Payments: opening hours, BTCClicks,

Payments: opening hours, BTCClicks,

After a few days in which I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to the blog for one thing or another, we return with the desire to give it a go and with the hope that life gives me a little breather to continue with all of you. in this exciting world.

Although it has been a short time, the truth is that enough for me to have accumulated some payments.

So we are going to break them down one by one in the same articulo and thus we cánido catch up more quickly.

We start with the fourth installment of Opening Hours, one of the best pages I’m working with right now without a doubt.

In a very short time I have been able to request four payments that all together add up to the amount of 217.19 euros.

We have already talked at length in the blog of this website which pays for entering business opening and closing hours.

The truth is that it is a page that is a pleasure to work on because the more you work, the more you earn and the work itself is, in my opinion, quite well paid.

Fourth payment received from Opening hours

It is a pity that I do not have more time to dedicate to working on this page because the truth is that it is very worthwhile.

Even so, the little time that I manage to dedicate to it helps me to increase my cómputo.

If we compare the speed with which money is earned with other businesses, it comes out very well.

And it is that with dedicating a few minutes and putting in just 20 business hours we are already getting a clean euro.

For now this is all regarding Opening Hours, we hope to have new news about it again soon in the form of more payments.

Of course, if you have any questions about how it works, do not hesitate to ask, as I will always be willing to help as much as possible.

If you are interested in earning money by adding business hours you perro complete the registration completely free.

Now it’s time for the best Bitcoin-oriented ptc on the scene, which is none other than BTCClicks.

This veteran has only given me joy since I registered with her, becoming importante for me and for anyone who wants to earn fractions of the cryptocurrency for free and in a very fácil way.

There are twenty the number of payments that I have already received from BTCClicks.

The latter happens to be the highest I have ever asked for on the web.

Normally when I work on a page that pays in Bitcoin I usually ask for the payment as soon as I reach the minimum, they are pages where you earn little, it takes a lot of work to reach the minimum payment and I prefer not to risk my job in the face of a possible scam.

At BTClicks I’m not in a rush, I’ve been paying for three years without any problem, which gives me great peace of mind because I’m not constantly thinking about whether or not I’ll end up paying in the end.

Payment number 20 received from BTCClicks

As on the 19 previous occasions, the payment has arrived on the same day that I requested it.

What’s more, when you request a payment, a counter is activated where you perro see the hours remaining until you receive it.

This is another point that helps to have more confidence if possible in this ptc.

Perhaps the only inconvenience that I see with BTCClicks is that it has adfocus activated, that is to say that we have to be seeing the ad in question for it to be validated, it is a bit of a hassle and it makes you waste some time but hey, other great ptcs like ClixSense and Neobux have it too and no one complains.

Sign up for free and get fractions of Bitcoins by watching ads on BTCClicks, a ptc that has been en línea since 2013.

Bitsforclicks is another of the leading ptcs in the Bitcoin market.

We could say that together with BTCClicks they form the elite duo of this young ámbito.

Both were released in the same year, 2013, and both have continued steadily ever since.

Specifically, Bitsforclicks belongs to Bitcoin Aliens, a company that includes, in addition to this ptc, several aplicaciones to earn Bitcoin from your mobile in addition to Coinad, an en línea marketing website.

Far from collapsing with the passage of time, this website has more and more paid ads with which to fatten our Bitcoins wallet.

There are days that it becomes endless to see all the ads with which we cánido get from 3,000 to 10,000 satoshis.

last payment received from Bitsforclicks

Bitsforclicks usually pays on Tuesdays although it is true that the payment day has changed on some occasions, I don’t know the reason.

The thing is that when you ask for the payment you have to wait for the day the ptc makes the weekly payments to receive it.

In any case, it is a most reliable site that has been paying for a whopping 3 years.

I think there are Bitsforclicks for a while.

Of the 3 ptcs that pay in Bitcoin that we have talked about today, Refbit is the youngest.

A few months ago I did a review on this page and the truth is that it has been quite accepted.

It is not surprising since in recent months the web has increased the number of users by thousands and this has made it noticeable in the number of daily announcements available.

We have gone from barely having a dozen to having more than 40 on good days.

last payment received from Refbit

Refbit is usually quite fast in processing payments, normally they always arrive the same day or at most it is delayed by 24 hours.

Maybe the design could be improved a lot since it seems somewhat rudimentary and there are days when the ads load too slowly or don’t load at all.

It is a ptc that is clearly in the settlement process, we will see how far it goes.

At the moment it is paying religiously and it is a recommended website to earn satoshis easily and for free.

Refbit is a ptc to earn fractions of Bitcoin in just a few seconds, easy and fast.

conclusion and farewell

So far this short summary with the latest payments received.

Fortunately, it seems that I’m going to have a little more time than I’ve had in recent months to dedicate to en línea business, so I’ll be posting more often.

Nothing more, just say goodbye until the next article that will be in a very short space of time, let’s knock on wood and of course we are here for any questions that may arise with these pages or with others that you perro find on the blog.


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 Payments: opening hours, BTCClicks,
  Payments: opening hours, BTCClicks,
  Payments: opening hours, BTCClicks,

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