Paid Surveys: Learn how to create the

Paid Surveys: Learn how to create the

If you are one of the recurring people in the world of earning money en línea, you must have used the method of make money with paid surveys

This method consists of filling out various questionnaires related to your work life, food, beauty products, etcétera.

For answering these questions they pay you an amount of money that is not bad at all.

Having said the above, as you know it is very difficult to get surveys, since this always depends on the profile we have and often depends on the country in which we live.

The best profile for paid surveys

People from Latin America have fewer opportunities to receive surveys if they do not have their profile optimized and adequate.

Until now we do not understand why, but the important thing is that we know that our profile perro be optimized.

Anyway, in this article I will teach you how to create your profile in an appropriate way to register in these different pages and aplicaciones related to the paid surveys.

How to create a suitable profile to answer paid surveys?

In many of the pages and aplicaciones of paid surveys En línea, before starting to fill out any type of survey, they ask you to complete a personal profile, which is used to find out what types of surveys suit you.

Through this profile it is that they determine that the surveys are suitable for you or rather that you qualify to participate.

For this reason, in this space I will leave you some very cool consejos so that you cánido qualify in the paid surveys of any page or application in this category.

The best consejos to have the ideal profile for paid surveys 2021

What type of job do you have?

In this space they always ask you what type of job you have, if it is a partial job, full job, or if you don’t have one.

Here I recommend you to put that you work full time, since this will make them understand that you are a busy person and you are only looking to obtain an plus income.

Are you married?

Believe it or not, these pollsters are very interested that you have a family and that you are married, so always place if you are.

How old are you?

At this point I recommend that you put that you are between 27 and 40 years old, because when you put that you have children and they see that you put that you are 17 years old, they may know that you are lying or simply you are not admitted because of your age.

Do you have a vehicle?

It is important that you put that if you have a vehicle, since these companies look for promotional car brands and if they think that you have one, it is much better for you.

Have pets?

It is necessary that you place that you have pets, since remember that many times they seek to promote certain brands of food and animal products.

You know that’s the whole point. paid surveys.

Do you have any children?

It is obvious that they are interested in this question.

Therefore, I recommend that you put that you have 3 children, two teenagers and a baby.

What is the amount of money coming into the home?

As you already know, you must state that you have pets, children, cars, electrical appliances, etcétera., it is relevant that the amount of money that enters the home is around $1,500 and $2,000 dollars and more, since remember that if you state that you have all that means that the expense is significant, therefore, the salary must also be.

What do you work at?

Never state that you work for a well-known advertising, marketing or product brand company, as this may genere surveys to never appear.

Do you smoke or did you smoke?

The answer is yes, because in these surveys the phrase smoking is harmful to health does not apply.

Do you wear glasses?

The answer is no, since they should always think that you are in good visual health.

Do you have any disease?

You must put yes, but common diseases.

Not that you are dying, however, that you are not healthy either.

You like vídeo games?

The answer will always be yes, because there are many console and en línea game companies.

Do you have credit cards?

The answer is always yes, so they will see you as a person looking to invest money and not search.

Remember that many times they need you to contribute even if they pay you.

Do you have advanced technology?

In especial, I recommend that you state that you have a móvil inteligente, a notebook, a 3D televisión, a console, a radio, etcétera.

And always from recognized brands.

Who makes the decisions at home?

Always put yes.

Because remember that they need people with their own abilities and decisions.

Have you filled out surveys of this type?

Put no.

Pretend you don’t know those topics, believe me, it’s the best option if you want these paid surveys to reach you.

Do you shop en línea?

In general they ask you this, the ideal is to say yes and that you do it at least 4 times a month.

Do you travel or visit restoranes?

In this case, always say yes and that you do it at least every 3 or 4 times a year.

Do you drink alcohol or any energy drink?

Always put yes, since they need to promote their brands and we are going to help them.

Do you live in your own home?

Always say yes and that the number of people you live with is less than 5.

Ethnic group or nationality?

Never say that you are Latin American or Hispanic.

Always put that you live in North America, etcétera.

And to do that you must use a tool called VPN.

Conclusions on the importance of creating a good profile for paid surveys

Having an optimized profile will help you a lot in the world of paid surveys, Since practically this is what makes you receive more surveys, therefore, it is important that you take these consejos into account.

In the case of the country, I do not recommend that you say that you are from Latin America, since those countries do not take long to send surveys.

I hope these consejos have helped you, any other trick you have leave it to me in the comments so I cánido also put it into practice.


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 Paid Surveys: Learn how to create the
  Paid Surveys: Learn how to create the
  Paid Surveys: Learn how to create the

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