Paid Surveys for Retirees in 2023

Paid Surveys for Retirees in 2023

We have made a list of the best paid surveys for retirees. In addition, we guide you step by step so that you learn how to use paid surveys, how to earn money with them and the best way to take advantage of it.

Paid surveys are a very varied world. Due to the ease of its use, it allows all types of users, regardless of their region, age or profession, to earn money with them.

In fact, it is habitual to find companies interested in conducting paid surveys for seniors. Because? Because older people are part of your objetivo audience and are interested in the information you perro provide them. Therefore, regardless of whether you are retired or an elderly person, you cánido easily earn money through paid surveys.

These platforms are reliable (the ones we recommend at CGD) and they make their payments mainly through Paypal, but also through other payment processors. If you would like to know more about paid surveys for seniors, stay until the end of this articulo.

Surveys for retirees


YouGov tops the list of the best platforms for paid surveys, its more than 5 million registered users speak for themselves. This site offers a good remuneration for each survey conducted. In addition, we will receive a reward for each person we invite who signs up with our referral backlink and completes 5 surveys.

The only method of payment is Amazon checks. And you perro request your payment once you reach 25 euros. It is available for Spain, France, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark and other European countries. If you are in Latin America, you perro try taking surveys with a VPN.

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Also known by its old name, ClixSense, this platform is also a very good alternative to earn money with paid surveys. In addition to paid surveys, it has mini-jobs, a good referral system, and monthly offers.

Unlike the previous platform, Ysense is available in every country in the world. You make your payment mainly by Paypal, but you also have Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon checks. You cánido make your withdrawal with only $10.

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Sigmados Panel is a platform dedicated mainly to paid surveys. It has an average remuneration and a good flow of surveys. It does not have any referral system.

This platform does not use Paypal either. But you perro exchange your points for gift cards like Amazon, Decathlon or the English Court. You cánido also redeem your points for physical products. The platform is only available for Spain. That is why it has many advantages for users in this country.

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Like Sigmados, Lifepoints will only allow you to earn money from paid surveys. To make up for it, it offers a stream of surveys and a good remuneration per survey taken.

Pay mainly for PayPal, although we perro also request our payments for various gift vouchers: Amazon, iTunes, El Corte Inglés, Ikea and Media Market. The platform is available in more than 70 countries where Spain is included, but multiple Latin American countries are excluded.

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Mobrog is available to all countries in the world and you cánido take paid surveys from its website or through its mobile application. In conveniente periods, it will allow us to earn up to 5 euro a week. Your referral system offers us 0.80 euro for each guest who completes their first 3 surveys.

With 5 euros You cánido now make your withdrawals. Their payment methods are Paypal and Skrill.

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What distinguishes Myiyo from other platforms is the remuneration it offers for each survey carried out. For each completed survey you cánido earn 1 to 3 euro. It also has a referral system, with which we perro earn 0.50 euro for each guest who takes their first survey.

You cánido redeem your points by Paypal or by bank account. And withdrawals are made with 10 euros. It is available for Spain, Peru, Colombia, México, France and Italy.

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This is one of the best known platforms for taking paid surveys, it has been on the web for many years. A survey perro be completed in 15-20 minutes and has a good survey flow. Toluna also makes available a wall of offers with which we will earn more money for viewing ads, registering on some websites, etcétera.

What most attracts the attention of Toluna is the possibility of try free productswhile we receive remuneration and keep the product without paying anything.

Make your payments through Paypal. You cánido also request your payment for Amazon, iTunes and Spotify vouchers. With 35 euro You cánido request your payment by Paypal. The accepted countries are Spain, Portugal, the United States, Chile, México, Argentina and Colombia.

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How do these paid surveys work?

These platforms work in a very fácil way. In most cases, it’s just a matter of signing up, filling out your profile information, and starting to take surveys.

Normally, you will receive a notification by correo electrónico that there is a survey available in which you perro participate. But we also recommend check the platform regularly to find new surveys.

The fact of being registered does not orinan that we will always receive surveys. We will only be able to access those surveys for which our profile is qualified. Remember that paid surveys are nothing more than a marketing strategy that companies use to obtain relevant information to develop products that please their consumers.

For this, they must obtain information from people who have a profile afín to that of the final consumers of the product. And paid surveys are how they get that data. But unlike the traditional method where surveys were carried out at home or on the street, these surveys offer us a remuneration for giving our opinion.

Therefore, it is that completing the personal profile is so important to be able to receive more surveys. And believe it or not, many companies have older people as part of their objetivo audience. Therefore, it is habitual to find paid surveys for retirees. In surveys in Spain and in surveys in the United States, you cánido find paid surveys for older people.

How are they going to pay us?

These web pages make many rewards and payment processors available to us. Paypal is the main payment method that most of these platforms use. Some integrate other options such as Skrill, Payoneer, Payeer, Neteller or AirTM.

Another common way to withdraw our money is vouchers or gift cards. You perro mainly find those from Amazon, but also from other stores and brands such as: iTunes, Decathlon, Ikea, El Corte Inglés, Nike, Netflix, etcétera. Some especial pages allow you to exchange points for physical products, such as the case of Sigmados.

Are paid surveys for retirees reliable?

Yes, totally. Hundreds of people around the world live from paid surveys, or at least earn an plus monthly income. Also, many of these pages have a very high reputation among web users to make their payments on time.

If you are still not sure, through search engines you perro find many positive opinions of paid surveys along with proof of payment.

That is why it is interesting that many retirees are also working in a fácil way with paid surveys for the elderly. But if you have doubts, we have a articulo where we talk about reliable surveys.

Are they any different from habitual surveys?

Strictly speaking, the polls seem be the same for retired people than for people of a different age. The only difference basically is that these surveys are aimed at profiles of a certain age or who are retired.

This means that you will not have to gain any plus knowledge or become a professional to be able to do paid surveys for seniors. Paid surveys for retirees are just as easy as paid surveys for seniors.

Opinion on surveys for retirees

We have said it many times in CGD, paid surveys are one of the ways easiest to earn money en línea. It does not require any training or specialized knowledge. And this is a good example that anyone perro earn money this way, including seniors.

The trick of paid surveys is to have a lot of patience and persevere until you see some fruit. Also remember to use several platforms at the same time, so that your earnings increase. Complete your personal profile well and regularly take paid surveys.

And up to here we have come with this articulo on paid surveys for retirees. If you have any questions, no matter how small, you cánido leave them in the comments. We will help you answer it without any problem.

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 Paid Surveys for Retirees in 2023
  Paid Surveys for Retirees in 2023
  Paid Surveys for Retirees in 2023

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