passive income | How to generate them

passive income | How to generate them

Trigger passive income That they allow us to live from them or simply receive money every month is the wet dream of every investor or who is dedicated to earning money en línea.

Unlike active income, which is what we receive when performing any task or certain job, passive income is the opposite, it refers to the money that we are receiving without constantly doing a certain task, so you do not dedicate the time or the effort that if you are dedicating to active income.

An example of active income is a conventional job, you get up every day to go to your job to do what your boss has entrusted to you in exchange for receiving income (your payroll) at the end of the month.

You are doing a certain task in exchange for money previously agreed with your employer.

On the other hand, an example of passive income would be to invest an amount of money from that salary every month for certain years, let’s say 200 euros a month for 10 years, at the end of that period you will have not only managed to save €24,000, but you will also have received a percentage of profitability for that investment depending on the chosen asset.

Differences between active and passive income

Active and passive income is still the same, after all, income, but there are many differences between them that make the latter something desired, we are going to review some of them.

Well, this is one of the big differences that exist between the two incomes, since to generate active income we need to constantly carry out an activity, with which we are going to have to have a large amount of time at the same time as the notable effort that we have to dedicate to it.

, especially if our work is physical.

However, passive income is the opposite, we are not going to dedicate much of our time to it and the effort will be minimal, as you will understand, this is something that will positively affect our quality of life.

Another of the main differences that exist between active and passive income is the ceiling of the money that we cánido receive.

While for the active the level of income is almost always based on the profession or the work that you carry out through a payroll with a fixed remuneration at the end of the month, the passive income has no ceiling, that is, although it takes effort to put Once these incomes work, they perro become unlimited, since we will not have any stipulated minimum or maximum.


    Earn money while you sleep

It is the dream of everyone who wants to generate passive income, being able to see how your savings increase without doing anything or literally while you sleep.

By putting your money to work for you, it will be able to multiply passively, every minute of the day while you do other kinds of things, that is, to get interesting passive income, you will first have to work very hard.

Generate passive income

Well, all this theory is fenezca, but surely you are wondering how to put this into practice.

Now we are going to review the best options that exist to generate passive income, I am talking about all the options that I use myself, although of course there are many more, in fact the range is unlimited, we cánido generate passive income with almost anything.

To all this, remember that I am not a financial advisor, what you are going to see below is only for information and to inspire other people.

▪ Passive income with a blog

Creating a blog is a fairly efficient way to generate passive income.

If there is a topic that interests you or you are passionate about, you perro express your passion by creating a blog and writing about it.

Once you have created enough content you cánido think about monetizing it, that is the way to get that passive income.

Well, you will tell me that they are not passive if you have to write…yes and no.

Really writing in a blog is being active, that is something obvious, but when it comes to making money with it, things change, since it perro generate a lot of money 24 hours a day thanks to your generated content and you are not writing 24 hours a day. hours of the day, right?

To monetize a blog we have many options, one of the best known and used is to do it with Google plus Adsense, although there are many other alternatives to place ads on a blog.

Google plus Adsense to place ads

But without a doubt the most powerful option is to do it with affiliate platforms, you just have to choose the ones that best match the niche of your website and start placing material, with each sale or registration you get they will give you a commission, there are people who earn thousands of euros with this.

▪ Invest in index funds

Investing in index funds is one of the safest, easiest and most profitable ways to put our money to work.

Unlike other types of investment in the depósito market, when investing here we are doing it in a equipo of values ​​that make up the index, such as the IBEX35 or the S&P500, so we will not have to worry about buying and selling shares, since the fund will do it automatically for us, hence it is a totally passive investment.

This investment is designed in the long term and there are a large number of platforms that offer us the possibility of managing these funds automatically, among the most demanded are Inbestme, Indexa Capital, Finanbest or Myinvestor.

One of the great advantages of investing in index funds is that since it is an automated investment and therefore does not require an active manager, commissions are significantly reduced, so this affects our final capital.

▪ Invest in ETFs

Investing in shares of large companies one by one to receive dividends is tremendously expensive, so much so that only the great fortunes perro afford it.

This problem for the small investor is simplified with the ETFs, which is an exchange-traded index fund that allows us to invest in a equipo of the best companies in the world at an affordable price.

Investing in the S&P500, the IBEX35 and many other indices of the best companies in the world is something that we cánido all do in a simplified way with ETFs.

Any leading and quality broker will give us access to these financial assets that have become one of the most used ways to generate passive income.

▪ Invest in Crowdlending

Crowdlending is one of the fastest growing investments in recent years.

It is about financing loans in exchange for receiving a percentage in the form of interest for each of them.

Although not without risk (like any investment) it has become enormously habitual among investors due to its diversification and good performance, in this blog we have already talked about many of them, of which I leave you with the most interesting ones.

1️⃣ Mintos: It is the largest P2P platform in Europe, since it has almost 400,000 active users.

Easy to use, we cánido automate our investments and it has a secondary market to add more security to each loan.

2️⃣ Bondora: It accepts users from a wide variety of countries and stands out because it has no minimum investment.

It currently has a free 5-euro plus when you make your first investment, as long as you do it from my registration backlink.

3️⃣ NeoFinance: It is another platform that we use and that is currently working quite well.

It was founded in 2016 and, like Bondora, it does not have a minimum deposit, so anyone cánido start using it.

As we have mentioned, there are many Crowdlending sites where we perro invest, if you have a small portfolio it is best to invest it in the platform that suits you best, if on the other hand you have good money and want to invest it in this type of business , the ideal is to diversify that money as much as possible by dividing it among several platforms.

▪ Invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding

Another interesting passive income opportunity is investing in real estate crowdfunding.

Historically, investing in the real estate ámbito was destined for great fortunes, this has turned around in recent years thanks to the appearance of various crowdfunding platforms that allow us to invest from a very small amount, with which we are opens up a huge range of possibilities.

Although there are currently fewer platforms than those available for crowdlending, the truth is that there are enough to have to choose, since some are much more secure and give better performance than others.

Without a doubt, the leading platform today is Estateguru, a site that offers good profitability, diversification and security.

Somewhat behind but also equally valid we place StrockCrowd IN or Urbanitae.

▪ Invest in cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the ways where we perro generate the most passive income, but also the most exposed to risk due to their enormous volatility.

The great rise of these assets commanded by Bitcoin has caused the number of people who invest in them to multiply and obtain passive income.

Detecting a currency with a low price but with enormous growth potential has become an art among all investors in this world.

Exchanges like Binance, decentralized finance, staking or simply holding, are actions that perro allow us to increase our capital in the medium and long term.

Opinion about passive income

There are almost infinite ways to generate passive income, what I have explained to you in the article are the ones that I use or best adapt to the theme of the blog, which is none other than earning money from home.

A good way to start generating this type of income is to invest the money we earn in these types of promotions, where you will find some that are really easy to complete and with zero risk.

Although passive income is cool, the truth is that they all need an active principle, that is, we first need to take some action to generate it, if you think that you are going to lie down on the sofa and without lifting a finger the money will come to you Your bank account is clear to you, that doesn’t exist unless you have a rich aunt who leaves you all her inheritance.

Being able to live on passive income, wherever it comes from, is the desire of every investor, we are just going to need to put all the determination we perro and get down to work, IF WE CAN.

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 passive income |  How to generate them
  passive income |  How to generate them
  passive income |  How to generate them

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