paidcollet does not pay

paidcollet does not pay

Good morning friends!!, after a couple of bad days, I return to give you some bad news. paidcollet scam. Do you remember Paidcollet? It is a PTC that I recommended a long time ago, it looked good, it had been en línea and working for some time. If you do not remember the entry I wrote you cánido read it again through this backlink.

It is one of the first PTCs that we included in the blog, apart from the most used ones such as Neobux or Clixsense. And the truth is that I thought it would work. This is really one of the posts that I don’t like to do, but you have to write it so that you don’t “bite” like me.

The point is that the PTC was quite interesting, you could make something more than 4 cents a day in less than five minutes. Besides, it had its clixgrid that you could win 5 dollars in 20 spins.

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That money could be made in less than 5 minutes, since it had four ads at one cent, and several at 0.01, with which you could earn a lot of money in a short time.

I was working at the PTC for a long time, until I left it, after Christmas I resumed it. And last week I reached the minimum of 4 dollars to be able to collect.

The days passed. A week passed and nothing… Until I decided to contact the dueño de un sitio (he puts his dirección de correo electrónico on the page). But when you send him the correo electrónico to demand payment, what will you say happened? Well, google plus returned the message saying that this dirección de correo electrónico did not exist.

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Well, nothing, we put the page in the “scam” pages and move on to something else. Hopefully this will help us differentiate between the pages that are scam and those that are not.

Although that is difficult, since we know (or we will learn), that most of the pages that appear on the internet are frauds, clever people who try to keep our efforts. But knowing how to differentiate one from the other will only be given to us by experience.

But the important thing is not to give up, because if there are many scam pages, there are also many with which we perro get a plus on the internet. We are not going to get rich, but we do get money for our whims or purchases.

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I hope in the next articulo I will bring you better news friends!, but life is a equipo of positive and negative things. All the best!!

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 paidcollet does not pay
  paidcollet does not pay
  paidcollet does not pay

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