how interesting the start using Payoneer to withdraw our earnings in Ysense.

Why Payoneer?

All of us who are in the PTC world remember when Paypal blocked Ysense’s account months ago.

A fact that forced the PTC to implement other payment processors in order to pay its users.

One of those processors was Payoneer.

So now we perro earn money with Ysense and cash it out at Payoneer.

Since then, the payment gateway has gradually grown and has become the preferred withdrawal method for most users of this PTC.

As we will see throughout today’s articulo, there are various reasons why many people prefer Payoneer over Payza.

On the one hand, there are the commissions that both processors apply and the waiting time until the request is processed.

But on the other, there is the possibility of earning an plus $25 when registering on the web through from a friend’s backlink.

At Payoneer we cánido get 25$ totally free By registering on the web as referrals of another usuario and accumulating $1000 in payments.

How Payoneer works

Since in DineroWorld I talk about PTC pages and how to use the different payment processors to receive our earnings on them, this tutorial is focused from the perspective of a PTC usuario.

That is why, in addition to explaining how Payoneer works in general, I will some other paragraph to talk about Ysense.

Before opening an account in this processor there are some information that we must know.

They are the following:

✅ At Payoneer there are two types of accounts.

There is the possibility to create an account Staff or an account of Company.

Both accounts are free and we will open one or the other according to our needs.

✅ We cánido only accumulate dollars or euros and they do not accept cryptocurrencies.

✅ There is no possibility of opening disputes.

In any case, we are not going to use Payoneer to invest anywhere.

but to receive profit from Ysense.

✅ Payoneer is available in more than 200 countries and works with more than 100 currencies.

Any usuario cánido use the platform to send and receive money from any location.

✅ There are two possibilities to withdraw money from Payoneer: by bank transfer or through a MasterCard that the processor itself provides us.

If we have the card we cánido withdraw the money from any ATM or pay for our purchases.

✅ Payoneer Support It is very efficient and we cánido consult our doubts in Spanish.

For me it is essential to be able to communicate in Spanish and not have to go around with translators.

✅ The affiliation system is very interesting since both the sponsor and the referral win.

If a usuario registers with our backlink, we will both earn $25 when he accumulates $1000 in his account.

How to sign up for Payoneer

Now yes, the first thing we will have to do is create our account Staff at Payoneer.

If you want, you perro register through my referral backlink and as I said before, when you accumulate $1000 in your cómputo we will both earn an plus $25.

Register in the processor with a friend’s backlink

The next step will be to clic on the orange square with the label of Sign Up & Earn $25.

Next, a new window will open in the browser and a registration form will appear that consists of five parts.

The data that they request from us are the usual ones in this type of pages that require great security measures.

We will have to fill in our personal data, select the type of currency we want to work with, the type of account we need, etcétera.

As soon as we finish filling out the five forms, our account will be pending review.

As a security measure, Payoneer check all accounts one by one that are created on the platform.

After a while, as soon as they have done the revisions, they will send us an correo electrónico welcoming us and explaining the basic operation.

From now on we cánido send and receive money.

How to send and receive money

Compared to other processors, Payoneer it is quite easy to use.

As soon as we access the web we will find a menu with four sections in which all the operations that we perro carry out in Payoneer appear.

As we perro see in the following screenshot, the website is practical and each section is very well signposted.

In each of these tabs we cánido carry out certain actions:

Global Payment Service ⏩ At Payoneer we cánido request payments internationally and from anywhere in the world.

Either a payment from providing a service to a company or selling something.

Regarding our activity in Ysense, we will not have to request payments from the processor as in these cases.

We perro continue doing it from the PTC itself, as we did previously with Paypal or Payza.

✅Rwithdraw to bank account ⏩ The money that we accumulate in Payoneer perro be withdrawn to our bank account starting at $50.

Request MasterCard Card ⏩ In this section we will request, if we want, the MasterCard card associated with our Payoneer account.

Below I explain everything you need about this card.

View transactions ⏩ Finally, from this section we cánido review our transaction history.

Payoneer MasterCard

In my view, the Payoneer MasterCard It is recommended for a specific usuario profile.

That is why I advise that before requesting it, we carefully review all the conditions attached to the use of it.

Both the request for the MasterCard Card and the delivery to our address are ttotally free.

Now, although requesting and receiving the card is free, we will have to pay additional costs later.

Let’s see:

The Payoneer Mastercard It’s free the first year as long as we don’t reach $100.

If we reach or exceed this amount, we will be charged $29.95 as a maintenance fee for the Card.

From the second year this payment will always be mandatory.

In my case I already have a bank account and a debit card with my bank.

I don’t see any need to apply for another card whose annual cost is $29.95.

The possibility of sending money from our Paypal account to Payoneer It cánido be interesting, but it will depend on the economic regulations of our country.

In this way, we cánido send the money from Paypal to Payoneer and spend it using the MasterCard.

Every time we withdraw money at an ATM, they apply a commission of $3.

Additionally, if we make any inquiry about our account from an ATM, they will charge us a $1 commission.

Payoneer Commissions

As I told you before, I will use this payment gateway to withdraw my earnings at Ysense.

There are several reasons why I have made this decision:

1. Payoneer charges less fees than Payza if we withdraw large amounts.

Keep in mind that for each withdrawal that we request in Payoneer they charge us $2 in commissions.

Whatever amount it is.

In Payza they charge us a fixed part of $0.30 and a variable part of 2.9% on the amount to be withdrawn.

Thus, for example, if we want to withdraw $60 or more from Ysense, it will always be cheaper do it through Payoneer.

2. Continuing with Ysense, whose minimum payment through Payoneer is $20, it will always be better to request a payment of $100 so that they charge us a commission of $2, than not withdrawing five times when we reach $20 and that we subtract 2 $ each time.

In the end, in the first case we would receive clean $98 and in the second $90.

3. Withdrawals through Payoneer they take a little less to arrive than those of Payza.

Normally the difference is 1-2 days, but if we ever need to receive money from Ysense, Payoneer is faster.

4. To withdraw money to a bank account we have to request at least an amount of $50.

In each operation we will apply a commission of $3.

If we work in euros, the commission will be €3 and the minimum payment will be €50.


Payoneer cánido be a very good option both to save commissions when withdrawing from Ysense and to earn plus money by doing almost nothing.

On a personal level, I think that the most interesting thing is the option of being able to earn that plus $25 for the mere fact of adding $1000.

At the moment, the only website in which I am registered that pays through Payoneer is Ysense and others from paid surveys.

And surely, it is the best page of all that I work in which I perro achieve this goal of $1000.

It’s a high amount, but hey, that plus $25 encourages me.

If we withdraw $1000 from ysense and other websites to Payoneer we will get the $25 automatically.

Because sites like Ysense no longer work with Paypal, Payoneer has become a more than attractive alternative for all of us who dedicate ourselves to to earn money en líneain the PTCs.

Until now, my intention was to withdraw from Ysense through Payza, but given the circumstances, I will wait until I accumulate $100 and have the plus assigned to me.

And then, depending on the money I make at Ysense, I’ll escoge which processor interests me the most.

But with the $25 in my pocket!!

And what are you going to do? If you intend to open an account with Payoneer, I invite you to do so with my backlink by clicking on the banner below.

Thus, you will win $25 when you reach $100.

And I’ll win $25 too, so thank you very much.

And to say goodbye, I will end as always, if you have any questions or want to ask me something about this processor, you perro leave me a comment or send me a message through the Contact from the blog.

Until next time.


Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 Payoneer |  Tutorial in Spanish and commissions
  Payoneer |  Tutorial in Spanish and commissions
  Payoneer |  Tutorial in Spanish and commissions

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