PaidToClick » How does it work? Earn money

PaidToClick » How does it work? Earn money

PaidToClick is a site pay per clic (PTC) that allows you earn money by viewing ads, making registrations, and much more.

Advertisers pay PaidToClick to espectáculo their ads to people like you.

Every time you visit one of these ads, you will be able to earn free money on PaidToClick, since you are actually helping PaidToClicka gearn money.

Also on this platform you perro announce any website you want.

PaidToClick started its operation in the ayear 2008, and since then it has become one of the PTC sites more reliable to earn money.

PaidToClick Basics

Platform management: PaidToClick has been operating since 2008 No problems with users.

Withdrawals: They perro be requested from $0.5 through Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay .

Buys: You perro make purchases of services from $1 through Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and bitcoins.

Referrals: It has a system of direct and rented referrals.

You earn 50% of each ad Let your referrals see.

Languages: English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.

Activity: Announcements, Tasks, Records, Surveys, Advertising.

Pay? Yes, PaidToClick makes payments without problems.

Registration and configuration in PaidToClick

Registration in PaidToClick is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering, go to register, complete the information that is requested, accept the policies, send the information, and after you must go to your correo electrónico and verify your account.

With this your account will be completely created.

Registration Form

You cánido register from the following backlink: Go to PaidToClick.

After registration, log in to your account and go to My Account.

Here you will see a lot of information, but try to fill in as much information as you perro, such as your profile, etcétera.

How does PaidToClick work?

PaidToClick is a platform that offers two great services: on the one hand it allows you earn free money for performing various actions (Announcements, tasks, surveys, etcétera.), and on the other hand it allows you advertise your website.

To start with PaidToClick, it is only necessary to register, verify your dirección de correo electrónico, configure your account, and start earn free money onPaidToClick or advertise your websiteThis depends on what you want to do.

Cánido earn money and advertise your website at the same time.

How to earn free money on PaidToClick?

You perro earn free money on PaidToClick by vView ads, read ads, sign up for offers, traffic exchange, promote your referral backlink and through referrals.

Below I explain in detail the different ways to earn free money on PaidToClick.

See ads

here you cánido make money with advertisements.

You only have to display ads for a certain time, then complete a capctha, and you earn a commission.

read ads

By means of this you must read a series of advertisements.

For this you clic on the backlink, wait for the counter to reach zero and then go to the site, wait the indicated seconds, solve the captcha and with this you will have already earned a commission.

records in offers

Here you go pay for completing offers.

Therefore, you must register on other platforms and follow the instructions indicated by the advertiser.

traffic exchange

here you perro earn money with a traffic exchange, in which you will only see the ads go by, and for this you will be earning a commission.

Promote referral backlink

The platform will pay for promoting your referral backlink.

You will earn a commission of $0.00005 dollars for each unique visit that your referral backlink receives every 24 hours.


You will earn commissions for each person who registers with your referral backlink.

Later on I will detail the part of the referrals.


To earn money with the different ways offered by this platform you must go to the Earnings Area.

Here you cánido find all the necessary access to the different ways of earning money.

Memberships on PaidToClick

In PaidToClick there are different memberships to increase benefits and earnings within the platform.

The available memberships are: estándar, Silver (silver), Gold (gold), Platinium (platinum) and Diamond (diamond).

You get the estándar membership when you register on the platform, so it is the habitual one that a usuario perro have.

The information for each of the memberships is detailed below.

In order to verify the information of the memberships and be able to acquire any of them you must go to Membership.

Referral system in PaidToClick

In PaidToClick you perro earn money with your direct referrals Here they exist direct and rented referrals.

The direct referrals are those who register on the platform with your referral backlink, however the rented referrals are those that you rent to PaidToClick for a certain time.

Both types of referrals will generate earnings for the different actions they carry out on the platform.

You earn 50% of every ad your referrals see, and you earn 20% for every ad purchase your referrals make.

This perro vary depending on the membership you have.

Direct and rented referrals

The direct referrals they will give you profits as long as they are active on the platform generating profits.

The rented referrals they will give you earnings for a limited period of time.

When that period of time ends you perro renew the time of those referrals, otherwise those referrals will stop being rented from you and another usuario will be able to rent them.

This rental is done by packages, ranging from the 2 referrals onwards.


To find your referral backlink and promotional materials you must go to Your Referral backlink.

Your referrals you cánido find them on Downline.

you perro buy rented referrals in Buy/Rent Referrals.

You cánido see your rented referrals in Rented Referrals.

Payments in PaidToClick

You cánido request a payment from $0.5 dollars through Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay .

You perro make purchases of services from $1 dollar through Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and bitcoin.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings from My account/Request Cashout.

To purchase services you cánido do it from Advertise.

Services on PaidToClick

The PaidToClick platform offers services that its users perro purchase.

You cánido buy services from advertising, memberships, special elements and referrals.


The advertising services that you cánido buy are the following: Clic on ad backlinks, guaranteed registrations, X-credits, ad reading, featured ad view, banner ad, featured banner, ad rotation.

To work with your ads you perro do it from Manage Ads, where you perro create, editar and manage your ads.


You will be able to buy any of the available memberships to increase the benefits.

Memberships are: silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

special elements

The platform offers some special services that perro help you a lot.

These services are: Basic Advertiser Paquete, Ultra Ad Paquete, Unlimited Ad Paquete, One Year Anniversary, Referral Paquete, Guaranteed Samples specials, special guaranteed signals, super backlinks paquete, huge advertiser paquete, 2000 members special, mini paquete, backlinks and flags, small paquete, medium paquete, large paquete.


You will be able to buy rented referrals from 2 referrals.


The different services that you perro purchase from the platform cánido be done from Advertise.

Here you perro buy the services you want to purchase.

Other information about PaidToClick

weekly contests

Contests are held every week to reward users.

Here are the contests that are held:

  • Purchase contest: The first 3 winners receive ad credits for the week.
  • Referral Contest: The usuario who gets the most referrals earns $0.50.
  • weekly ticket: Winners receive 500 banner credits.
  • clic contest: The 20 users who clic the most will earn $0.05.

referral contest

Each month, the member who refers the first 3 members will receive 1st prize: $50 USD, 2nd prize: $30 USD, 3rd prize: $10 USD


Jackpot It is a cumulative jackpot, where in order to participate you must have tiques.

Each ticket has a value of $0.01, which will help you buy a ticket.

When all the tiques have been sold, that’s when the winners will be announced.

The Jackpot part cánido be verified from Jackpot.

Conclusion on PaidToClick

PaidToClick is a platform that has been paying its users for a long time.

Every day PaidToClick makes the corresponding payments.

It is a reliable platform, as it has a track record of quite effective work.

They have never had problems with payments to users.

It is a platform that is improving every day, and you will be able to make this platform a source of great income in the long term.

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 PaidToClick » How does it work?  Earn money
  PaidToClick » How does it work?  Earn money
  PaidToClick » How does it work?  Earn money

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