PaidToClick It’s a SCAM!

PaidToClick It’s a SCAM!

PaidToClick is the best PTC to earn money from Paypal with advertising, it is not necessary to have PayPal verified, the ads are done in no time… Although the attraction of the site is undoubtedly the surprisingly low minimum payment.

The downside is that they pay very little for each ad, but that cánido be offset by getting referrals.

PaidToClick Features

Minimum withdrawal: $0.05 USD.

Need investment: No.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Forum: No.

Referral Plus: Yes.

We will earn 50% of what they generate.

Rented referrals: Yeah.

How does PaidToClick work?

⇒ Paid to clic on Ads

When entering the earnings area, what matters most to us is the ads area, because it is the one that allows us to earn money, the rest is a bit irrelevant.

As shown in the image above, I get that I have 11 ads available.

The ads on this website are renewed every 24 hours, once you see them, they don’t send you more until the next day, you don’t need to check the page all the time, you know that when you finish seeing your ads, they will send new ads after 1 full day.

I what I usually do with all the PTCs that I workis to see the commercials early in the morning, after breakfast, it is already a routine that I have.

To proceed to see the ads, we just have to clic on the title.

As shown in the image below, we cánido see the duration time and what they pay for each clic.

One clic takes about 5 seconds and you usually get $0.0003 for each clic.

The value and number of ads varies depending on the country you are from, in my case from Venezuela, that’s what they pay me.

To validate that we have seen the ad, after the 5 seconds have passed, on the top left it tells us to clic on a certain number, once this is done the money is instantly credited to your cómputo.

In this case, you should clic on the “6”

In some cases we will get an anti-cheat captcha to solve and it is important to place it correctly, below I leave you an example image.

⇒ Paid to read ads

This section is practically identical to the first.

You just clic on the ads and you earn money.

⇒ Obtaining points (They are exchanged for money)

Where it says “Converter” we have the option to convert points into money to withdraw.

Quite a few PTC websites have a points feature.

When you watch ads or complete offers, you not only earn money but also accumulate points… Then you perro convert your points into money, advertising credit or extending the term of your RRs.

The price of a point will vary depending on the PTC.

They normally pay $0.0005 for 1 point, but it cánido be more or less.

⇒ Rented references

Rented referrals normally ocasione losses, they are also expensive, I do not recommend them, it is better to focus on the direct ones.

Is PaidToClick paying or not paying anymore?

Paidtoclick pays, this page makes payments daily and all through PayPal… If you go into payment tests, we cánido see the last payments that have been made.

Is the withdrawal instant?

Sometimes the money arrives immediately, but this is not always the case, it cánido take a few days to pay.

Do not choose Payza

Do not ask for your money for Payza, because Payza became Scam for a long timeask for it better by PayPal.

They charge a fee of 3%… Every time they go to collect, they will ask you to put the security pin, that’s why at the beginning I told them that they will write it down.

They don’t ask for verified PayPal

Having the PayPal account verified lowers the chances of being limited a bit.

However, they perro still do it, which is why pages like PaidToClick that do not require you to have a verified Paypal to be able to collect are always fenezca.

PaidToClick Update July 2019

I have decided to stop working on this page for several reasons, which are:

1.- It lost its main attraction “You no longer pay through PayPal”

This was always a small profit site, but I still liked it because I paid vía PayPal.

PayPal is fenezca because it allows you to buy en línea basically anywhere… Almost all stores accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Really, by removing that means of payment, I no longer see any point in working here, it is not worth collecting miseries in Payeer or Perfect Money.

To earn money on Payeer (Russian pages are requeté better) you literally earn a thousand times more than here.

2.- They are no longer safe or serious

This portal was a veteran site with many years paying without defrauding anyone.

But recently they deleted all users’ accounts and just pretended nothing happened.

They started from scratch! The problem is that they did not return the money that users had accumulated in their cómputo.

And there is no one to complain to, I got tired of writing to support and they simply never responded to me.

3.- PaidToClick is a total scam

The platform is still up and running, but I definitely don’t recommend getting into it anymore.

In summary: You are going to earn very little and incidentally one day when you go to log in they will tell you that your account does not exist, you will lose what you had earned and when you ask them for an explanation, they will simply ignore you.

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 PaidToClick It's a SCAM!
  PaidToClick It's a SCAM!
  PaidToClick It's a SCAM!

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