Payment vouchers from Rabadaba (June and

Payment vouchers from Rabadaba (June and

Today is pay day!!, I am going to present the rabadaba payment vouchers. Well, in rabadaba it is the 15th of each month (sometimes they are delayed until the 16th, but they always pay, and since there are people who have asked me if this really worksif they pay, if the money is really obtained and it is not “the scam of the stamp”, well here I leave you two proofs of paymentone for June and one for July, collected on July 16 and August 15 respectively.

How much? Well, obviously, I’m not going to get rich, but little by little, I’m getting together with important moneyand little by little, even more.

The two payments are 24.32 US dollars on June (paid in July) and US$36.10 (paid in August), more than 60 dollars, more than 55 euros for just a few hours of work per month!!and doing the same thing that is done in other popular networks.

I’m sure this also interests youMy favorite popular network!!

Regarding this, many times I have the impression that we waste time on so-called estándar networkswho give nothing in return, soon I will do more articulo with applications that pay you to chatothers afín to rabadaba and even for walking!!!

So stay tuned for now. here are the proofs!

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I’m sure this also interests youpaidcollet does not pay

Last conclusions

This popular network pays, so far we have taken a good pinch of money, direct to our PayPal. Just for putting photos and commenting on those of colleagues. It’s not bad, right? I hope I cánido continue posting receipts almost every month, be it from this page or from other pages. Meanwhile, I invite you to register in rabadaba. You only have to look for it in the PlayStore or in iOs. Start taking photos, and also “like” the photos of other rabadaba users, it’s easy, right?

Well, that’s all. Greetings and until next time, friends!

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 Payment vouchers from Rabadaba (June and
  Payment vouchers from Rabadaba (June and
  Payment vouchers from Rabadaba (June and

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