Paidwork: Cánido You Really Make Money?

Paidwork: Cánido You Really Make Money?

I recently saw a comment from a person saying that they had been able to earn money with the application called Paidwork, however I have also seen many negative comments about the application.

Therefore, in this article I am going to give you my opinion about the application and well, in the end you are the one who decides if it is a good application or not so that you perro generate plus income.

What is Padwork?

Paidwork is an application that allows its users to earn money through different ways, among which are watching vídeos (ads), paid surveys, playing games, etcétera.

In short, it is an application that has different options so that you cánido earn money, but… Perro it really replace a job?

Well, first of all, I’m going to tell you about how it works, the ways it has to earn money and then I’m going to give you my opinion about it.

How does it work?

If you have already tried any aplicación to earn money, then you practically already know how the aplicación works, since almost all of them work in the same way.

In fact, in general, what you have to do is the following:

  1. You use any of the options to be able to earn money with which Paidwork has and you start to earn points.
  2. The points you earn will be automatically reflected as money on the main page of the application.
  3. You will have to accumulate the minimum withdrawal so that you perro collect your money.
  4. You have to collect and wait for your money to arrive.

Simply put, you use the aplicación and earn points that will be converted into real money that you cánido withdraw.

What is it that I don’t like?

In the first place, the truth is that the application is like many that I have tried and therefore I do not feel that it offers me anything different from what other applications offer me.

Therefore, the truth is that I would not use the application in my day to day.

I say this because there are applications that could replace applications that I normally use and I cánido get to receive a little money for doing something that I would still do.

That’s the kind of money making aplicaciones I like.

Now, I feel like Paidwork needs to work on the aplicación a bit because I feel like it’s not very smooth and sometimes it’s a little stunned for a bit.

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that I’ve been told that the aplicación asks you to upload something that allows you to identify or verify your identity so you perro get paid.

The truth is that I perro understand it, but I prefer not to upload that kind of thing.

Therefore, although I understand it, for me it is something that prevents me from using the application, since I am not going to upload data and I am not going to be able to charge.

Of course, these are personal things and you may not mind (it’s just my opinion).

What do I like about Paidwork?

Since I am comparing the application with other afín applications, I have to say that it is not that it is better than other applications that I know and therefore, it would not entrar my top 10 applications to earn money.

After all, there is nothing different that makes me want to use it.

Well, something that caught my attention is their referral system.

Its referral system perro be better than many other applications due to the fact that it pays more than others (200 pesos) and the reward is for both parties.

In such a way that I think that their referral system is what I like the most.

Although I would not charge money for the fact of verification.

How to download Paidwork?

To download Paidwork you cánido go to its official page and clic on the backlink corresponding to the operating system of your phone or you perro go to the official store of your phone and install it from there.

I am going to leave you the backlink so you perro select if you want to download Paidwork through the Aplicación Store or through the Play Store.

Remember that it is a referral backlink and well, if you really want to use the application, it will help you because when you charge the first time, you will receive another 200 pesos.

How to register?

To register in Paidwork, you cánido do it in the following way:

  • Google plus account.
  • Microsoft account.
  • Vía correo electrónico.

Something that I have to emphasize is the fact that I tried to register using my Google plus account, but could not log in, so what I did was change the password and log in with the dirección de correo electrónico and password instead of using the login automatic session.

So, at least for now, I recommend that you sign up vía dirección de correo electrónico.

Now, before you sign up you have to read all the terms and conditions.

In such a way that if you do not like something you cánido proceed to delete the application.

Ways to earn money with Paidwork

At this moment, Paidwork has 5 ways to earn money, which are:

  1. Play games.

  2. With paid surveys.

  3. Watching vídeos (ads).

  4. En línea purchases.

  5. Referral system (inviting).

Although, in the application they mention that they are going to add a new way, which is through microtasks.

Next I am going to talk to you a little more about the ways to earn money.


Earn money playing

Well, the application does not have integrated games, but consists of testing applications and for the use you will receive a certain reward.

What needs to be said is that each reward is different and they have different requirements for you to receive the reward.

I’m going to give you an example: There is an application that gives you up to 471 points for installing and using it, however, the reward is given to you in parts.

The points that you are awarded are divided as shown in the following table:

RequirementsPoints you will receive
Reach level 10 5
Reach level 20 24
Reach level 30 118
Reach level 40 324

If you add up all the points you get a total of 471 points.

Note: You have to read what they ask you to read the reward, since there may be requirements that ask you to spend money.


Paid surveys

Regarding paid surveys, it must be said that it has the same drawbacks as with other afín applications, that is, you will not qualify for all the surveys and therefore you will not always receive a reward.

The truth is that when it comes to surveys, I prefer to use other applications or pages.

Some that I like and that have paid me are:

I know that paid surveys are tedious, but I have received money from surveys without the need for referrals.


Earn money by watching vídeos

More than watching vídeos, I would say that it is earning money by watching ads, since the vídeos for which you are going to be paid are always ads.

Now, the number of points you receive for each ad you see is different, but I have not gotten more than 1 point for each vídeo.

Likewise, it must be said that you will not be able to watch unlimited vídeos, since you may suddenly get a message telling you that: “There are currently no ads to earn points”.

Therefore, you will have to go to another way or wait until you perro see ads again.


En línea shopping

The truth is that I expected it to be like the famous cashback, but it is more like the option to earn money by playing.

Therefore, you perro also find certain requirements that are asked of you in order to earn points.


Referral system

Finally, you perro earn money for inviting people.

How much will you be able to earn? At the moment they are paying $200 people per referral.

The requirement is that the person downloads the aplicación and registers using your referral backlink.

Likewise, you have to make a withdrawal, that is, you have to collect 200 pesos.

Now, the two people are going to receive $200 pesos as a reward and that is what I like the most about the application.

In such a way that if your referral gets paid, both you and he will receive the reward.

Is paid work safe?

The truth is that I am not the developer of the application and I do not work for them.

Therefore, I cannot put my hands in the fire and say that Paidwork is safe and reliable.

Therefore, I recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the application.

Likewise, you perro leave in the comments any bad or good experience regarding any aspect of the application.

That way we perro all learn new things.

withdrawal minimum

To be able to collect in Paidwork you need to have $200 pesos.

The truth is that I think the minimum withdrawal is somewhat high, since there are other applications where the minimum withdrawal is quite low.

Therefore, do not think that you will be reaching the minimum withdrawal every day or well, I suppose it depends on the person, since I imagine that with the use of referrals it perro be feasible.

Does paid work pay?

I’ve seen comments saying it does pay and other comments saying it doesn’t pay.

The truth is that I do not intend to continue using the application (at least for now) due to the fact that to collect payment they ask you to carry out a process to verify your identity.

Therefore, I am not going to continue using it knowing that I will not be able to charge because I am a little fearful or cautious with the data that I share.

Of course it’s just my opinion, so you perro give it a try.

If you have been able to collect, I would like you to leave it in the comments.

Paidwork Review 2022

The truth is that I would like them to implement something that allows me to earn money doing something that I would still do and although I think it is a good application, I think there are many afín ones.

Likewise, the fact of verification discourages me and therefore I will not be able to charge.

However, that is a personal matter and should not affect the application itself, since we do not all think alike.

What I do want to make clear is that it is not a job, so you should only see the application as a way that allows you to generate some plus income each month and you perro use that income to invest in something that allows you to generate more income in the future.

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 Paidwork: Cánido You Really Make Money?
  Paidwork: Cánido You Really Make Money?
  Paidwork: Cánido You Really Make Money?

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