Pastón gives me €10 for free and I finish

Pastón gives me €10 for free and I finish

paston is a new real money en línea casino where we perro have fun playing all kinds of games of oportunidad. belongs to the company Euroapuestas En línea SAU, located in Catarroja (Spain).

The most interesting thing about the Pastón casino, and that is why I have decided to write this articulo, is that it offers us an initial plus of €10 free to spend on the web.

As it is a new portal, they are offering this promotion to all those users who register.

At this point, it is possible that the most skeptical say that about “already but If you earn money with that Pastón plus, you will not be able to withdraw it«… I cánido already tell you that using only and exclusively the plus you cánido earn money and later withdraw it.

Myself I have won €100 in Pastón thanks to this promotion.

Pastón allows registration to users from anywhere in the world.

In DineroWorld I have a habit of talking about free sites with which to earn money.

The intention in doing this is to espectáculo the different ways that I use to generate plus money without having to invest or add funds from my pocket.

However, today I will talk about Pastón, which a priori, being a casino, represents a totally antagonistic system to that of “make money without investing”.

But what if I tell you that Pastón gives us €10 for the mere fact of registering on your website.

Let’s see how to get them.

Pastón: Registration and first impressions

The first step of all will be to register on the Pastón website.

If you want, you cánido follow this backlink that will take you directly to the casino home page.

Once there, we go to the top right, clic on “Sign up” and wait for the following form to open.

This form is made up of three parts: Personal data, contact data and account data.

It goes without saying that all the data we provide has to be 100% real data.

As soon as we have completed the three steps, we send the form and we perro access to our account in Pastón.

When we log in for the first time, Pastón will offer us a list of welcome bonuses.

One of them is the one that offers us €10 to play for free.

How Paston works

paston it’s a real casino casino and as such, it has a wide range of game modes.

In addition to Slots and Casino, there is also a section dedicated to sports betting.

However, if what we want is to play with the €10 plus, we will not be able to use this last option and we will have to escoge between the Slots or the Casino.

Choosing one section or another to spend the €10 is up to everyone.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you must choose between slot machines or casino games.

As for the slots, which is the section where I took advantage of the plus, they all have some kind of game, plus or free spins.

If you have ever played this type of game of oportunidad, you already know that there are more classic, more modern models, with more lines, with Scatters or Free Spins, etcétera.

In short, Pastón slot machines they are modern and quite fun.

On the other hand, there is the Casino section, where there are basically the Roulette and Black Jack games.

I have not gotten to play in this section of Pastón, but we cánido see that there are different types of Roulette.

From the famous French or European Roulette to live roulette.

As you perro see, there are games for all kinds of tastes.

Which one are you going to choose? It is possible that some of the conditions that I explain below will help you escoge the cómputo.

Before withdrawing possible profits generated with the plus, we will have to fulfill a series of premises.

Requirements to fulfill the €10 plus

Bonuses like the one we are seeing today from Pastón, are used to offer users the oportunidad to test their games to earn money without having to deposit funds.

However, if we are lucky and instead of spending the money we go earning more, there are a series of requirements that we must meet before requesting a payment:

1- The €10 of the Pastón plus cannot be withdrawn and are allocated to our account within the next 24 hours after registration.

Also, we will have to spend the money before five days pass.

From the sixth day the plus expires and is cancelled.

2- This plus is temporary.

Its validity runs from July 3, 2017 to December 18, 2017.

3- As it is a plus we will have to comply with the so-called rollover.

paston Give us €10 when you create a new account, but one of the premises to be able to withdraw the profits generated is to play 100 times the amount of the plus.

In other words, we will have to play €1000 (€10 for 100 times).

4- Depending on the type of game, we will contribute to comply with the rollover based on the following percentages: Roulette 25%, Black Jack 25%, Slots 100%.

Seen what has been seen, the best thing to do is to play the €10 in the slots.

5- Pastón only allows us to use the plus in the Casino section and in the Slots section.

6- Of course, Pastón only offers one voucher per person, address, correo electrónico, family and IP address.

7- If for any reason Pastón detects an irregularity in our account You cánido cancel the promotion.

Some examples could be using false or other people’s data, cheating, etcétera.

You cánido consult the conditions of this and other promotions in this section.

I have won €100 FREE in Pastón

To request a withdrawal in Pastón we will have to verify our identity previously.

For this, we will have to send a copy of our ID or passport and your own invoice.

It is important to note that this second document must state our name and the account number to which we want the money to be deposited.

Due to this circumstance, not all invoices are accepted by Pastón.

I myself sent my own electricity bill, but the account number was not reflected and they denied it.

Later I sent a mobile invoice in which my account number appears and they gave it to me as valid.

And this is how I won €100 in Pastón.

The pay It arrived two days after ordering it. to my bank account.

Although there are other methods available in Pastón, both to add and withdraw funds, when we want to collect the profits generated from the plus we cánido only use the bank transfer.


In Dineroworld I usually talk about pages to earn money by answering paid surveys.

Also sites for earn free bitcoin by watching ads and the most reliable faucets for earn free cryptocurrency.

However, why close the doors to other types of sites with which to continue adding?

paston has started its journey on the net launched one of those promotions that we like so much.

Who is not tempted by the possibility of earning money totally free? It is the second time (along with this one from Titanbet) that I explain my experience using the plus of an en línea casino on the blog.

In today’s case it is a registration plus.

And I highlight it because in the case of Titanbet it was a plus for inactivity.

That is, I was already a registered usuario in the casino but it had been a long time without accessing my account.

That’s why they sent me a voucher to see “if it encouraged me to come back.” And yes, I did so.

I played with the €5 they gave me and ended up withdrawing €200.

I would not like to end today’s article without repeating that Pastón it is a real money casino.

That is why if we add money, we run the serious risk of losing it.

If we do things as I explain in this articulo, the chances of losing money are nil.

In addition, the best of all is not the fact of not risking our money, but that we cánido generate more simply by using the €10 of the plus.

Do you want to try your luck to see if you win something? You cánido register in Pastón by clicking on the following banner.

Good luck!!

Oh, and if you get something, stop by and comment, I’ll be excited to know that someone else has earned money totally free here.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Pastón gives me €10 for free and I finish
  Pastón gives me €10 for free and I finish
  Pastón gives me €10 for free and I finish

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