payera | Fácil paid surveys

payera | Fácil paid surveys

Today’s review is going to focus on paideraa page that could end up threatening to be a serious competition to ySensewhich a priori seems very complicated, by the way.

It is a website that combines two of the main characteristics of its competitor to earn money; On the one hand, the tasks, with a great variety of offer walls, and on the other, the paid surveys, the star product of the page.

The large amount of money that perro be earned daily using Paidera is striking.

And it is that this website has a wide range of sites, where you perro increase your cómputo constantly and without much effort, you cánido even earn money if you are a Estrella de youtube and promote the page on your channel.

How to start in Paidera

Completing the registration on this page is free and really fácil.

The only thing you have to do is clic on the button that I am going to leave you below and then do the same where it says “I want to create an account”If you have difficulties with English, I advise you to use the Google chrome translator.

Then we will have to create our account, for this we will have to fill out a form where we will be asked to entrar some information, such as our Name and surname, dirección de correo electrónico, password, etcétera.

At the end, we will receive a message to our correo electrónico with a verification backlink that we will have to clic to confirm the account and access it.

Options to earn money in Paidera

Paidera is not just a paid survey page, although it is true that it may be the most prominent option it has.

It has several different options where to get money, options that we are going to review one by one so that it is clear to us.

Option 1: Task (Mini jobs or offers)

The first option that the page offers us to increase our income is to tasks.

This is nothing more than several different offer walls, where we will be paid a commission for completing each offer correctly.

Example of offers available

At the moment we have up to 6 different offer walls, where we find a wide variety of options to earn money, options that range from completing a survey, registering for a service or simply trying it, to downloading applications.

Normally nothing more than completing each offer, we will see the commission reflected in our account instantly, only with certain offers we will have to wait for some time to be validated.

Option 2: Surveys (Paid Surveys)

In this section we have several different options to earn money by completing surveys for free.

They are generally quite short and easy to complete surveys.

All of them have a different value, everything normally depends on the duration or difficulty of it.

Earn money by completing quizzes

The option that I like the most or that I find most interesting are their Paid Quizzes (external questionnaires).

It is a series of questionnaires about ourselves, we will have to do a series of tests of a few questions, for each completed test we will add $0.05 to our account.

It’s really fácil and cánido add up to many dollars a day.

Earn money promoting the web

In the Promotional section of the menu, we access the options to earn money for promoting Paidera.

We perro do it in 2 different ways:

1- Create a YouTube vídeo talking about Paidera

If you have a YouTube channel, you perro create a vídeo talking about the features of the page.

Once the vídeo is uploaded, we must copy its url and paste it into the corresponding option in Paidera.

Paste your vídeo and receive a commission

If your vídeo is accepted, you will receive $0.15 reward.

It’s not much, but it’s less than a stone, it will also help you get some referrals.

*If your channel exceeds 20,000 subscribers, you perro contact support and negotiate the commission with them.

2- Earn money by writing an article about Paidera

In this case we will be able to earn money with our blog and popular networks.

For the fácil fact of writing an article talking about the platform on our blog or in any known forum and pasting the url in the indicated place on Paidera, we will get a commission from $0.10.

To this we perro add $0.05 if we promote it on any of the popular networks in which we are registered.

In this case, the number of followers we have does not matter, or at least this point is not stipulated on the web.

Paidera referral system

Paidera’s referral system is by no means the strong point of the platform.

Yes, we cánido earn money by inviting other users to join the page, but it’s a pretty limited system.

We are going to be rewarded with $0.10 for each usuario that we have managed to attract, in principle it is not bad, since you will only need them to register.

The problem is that this is limited to only the first 25 referrals that register from your backlink, so we are not going to make any fortune with this system.

The strong point of this website is working on it, if you think of earning money for the fácil fact of recommending it, better look for another website, here you are going to waste time.

We perro partly compensate this deficit with a feature offered by the web, which is that they will pay us a commission for each clic we receive on our referral backlink, this is valid up to 1,000 clicks and we will earn a maximum of 3 dollars.

In our Dashboard we will be able to see all the statistics of the clicks received along with the commission earnings.

Paidera minimum payout

Before requesting any payment on the platform, we will have to configure our payment account.

We are simply going to have to entrar the dirección de correo electrónico of our account PayPal.

It does not necessarily have to be the same one that we have used to register on the platform.

Regarding the minimum payment that we have to reach to request the money, this will be $30, it may seem somewhat high but with the amount of work that is available I assure you that it is proportionate.

However the minimum is the same as GreenPantheraone of the best paid survey sites out there today.

As for whether or not it pays, that’s something you have to see for yourself to be convinced.

On the page itself there is a section enabled for users to publish their proof of payment, also if we search the network we see countless proofs.

In any case, as soon as I receive my first payment, I will publish it right here and that way we will clear up any doubts.

Personal opinion about Paidera

The surveys in Paidera are much easier to complete than in other websites, so even though the remuneration for them is not very high, it is compensated by the speed that we add the money.

Every day we perro add several dollars just for our activity, without depending on third parties, so in my opinion, it is a good page to work on and get plus.

For now I’ll leave it here, of course I invite you to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you have something new to add about how it works.

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 payera |  Fácil paid surveys
  payera |  Fácil paid surveys
  payera |  Fácil paid surveys

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