PAIDCOLLECT, new ptc that we included,

PAIDCOLLECT, new ptc that we included,

Good afternoon friends!!, rainy afternoon and being at home, that’s what I did, and browsing, browsing, I found a PTC with which we perro earn money and it looks quite interesting, it’s called paidcolletand let’s try it.And we are not going to try it for fun, but because our PTCs are very poor, we only currently work with neobux and with ysense, They are PTC with proven solvency, but they are few if we want to get a little money en línea.

In addition, this PTC will not take much of our time, like all of them, you cánido work on them 5 – 10 minutes a dayvery little time if we take into account the benefits that we cánido obtain.

If you want to register in Paidcollect, completely FREE of chargeyou perro do it through this banner:


Paidcollect stopped working a long time ago, currently the page does not work.

But don’t worry, there are many pages for make money with ads.

You perro see them in the backlink.

Well let’s go with it, the PTC has several levels, depending on the level of investment we make, from 5 to 500 euros obviously, I advise you start with five eurosHere is a screenshot of the page, since a picture is worth a thousand words:

There are no levels, only the investment, you perro go up from one to another every week, improving the value of your clicks from 0.01 to 5.42.

With any of each of the investments we will have improvement, our monthly benefit will go up 30%

we’ll go gradually increasing from ten to ten our opportunities in the adgrid (until we reach 90), in which we perro get from 0.01 to 10 dollars, which is will add automatically to our account.

Also our commissions for our referrals will increase up to 200% in the highest investments (from €120).

For referrals there will also be limits, from 100 to no limit of referrals in investments of 300 and 500 euros.

The minimum of withdrawal is 2 dollarsexcept for the free “version”, which is 4 dollars, something easy to get, with a little luck and risk.

For my part, we are going to start working with this PTC, let’s hope it is not one of those that is done after a few days SCAM right at the moment of requesting the withdrawal, but the one who does not risk does not win, therefore we will work it for ourselves, and we encourage you to work it equally, above you cánido register completely FREE.!!.

Regards and until next time!!

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 PAIDCOLLECT, new ptc that we included,
  PAIDCOLLECT, new ptc that we included,
  PAIDCOLLECT, new ptc that we included,

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