Paidverts Guide | Site not recommended for

Paidverts Guide | Site not recommended for

Due to multiple complaints from users, we do not recommend the use of this page.

In this guide we are going to talk about one of the companies with which we cánido earn money watching advertisingbelongs to the category PTC (Paid-to-clic), Throughout this guide we are going to espectáculo how to earn money with paidverts and what is the operation of this page.

This website was founded in early 2014 by Joel William Cook, who is the creator of mytrafficvalue (en línea investment platform created in 2011).

Paidverts is one of the pages to view paid ads that has distributed more benefits among its users, it is a site very afín to GPTPlanet or Ysense.

For starting to earn money With this page, the first thing we will do is register here Paidverts registration (it is very important to put the date of birth correctly, because it will be the information that we will be asked for later to make the payments).

When we have registered we will proceed to activate the account.

Data sheet

Created in: Year 2014

minimum payment: $1

Payment method: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money and Neteller.

Language: English and Polish.

Referrals: 1 Level. you get the 5 % of the value of the ads viewed by your referrals and the 10% of each purchase they make.


This site is not a habitual page to view ads for money, since it emplees a different system and its operation cánido be a bit complex at first.

It emplees a point system called BAPS to allocate the amount of money that we will receive for each advertisement that we see, that is, the more BAPS we have, the more money they will give us.

Therefore, the goal is to get as many BAPS as possible in order to receive more money for each ad we see.

When we have the account activated we will be able to see our first ads, for this we will clic on «Paid Ads» (In the main menu) and there we will see all the ads that we perro see per day (until we have a sufficient number of BAPS we will not receive paid ads).

To see the ads you have to follow the following steps:

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BAP groups

The amount of money you receive in ads is directly related to the BAP group where you are, the more BAPS you have, the higher you will rank and therefore the more money you will earn.

Below is the table of the groups that there are and the amount of BAPS that are required to position themselves:

To see how much money we receive per day with each group we have to go to the section «Forum» in the main menu or go directly to MyTrafficValue, which is the sister page of Paidverts with which it is complemented.

How we get BAPS

There are several options to get them:

1.Creating ad campaigns in the section “My Ad campaigns«; We are going to receive 3100 BAPS For each $1 that we invest in the campaign, these campaigns perro be paid by PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney and other payment processors.

(You cánido use these ad campaigns to promote other websites of interest to you, for example your affiliate backlink from another PTC).

To create campaigns we will have to go to the section «My Ad campaigns» and we will clic on «Create New Ad Campaign«, then we must follow these steps:


The other option that we have is by clicking on the BAPS ads that we will get every day.

After registering on the web they will give us 16 25 BAPS ads every day during the first week, then we will receive 8 announcements of 25 BAPS daily.

Benefits How do we earn money?

Each $1 that we receive in advertisements will discount us 2,000 BAPSbut through the campaigns we will obtain 3,100 BAPS for every $1 invested.

In other words, if we invest that $1 that they have given us in campaigns, we would be earning a total of 1100 BAPS (3,100-2,000) and making a fácil rule of three (1100 BAPS x $1/3100BAPS), we cánido see that for every $1 received in ads we earn a total of $0.35 net, or what comes to 35% of benefit.

Example with $300: 1100 x 300/3100 = $106.

It looks good, doesn’t it?

We receive money → BAPS discounts us → We invest in the Campaign → We earn more money


In order to earn a good amount of money, we must be constant and, what is most important, follow a strategy to achieve our objectives.

Below are a series of improvements that we have to increase our benefits:

1. «Upgrade of recycled ads«. costs only $0.05 and provide us with advertisements with the value of until A maximum of $1once the dollar achieved has been exceeded, we will have to activate the improvement again.


«Super Usuario Mini Upgrade» what does it cost $2.99.

This improvement will give us 1% of money generated from all campaigns created between $1 and $49if you are in a low/medium BAPS group it is very profitable, this value will also depend on the group in which we find ourselves.


«Super Usuario Mega upgrade“, costs $19.99.

This improvement is not recommended if you are starting, the best option is to activate it once you are positioned in a fairly high group.

It provides us with 1% of all campaigns made with a value greater than $50.


«ad filter«, this tool will provide us with a ad value filter, so as not to receive many ads of low value.

We perro choose the minimum value of ads that reach us.

Example of use: Instead of receiving 30 ads of $0.01, receiving 6 ads of $0.05, we will save time viewing the ads.

Strategies/ Recommendations

The strategies that we cánido follow perro be defined in two types:1. growth strategy: It consists of reinvesting everything we earn and positioning ourselves in the group we want as soon as possible.

This strategy is recommended when we are in BAPS Groups of low level.

2. Diversification Strategy: The objective of this strategy is to earn money daily without going down from points level.

For this, what we will have to do is reinvest approximately between a 70% and 80% of the money we earn.

We will level up slowly but we will get benefits daily.

In this case it is advisable to follow this strategy once we are positioned in a high point level.

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 Paidverts Guide |  Site not recommended for
  Paidverts Guide |  Site not recommended for
  Paidverts Guide |  Site not recommended for

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