Cánido make money with paid surveys? Throughout this article you will find the most reliable paid survey panels that exist to earn plus money.

As we will see, the vast majority of these paid survey panels pay vía Paypal.

However, there are also those who pay in gift vouchers for Amazon or the English Court.

Or even in cryptocurrencies.

In the end, the most important thing is that they are up to date with their payment and send us work on a regular basis.

Ultimately, let them be secure and reliable paid survey portals.

And since all the sites I work with meet these requirements, I found it interesting to make a compilation talking about the panels that work best for me.

earn money en línea.

make money with y tambiénpaid surveys?

First of all, I want to warn about some of the most common deceptions that exist on the net around the pages for make money with surveys.

On the internet we perro see some survey panels that “invite” us to pay a membership in exchange for receiving a greater number of studies.

Is totally false and a scam.

Or panels that send a lot of surveys but then they don’t pay.

What has been a scam page.

With those we will see today we do not have to worry about this: all they are 100% free and are paying promptly.

It will be enough to register in each one, fill out our profile to receive surveys, and based on their duration and theme, receive an amount of money as a reward.

When we register in a panel it is essential to complete the profile questionnaire to receive paid surveys.

Next, you will see the list of Highest paying paid survey panels, classified based on my personal criteria.

I already anticipate that those who are in last position they are also good.

All the pages listed below are 100% reliable.

I just had to categorize them somehow and even though I have my favorites, I use them all to a greater or lesser extent.

I will also put a brief description with the main characteristics of each one.

If you want more detailed information about these panels, you cánido clic on the attached backlinks, which will take you to the specific tutorial for each one.

Best Paid Survey Panels

In some paid survey panels it will be possible to register from any country and in others only from a specific geographical area.

In fact, there are some that allow registration to users from Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, etcétera.

And others only allow access to users from one, two or three countries.

To make the listing more practical, I’ve decided to add a couple of features to the explanation of each site.

These are:

1- In the titles you will see a small description of each survey panel.

And then the review.

2- I have added an ES in the titles if the panel is only for residents of Spain or a TEM if the portal allows the registration of people from all over the world.

In this way it will be easier to identify which paid survey panels will work best for you.

ySense Best paid survey page】 ITEM

ySense is probably the best paid survey panel out there.

It is a platform that brings together, in one place, many survey portals.

It is the website that sends the most surveys and users from all over the world cánido participate.

ySense Registration Tutorial

Lifepoints 【Highly Recommended Survey Panel】 EN

Lifepoints is one of the paid survey pages most habitual out there.

It works for users residing in Spain, has been paying for years and sends many surveys.

These range between €0.50 and €1 and the minimum payment is €5.

Lifepoints Tutorial Registration

i Say 【Highly Paid Surveys】 EN

i-Say is, like OpineyGane, a panel that only allows users residing in Spain to register.

It is one of the portals with the most profitable surveys.

By answering surveys we earn points that we will exchange for money, Vouchers and Gift Cards.

i-Say Registration Tutorial

Mobrog 【Highly paid surveys】 TEM*

Mobrog allows registration to users of Spain, Colombia and México.

He usually sends 2 or 3 weekly surveys with high remunerations ranging from $0.49 to $2.49.

The minimum payment is $5 through the Paypal payment processor.

Mobrog Tutorial Registration

Neobux 【Payments by Airtm from $2】 TEM

Neobux is the most famous PTC in the world.

However, in addition to viewing ads, it also offers the ability to earn money by answering paid surveys.

The minimum payment is only $2 and it allows you to collect through Airtm, Skrill or Neteller.

Neobux Tutorial Registration

Opinion Center 【Paid surveys for Spain】 IS

Only users residing in Spain perro be registered in the Opinion Center.

Send several surveys a month and the rewards perro range from €0.50 to €10 (sometimes).

The best thing is that you pay instantly through Paypal from €2.50.

Opinion Outpost Tutorial Registration

Idle Empire 【Payments in Paypal and in cryptocurrencies】 ITEM

Idle Empire is an original paid survey panel.

Pay with Paypal from $3, but the most interesting thing is that you also pay in cryptocurrencies.

Earn BTC, LTC, ETH… by answering surveys and get paid for coinbase starting at $0.10.

Idle Empire Walkthrough Registration

MarketAgent 【Paypal and Skrill payments】 TEM*

MarketAgent is a paid survey page that allows users from almost anywhere to register.

Send an average of 6 or 7 surveys per month, but the best thing is that it has a minimum payment of only €5.

In addition, they will pay us €1.50 for registering to the panel.

MarketAgent Tutorial Registration

Free Cash 【Payments by Paypal and in cryptocurrencies】 ITEM

Free Cash is an innovative platform that allows us to earn money by answering surveys and completing offers.

Pay by Paypal and in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE direct to the wallet.

Highly recommended!

Free Cash Tutorial Registration

GreenPanthera 【Panel that sends more surveys】 ITEM

GreenPanthera is a survey panel valid for everyone.

This is the panel that sends the most surveys and gives away $5 just for registering.

The remunerations are usually between $0.70 and $1 and the minimum payment is $30 through Paypal.

GreenPanthera Tutorial Registration

Surveysoon 【Lots of paid surveys】 ITEM

Surveypronto is Greenpanthera’s sister survey panel.

It allows everyone to register, although more surveys are published in the US and Spain.

You are giving away $5 after confirming our dirección de correo electrónico and we perro withdraw through Paypal when we reach $30.


swagbucks 【Paid surveys and cashback】 ITEM

Swagbucks is another 100% reliable platform to earn money.

It belongs to the same company as Ysense, it works for everyone and pays by Paypal from only $5.

It perro be earned by answering surveys, searching, with the daily plus, etcétera.

SwagBucks Tutorial Registration

Prolific 【Studies paid in pounds by Paypal】 TEM*

At Prolific Academic we perro earn money by answering scientific studies.

Unlike the others, on this website they pay in sterling pounds.

Send about 6 studies a month of different values.

The minimum payment is £5 through the Paypal payment processor.

Prolific Academic Registration Tutorial

With permission 【Surveys, cashback and mails】 TEM*

Consupermiso is a PTR in which we cánido earn money by reading correos electrónicos and answering paid surveys.

In addition, it has a cashback section in which we perro take advantage of offers and buy cheaper.

Pay by Paypal from €10.

Consent Registration Tutorial

WeAreTesters 【Short Paid Surveys】 EN

WeAreTesters is one of the most original survey panels I’ve seen to date.

Send an average of 4 or 5 tests each month and they are all very easy and quick to answer.

We perro withdraw the winnings through Paypal or exchange points for Gift Cards.

WeAreTesters Tutorial Registration

Opnio 【Highly Paid Surveys】 EN

Opnio is a little known paid survey panel that pays very well for the surveys we answer.

Pay between €1 and €3 for each one! More to more, it allows us to withdraw the earnings by Paypal or Amazon from €10.


Lootup 【Surveys and Offers】 TEM

Lootup is a portal for paid surveys, offers, and promotions where we perro earn money and withdraw it through Paypal or in cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

It works for everyone and the minimum payment is $1 through Paypal.

Lootup Registration Guide

Myiyo 【Veteran Survey Panel】 TEM

In Myiyo we perro also register from anywhere in the world.

No restrictions.

Send an average of 2-3 surveys per month and the rewards usually range from $0.50 to $2.

The minimum amount to request a withdrawal is €20 through Paypal.

Myiyo Registration Tutorial

Yougov 【Very short polls】 EN

Yougov is one of the survey sites that sends surveys that are shorter and quicker to complete.

You perro only withdraw in Checks for Amazon.

It takes 8 months to reach the minimum of €25.

However, the de hoy time spent on the site is very little.

Yougov Tutorial Registration

survey 【Highly Paid Surveys】 EN

Encuestón also restricts its access to users from Spain.

Send an average of 2 surveys per month and the rewards are €1 to €2 per study.

The minimum withdrawal is €7 by Paypal.

In addition, for registering and completing the profile 100% they give us €1

Registration Survey Tutorial

SurveyTime 【Highly Recommended Page】 TEM

SurveyTime is one of the more practical paid survey panels that I know Pay rewards of $1 for each survey and we cánido choose whether to charge immediately through Paypal or receive the equivalent amount in BTC through Coinbase.

SurveyTime Tutorial Registration

OpineYGane 【Pay with Amazon Checks】 EN

OpineYGane is a survey panel available to users residing in Spain.

Send several surveys a month with values ​​from €0.75 to €1.50.

We perro ask for a prize from €15 (Amazon gift cards, Zalando, El Corte Inglés, etcétera.)

Opinion and Win Tutorial Registration

Triaba 【Good survey panel】 STEM

Triaba is another totally reliable survey panel that allows users from all over the world to register.

Send few surveys a month, although they are usually very well paid.

It perro be withdrawn by Paypal or by Amazon Gift Certificate.

Triaba Registration Tutorial

Survey Rewardz 【Paypal payments from $10】 TEM

Survey Rewardz is one of the most recent survey panels I’ve discovered.

It works for everyone and cánido be withdrawn by Paypal from $10.

It sends many surveys each day of different values, so it is easy to reach the minimum payment.

Survey Rewardz Tutorial Registration

Toluna 【Many paid surveys】 EN

Toluna is a veteran international survey panel.

He offers many ways to earn money.

Either with paid surveys, responding to mini-polls or even giving your opinion on news.

The minimum withdrawal is €35 by transfer.

Toluna Registration Tutorial

SurveyWork 【Surveys & Offer Walls】 TEM

SurveyWork is a platform where we perro answer surveys through various offer walls.

Many studies come out every day.

In addition, it has daily bonuses based on our activity.

Make payments from $5 through Paypal.

Survey Work Tutorial Registration

Channel Survey 【Automatic payments to Paypal】 EN

CanalSondeo is also valid only for users residing in Spain.

He usually sends an average of 3 surveys per month with rewards of €0.75 to €2.

Payments are automatic to Paypal once the survey is validated.

We perro invite other users by correo electrónico.


PaidSurveys 【Good survey site】 EN

In the Paid Surveys panel we will receive invitations to surveys but they also include product testing.

And earn money by valuing them.


Send payments by Paypal when you reach €10, although we perro also collect Amazon Checks.


There are many other survey panels that pay and with which we perro continue adding.

I myself am continually testing new panels.

This way, if I see one that actually sends out surveys regularly and where you perro earn money on a regular basis, I articulo it on the blog for all of us to use.

How much money do you earn for answering surveys?

The first thing I want to make clear is that no one is going to get rich answering paid surveys.

From my point of view, these pages should be worked in order to earn plus money without having to invest anything.

It is clear that if we work more panels, we will receive more invitations to surveys and we will respond in a greater number.

And therefore, we will add profits more often.

I understand that anyone who comes to this articulo with the intention of earning money by answering surveys wants to get an iniciativa of ​​what they cánido achieve in a certain period of time… but it depends on so many cambiantes that It is not easy to make an approximation that is enlightening.

How many pages are we going to work on, how many hours will we dedicate to each one, what reward will they give us for each survey, etcétera.

To give an example, on a page like Ysense we could spend hours and hours working (either with surveys or with minijobs).

However, in the i-Say panel we depend on surveys coming out.

And if a week there is none? The profit will be zero.

I work all these panels together and, for me, a very good month is the one in which I cánido get €100 by charging several sites.

How to withdraw money in survey panels

Each survey panel is governed by its own payment and rewards policy.

In some cases we will have the option of withdraw money vía Paypal.

If so, all we need to receive our money will be provide the correo electrónico address we have associated with the payment processor.

Another form of payment cánido be through Gift Cards for Amazon of a certain value.

In fact, almost every paid survey panel we’ve seen offers this option in addition to Paypal.

Or in the case of Toluna and OpineYEarn, they also allow us to redeem the points for Electronic Vouchers to spend in stores like Decathlon or Ikea.

And to finish, although it is not usually very common, there are some paid survey pages that allow us to withdraw through the payment processor of Skrill.

In my opinion, whenever possible, it is advisable to request payments through Paypal.

especially for how easy it is to later send that money to our bank and because of the low commissions it applies.

In some countries the Paypal option is not as good as it is in Spain.

Given the circumstances, Skrill cánido be a good alternative to withdraw profits.

Opinions on paid surveys

The fact of working paid survey panels that pay is essential to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

There is nothing more annoying in making money en línea than working on a page and then not paying.

The intention when making this list is to avoid this and work with a certain security.

This articulo is constantly updated and espectáculos the best paid survey sites out there at all times.

Survey panels that pay and 100% free.

To be up to date, come back from time to time and don’t miss any opportunity to earn money with paid surveys.

I’ve been wanting to write a updated list with all the survey panels that pay and that I work on a regular basis.

Precisely for this reason, I will use this same articulo as a monitor.

In it, you will be able to see all the reliable panels that I currently work with, accompanied by a brief explanation.

Finally, if you have any suggestion about one or more paid survey panel that you know of, from which you have already received a payment and that you think should be on this list, I would appreciate it if you contact me through the Blog Contact.

Explain to me a little how the panel works and put your referral backlink.

If I don’t know it and it looks good, I’ll register with your backlink and try it.

Until next time and long live paid surveys and earn money en línea!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

We hope you liked our article Panels of RELIABLE paid SURVEYS
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 Panels of RELIABLE paid SURVEYS
  Panels of RELIABLE paid SURVEYS
  Panels of RELIABLE paid SURVEYS

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