Payeer: payment processor for pages

Payeer: payment processor for pages

payer It is a Russian payment processor that is the one I use to collect my benefits in the Russian pages to earn money. This payment processor has been en línea since 2010 and working perfectly. It is currently one of the most used payment processors since its commissions are very low, its speed to send and receive money and its low commissions make it very attractive to users. payer It cánido become the ideal alternative for more common processors such as Paypal.

This processor perro become the best alternative to Paypal, especially in businesses that do not have the possibility of charging for the giant in payment processors. It is charged through payer especially in business and investment pages, HYIPS pages.

Through payer You perro receive payments en línea anonymously, quickly and safely. You will be able to receive payments without having the account verified, something very interesting in certain countries that have more difficult to verify Papal accounts.

First steps and registration in Payeer

Registration in Payeer is extremely fácil, just clic on the top banner and that’s it, it will direct you to a tab where you must choose “create portfolio”. Registration is allowed in Spain and in more than 200 other countries, including many in Latin America. You will have to put your correo electrónico and a numerical security code. You must solve the capchat to create your account.

Then we must clic on “create account“. There you must entrar a password and you must put a secret word that you must save and remember, since it will be very important to you in the future in case you forget your password. I would recommend that you make an excel with all the passwords, from this and of the different pages.

After filling in this information, you will receive a welcome dirección de correo electrónico along with some important information that you should keep in a safe place, since they will be important to you when you want to re-entrar the account. payer.

Verify Payeer Account

Before it seems that it was enough to upload a photo of yourself (as the owner of the account) holding your ID or identification cell in one hand and in the other a piece of paper with your account number payer. Currently things have changed for the process of verify your Payeer account.

You must go to the top right of the page and clic on the ⚙ symbol where it says “settings“and in the word”profile“. There you will have to do two things:

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  • In section “your passport or ID“You will have to upload your DNI on both sides, scanned, you must also upload a autofoto in which you must be with your DNI or your passport and on the other a piece of paper with your account ID (as before)
  • In the “proof of address” section you will have to upload an invoice or document that cánido prove that it is really you. It should be seen that you are the person who owns the account and the address where you live.

These two data must be scanned, it will not work with a photograph or a screenshot. Therefore, and if you do not have a scanner, I recommend that you download an aplicación to scan documents.

Once you have completed the above steps, you must wait for confirmation from Payeer. Normally they usually take between 24/48 hours. Once you confirm, you will have your account fully operational.

Add money to Payeer

To add money to our wallet payer We will only have to clic on the account in which we want to add. After that, add the payment method, we cánido choose between Visa, MasterCard and Profesor, in each of them there will be a 5% commission. Then we must add the amount that we want to add to payer.

I have never really used this option, but it is good that you know if you want to buy cryptocurrencies or any foreign currency. I have seen that the Payeer withdrawal commissions They are from that 5%, which does not seem too high to me, but that is about taste. From my experience, I always use payment processors to save the money I earn en línea, not to buy cryptocurrencies.

Send money from Payeer

Of the currencies that exist in payer, only four perro send money. It would be dollars, euros, rubles (the Russian currency) and bitcoins. To send money from this currency you have to clic on “transfer“Choose the amount and the system will instantly calculate the corresponding commissions.

To send money, the commissions are quite lower than for add money to Payeer. To send it, yes, you will have to put the account number of the person who is going to receive it.

Exchange Payer

One of the most interesting things about this payment processor is that it has its own exchange (currency exchange). From there you perro send money to other wallets such as Yandex Money, Advcash or to your Visa or Mastercard. The bad thing about this exchange is that the commissions are too high, especially when you are going to put money on your Visa or Mastercard, and the commissions cánido reach 10% of the total.

In addition, from here you cánido also calculate the amount you have between different types of currencies, such as euros to dollars, rubles or bitcoins.

Payer Card 2020

payer It has its own debit card, although it is not available for all countries. Its cost will be $9.95 and it will not have any maintenance cost.

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When the amounts that you are going to move in this wallet are not despiadado, I really do not see it profitable. If you work with this wallet to save your earnings from Russian pages (as is my case), there are other, much better ways to dispose of the money in your account. I explain the mechanism that you could follow.

  • If you are from Spain. You transfer the money to an en línea wallet such as coinbase (I use it) and once there you transfer it to your debit or credit card (free).
  • If you are from Latin America. You also send your money to a bitcoin wallet, in this case AirTM. Once there you send it to your bank account in your local currency.

As I told you, I do not consider this too profitable payeer card 2020but you should know that it exists and that you cánido use it, with its pros and cons.

How to transfer money from Payeer to PayPal

as you know, PayPal It is the most widely used wallet in the world, perhaps many of you feel more comfortable having your earnings in this payment processor. Well then, you are in luck, because I am going to explain how to transfer money from Payeer to Paypal.

This way is none other than using an exchanger intermediary platform, such as AirTM. You will have to follow a few steps to change our wallet from one site to another and charge it through PayPal.

  • If you don’t have one yet, create an AirTM account from here.
  • Check your AirTM account and if you activate the security methods.
  • From the main dashboard, activate “Deposit AirTM”.
  • Select “electronic transfer” and then “payer“.
  • Put the amount you want to send (remember that always in dollars) and accept.
  • While an AirTM usuario is selected to make the exchange, go to your account payer.
  • There, go to “transfer” and select payer.
  • Always entrar the recipient’s account with the account number and not with their correo electrónico (this is very important).
  • Take into account the commission that perro be applied in AirTM.
  • Accept the transaction from “send“.

Now you will have to wait for the usuario to receive the transaction in payer and then you will receive that amount in your AirTM account, ready to withdraw.

With this system you perro choose between all the available wallets, cryptocurrencies, gift cards or directly to your bank account. If he money (from payer) you want to withdraw it to your Paypal account, we must follow this procedure.

  • On your AirTM dashboard, select “withdraw from AirTM”.
  • Choose “electronic transfer” and then “Paypal”.
  • We write the amount to withdraw.
  • Submit the request.
  • Wait to receive our money in PayPal. Do not confirm that we have received it, if we do it before, there will be no way to claim.
  • Once received, you confirm and if you want, rate the usuario.

Once you have it, you cánido already have your money in PayPal, to buy in thousands of en línea stores.

Referral system in Payeer

This platform has a referral system of up to 6 levels. We are going to earn 25% of the transactions made by our affiliates. That percentage will be good when they make an exchange or withdraw your money to your card or your bank account. The higher the level we have on this platform, the more commissions we will earn.

Best pages to earn money in Payeer

As I have told you above, Payeer is the wallet to collect our benefits in Russian pages par excellence. I am currently working on three Russian pages that are quite reliable and that pay regularly. I explain them here.

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  • Teaser fast. Google plus page and extension to earn rubles by viewing non-intrusive ads from time to time. They do not have adfocus and the gains are updated from time to time. Highly recommended.
  • Xteaser. Google plus extension with features very afín to Teaserfast. From time to time they will put advertising on us and we will have to clic to earn our ruble fractions. It has a very low minimum payment.
  • socpublic. Russian multitasking page that pays us in rubles. Like all pages of this type, we will have several ways to earn money, such as viewing ads (both with adfocus and without adfocus). It also has tasks and missions, with all this we perro charge the first day, since its minimum payment is only 2 rubles (or what is the same, €0.03).

Payeer Reviews

Payeer is an extremely complete wallet in which we perro have several international currencies at the same time. We perro also store our cryptocurrencies there. Having its own exchange system is more interesting, since we perro charge for the currency that interests us the most at any given time. In my case it is not the main wallet, but since the Russian market is booming and this wallet accepts rubles, I have chosen it to collect from those pages.

Its security (sometimes cumbersome) makes it an extremely attractive wallet, where you perro take your earnings in rubles and wait for the value of that currency to rise. If, on the contrary, you want to change rubles to the currency of your country, this is the most appropriate wallet. Keep in mind that the Russian pages to earn rubles They are valid for everyone, and the ruble may be more valued to change it to the currency of your country than to the euro.

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 Payeer: payment processor for pages
  Payeer: payment processor for pages
  Payeer: payment processor for pages

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