Payeer: How it works and what are its benefits

Payeer: How it works and what are its benefits

We teach you everything you need to know about the en línea wallet: Payeer.

Learn how to make transactions, the value of your commissions, your debit card, and much more.

Payeer is a payment method that originated in Russia in 2010.

Currently, thousands of users use Payeer to carry out different types of transactions.

Payeer has the basic functions of other payment processors like sending and receiving money, such as Paypal.

However, the platform also allows us to carry out other types of operations.

It has an exchange service, to change our money from one currency to another.

And it also has an option that allows us to trade.

Not surprisingly, it is a platform widely used on investment pages.

In addition, it has other interesting things like a referral system to earn money, and it gives us the opportunity to obtain a debit card.

Interested in learning more about Payeer? Stay with us, and keep reading.

Payer Features

Although it is a payment processor like Paypal or Neteller, it has some peculiarities that make it unique.

These are the things that define this payment processor:

  • You do not need to have a verified account to carry out transactions.

  • Has a referral system.
  • cánido be done currency exchanges.

  • You don’t require a dirección de correo electrónico to send or receive moneybut the Payeer account number.

  • Excellent security system.

  • Available for many countries of the world.

  • It offers the possibility of apply for a Payeer card.

  • Cánido withdraw money from Payeer to your bank account.

What is Payer?

Payeer is a electronic purse or wallet, which is available in more than 200 countries around the world.

With this processor, we will be able to send and receive money in a fácil way, and with a commission of just 0.95%.

Furthermore, Payeer is also useful for exchange from one currency to another (dollars, euros, cryptocurrencies, and others) within the platform itself, much like AirTM.

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We cánido also make our payments from any platform without the need to have a verified account.

Another particularity of this virtual wallet is that it has a 6-level referral system, with which we cánido generate profits.

And it has a forum to chat with other users.

How to register in Payeer?

Create a Payeer account it has no costand it is very fácil.

Entrar the main platform, and select the option to register.

Then, it will send you to a window afín to this one, and will request your dirección de correo electrónico.

Provide the required information, and entrar the security code.

After there, you will receive a verification code to your dirección de correo electrónico.

After confirming your correo electrónico, you will be asked for personal information from your account such as password, users, and a keyword that you should keep well, because It will be necessary in case you want to recover the account.

Payeer will provide one character in each part of the form, as seen on the screen.

You perro delete them, and entrar your personal data.

Once you have done this, you will be inside.

How does Payer work?

The Payeer platform interfaz is fácil and interactive.

In fact, at first glance, we will have all the options we need to perform the main operations of the platform.

The platform is in English.

But if you want to use it more easily, turn on google plus translate in the Browser, and you’re done.

That is what we have done, and that is why it is seen in Spanish.

At the top of the platform, you will find a code that begins with “P”. that code it’s like our account numberand it is necessary to be able to receive payments from other users.

If we go a little more to the left, we will find the cómputo of our account in green.

This information perro also be found at the bottom of the platform that says “All Accounts” either «All Accounts» in English.

Here we are provided more informationabout the amount of money we have in different currenciesand we perro choose the option to deposit more or make a withdrawal.

If we go to the left, we will find several options in the Del costado Menu.

These are the ones that matter most to us:

  • Cómputo (Cómputo).

    Provides information regarding the cómputo of the account.

  • add (Add). It allows you to add money to your Payeer account, from Visa, Profesor, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and more.

  • Transfer (Transfer).

    This is the option that allows you send money to other Payeer users.

    With this option, you cánido also withdraw money to your bank accountor other payment processors.

  • Trade. It allows you to exchange money from one currency to another.

    But trading with other users.

  • Exchange.

    It allows you to make a direct currency exchange, especially between rubles, euros and dollars.

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How to verify your account?

Verification is not as necessary a process as in other payment processors to access larger transactions (as in the case of Neteller).

In Payeer, almost all operations cánido be carried out without having to be verified: send and receive payments, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, etcétera.

Verification is only required if you want to withdraw your money to your bank account.

The verification process is very fácil.

You just have to go to the gear icon in the upper left part of the platform.

Then choose the option “profile”and you will be sent to this window.

Entrar all the requested data.

The important data is your identification document (passport or ID), and a proof of residence payment, like that of light.

After sending the data, the platform will take a maximum of two days to accept or reject your verification.

How to add money in Payeer?

To make a deposit to your Payeer account, go to the side menu, and choose the option add.

Then, you will be sent to a form like the one in the image.

Choose the currency in which you want to receive the deposit, and the system from which you will receive the money.

It cánido be Visa, MasterCard, Profesor, money from your bank account, etcétera.

In our case, we have decided to make the deposit of €100 from our visa card.

The first amount indicates the net amount we will receive.

And the second amount adds the commission that we must pay.

In our case, it would give a total of €105.96.

Then, you must confirm the transaction, to finish the process.

We will not be able to carry out this transaction, if we do not have our verified account.

How to send money in Payeer

Sending money to other users vía Payeer is also easy.

Just choose the option from the side menu that says: transfer.

A form like the one in the image will appear.

Just entrar the account number of the other usuario.

Entrar the Master Key you received at registration.

Select the amount, and that’s it.

By clicking on “send”you will send your money.

As you perro see in the example above, the first amount indicates the amount to send, and the second indicates the amount to pay along with commissions.

Types of Exchange in Payeer

Payeer has two forms of exchange: through the Tradeor the common exchange.

Let’s look at each one separate.


This option is mainly dedicated to trading.

That is, it is a way of doing Exchange, but based on the supply and demand of other users.

This option is recommended, especially, for those who want entrar the world of tradingand use Payeer as a medium.

The graph espectáculos the value of the coins in relation to the change that we are going to make.

And it helps those who trade to know the value of each coin, and how it is convenient to make the currency exchanges.

But you don’t need to know much about this if you are not interested in trading.

At the top, you will find the exchange options.

The first indicates the currency you have and the one you want to exchange.

And the second, the currency to which you want to make the change.

Then, you perro perform the operation in two ways.

In the first, you perro make an offer yourself, when choosing or selling the amount at the price you want.

To do this, it is better to have a knowledge of finance, and know how to read graphs.

It is not recommended for beginners.

Another option is that you simply choose the offers that other users make.

With just one clic, all the information you need will appear, in the form that is in the lower right part, as we espectáculo you in the image.


If you do not want to complicate your life, and your only interest is to make a currency exchange, then this is your option.

Simply choose the currency you want to exchange, and the currency you want to get.

Indicate the amount, clic on the button exchangeand ready.

Payeer Card Types

Payeer also has a card that we cánido use as a common card from any bank.

This debit card has a value of $9.95but it does not have any maintenance cost.

On the gear icon, you’ll see an option that says “MyCard”.

There you perro manage everything related to your Payeer cards.

Currently, the card is only available for users residing in the European Union.

Before it was available for Latin America, but not for a while.

Payeer Commissions

Payeer commissions are generally they are low to send money (at least in comparison to other payment processors like Paypal).

If we choose the option transfer, and we choose the payment options, we will find the commissions for each one.

In the case of Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etcétera., the commission is $0+0.01.

I orinan, really nothing.

For the other options, these are the commissions:

  • Other Payeer accounts: 0.5%.

  • Qiki: 1.99%.

  • Yandex.Money: 1.99%.
  • advcash: 1.99%.

  • money: 1.99%.

  • Visa and MasterCard: 2.99%+$5.

  • ukrainian bank: 2.99%+35 rubles.

In the case of cards or bank accounts, the commission is high compared to the previous ones.

In addition, in the case of Exchanges, the commission perro reach €10 for every €100.

referral system

Another thing that sets Payeer apart from other payment processors is that has a referral system.

Through the affiliate program, we cánido obtain up to 25% commission for each transaction made by our referrals.

Upon signing up, your referral level will be at a 10%, as is our case.

The more your number of referrals increases, and the transactions they make, the percentage will increase.

In the gear icon, you will find your referral backlink, in the option «My referrals».

The Payer Aplicación

The Payeer aplicación is available for Android only.

Its interfaz is fácil, very afín to that of the platform.

However, the first time you use the aplicación, You will be asked to create a security codeto use each time you log in to your account from your mobile.

Is Payer safe?

Yes, Payeer is a secure virtual wallet.

In fact, unlike other payment processors, it has several security systems.

  • Correo electrónico.

    Every time you entrar, it will send a confirmation code to your correo electrónico.

    Without it, you perro’t get in.

  • Text message.

    Afín to the previous one, only you will receive the code by text message.

    Both this and the previous one apply to both the platform and the application.

  • Entry code.

    You will need a unique verification code to entrar your account from the aplicación.


Payeer is a payment processor very diversified in its use.

Also, most major transactions do not require a verified account, as is the case with Neteller.

It has very low commissions on most transactions.

And it has the advantage that it offers us an exchange service, very afín to that of AirTM.

Also, although it is not as famous as Paypal, some money making platforms have Payeer as their payment processor.

So, it is one more option to manage our money.

We hope that, with this article, you have learned everything you need to use Payeer.

We wish you luck with this virtual wallet!

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 Payeer: How it works and what are its benefits
  Payeer: How it works and what are its benefits
  Payeer: How it works and what are its benefits

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