Panda Research: Review of this research portal

Panda Research: Review of this research portal

PandaResearch is a survey platform like many others, but with a big difference: the time required to reach the minimum withdrawal.

If someone has recommended this page to you to do paid surveys but you don’t trust it, here we give you all the information you need and you will probably leave here to give some advice to the colleague who recommended it to you.

Remember that in We recommend the best platforms to earn money, such is the case of Opinion World.

But, also so that you do not waste time, we will talk about those platforms that are a total fraud.

Entrar Panda Research

How cánido I join Panda Research?

You cánido join through the registration process, it is a very fácil process that will not take you more than 10 minutes to do.

Follow the tutorial below so that you cánido register without problems.

Register in Panda Research (login)

  1. Entrar the Panda Research survey platform and clic on «SIGN UP».
  2. The platform will request an dirección de correo electrónico, indicate an correo electrónico that you cánido access.

    Then we have to solve the captcha and clic on «Getting Started».

  1. Entrar the following data in the form: password, names, address, postal code (zip), telephone, date of birth, ethnicity, gender.

  1. When placing all the data, clic on «continue».
  2. The platform will send you a confirmation code to your dirección de correo electrónico, follow the steps in the message and confirm the dirección de correo electrónico.

Now you have an account on the Panda Research platform, clic login to use your options.

It is not a difficult survey panel to understand, even its operation is afín to that of other en línea pollsters.

How Panda Research works and how you cánido earn money

After registering, you must complete your profile, if you complete it properly, you will have more surveys to solve.

Keep in mind that these are surveys for retirees, Housewives, studentsetcétera.

After registering and confirming the dirección de correo electrónico, you perro now log in with your account, and you will see that at the top there is a panel with all the Panda Research sections:

In the “home» or main page of the platform, all the surveys for which you have qualified will appear.

Each survey has a box with all the information, such as the company that created it, the type, the number of users who have taken it, the estimated time to solve it, and more.

In the upper right corner of each survey you perro see the reward they will give you for answering it, if you want to start a survey, you must clic on «start now».

On the surveys available to do you perro see another menu in which you access the options: «my studies», which are the surveys you have done; «Highly Recommended», an option that tells you the best surveys to take.

There is also the optionplus offers» to get deals on products by answering surveys.

How perro I collect my money at Panda Research?

To collect the money – if you ever manage to collect it – you must go to the section «My account», you perro find it in the main menu or also in the option «View Your Account» located to the right of the surveys.

You will be shown a box with the data of the cómputo that you have accumulated on the platform.

In “Viewed (Pending)» you see the amount of money accumulated, in «approved» the amount approved for payment; «requested» amount in withdrawal process and «Paid To Date» everything that has been paid to you.

Below you perro see all the surveys you have carried out and the data of each one of them.

For example: reward, the date, name of the survey and if it was approved or not.

At the end of the list of surveys you have taken, you will see an option called «Get Paid Now», which is to collect your money.

The platform will not let you try to make withdrawals until you reach the minimum, which is $50, much higher than Valued Opinions.

You perro send the money to your bank account or Paypal, you choose which of the two options.

The big problem with the platform begins at this point, when you want to make a withdrawal and hours, days go by and it is not approved; We will talk about this problem in the next section.

Is Panda Research a legitimate company?

We want to tell you that, first hand, we have not been able to verify if it is an illegitimate company, but has a great oportunidad of being.

We have not been able to see a single positive opinion about Panda Research, all the comments we have read are negative.

Which makes us think that it is not anywhere near on the list of reliable surveys in Spain, as SigmaDos Panel is.

The platform works well in terms of registration, surveys, amount of rewards, but when you want to charge, you simply do not pay.

You cánido even solve many surveys and accumulate an amount of $100, but only 2$ or 3$ will be approved for retirement.

This makes it very difficult to reach the minimum, it cánido take years to reach $50.

Really, it does not seem like a legitimate company or you simply have to wait many years and put in a lot of work to get paid.


It seems to us a platform in which time and effort should not be wasted; You cánido use it and try to get paid, but we warn you that you cánido wait years to get paid and in the end, you probably won’t get anything.

We have known of other users, who have taken up to 2 years completing surveys in Panda Research, but never received a payment, for them the platform is a scam.

If you want to check if it is a scam or not, you cánido do it, for our part, we will not invest time in this platform, the comments and negative opinions are many.

Therefore, we believe that it is more advantageous to use other platforms such as Livra or those that we detalla below.

What is the best survey site?

There are two survey sites that don’t pay huge amounts per survey, but they do pay, it’s about Ysense and YouGov. let’s start with YouGova platform in which you complete surveys and earn gift vouchers from en línea stores, such as Amazon, is highly recognized and has been operating and paying for more than 20 years.

The other is ysense, a platform where you make money by downloading aplicaciones, registering on sites, answering surveys, among other ways.

Formerly it was called Clixsense, but it passed into the hands of new owners, who also own other recognized platforms to earn money en línea.

ysenseit is considered one of the best options to make plus money, it has been proven that it pays and that it is legit.

Don’t waste time on scams, use options like the ones mentioned so that your time and effort are rewarded.

We hope this information has been very useful and you share it to bring you more and more new content.

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 Panda Research: Review of this research portal
  Panda Research: Review of this research portal
  Panda Research: Review of this research portal

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