Pages where it is better to charge for Amazon

Pages where it is better to charge for Amazon

What would be the best pages to get amazon checks? Today in I get out of the crisis I’m going to do a kind of articulo-summary explaining on which pages pay by Amazon check.

If you are involved in the world of earning money en línea, you know that one of the most common ways to reward our effort is through amazon checks.

Subsequently, these checks will be added to our amazon account in which we will have up to 10 years to spend in any product that interests us.

Although, normally the pages allow us to charge in various ways, it must be taken into account that on many occasions it is convenient to do it one way or another.

Since we will make more use of our efforts.

Without further ado, I am going to explain the different pages in which it will be more convenient to charge for amazon.


Cashbackdeals is one of the pages classic to earn money through cashback.

This page is the union of herself with the late Ladycashback.

The page will allow us to earn money by various methods.

Once we reach 25 cashcoin we cánido exchange it for money or for gifts in their stores.

This is where our patience comes into play.

If we have little patience, I recommend that you choose a Amazon gift voucher worth 25 euros.

The check will only take a couple of days to reach your e-e correo electrónico.

So if you need to buy something from amazon, the choice is made.


Ysense is the quintessential earning page.

With more than 10 years en línea, everything has already been said about Ysense.

Or not.

What would be the best way to get paid in clixsense.

Looking at it from the point of view of this articulo ysense It would be one of the best pages to get Amazon checks.

Why do I say this? Because they will remove zero commissions if we collect through Amazon checks, collected through Tango Card.

If you agree, i explained it in this articulo.

Therefore, for small amounts, at Ysense I recommend charging through the Tango Card. But only for small amountsFor large amounts, I would recommend charging for another payment processor that will send money to your checking account.

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We are testers

As you will remember, we are testers is a survey pagewith its corresponding application.

At We are Testers we perro collect through Paypal, Amazon checks or by donating it to popular purposes.

As the number of surveys is low, I have only managed to get paid once on this page.

I charged vía Paypal, without any problem, but to collect €10 vía Paypal, I had to have €10.70, so they charged me 0.70 in commissions.

If I had charged it through amazon, I would not have had any commission, therefore, the next time I charge, it will be vía amazon check.


Swagbucks is an American page, is especially indicated for us to win checks from different pages.

In my case, I use it to earn amazon checks, since they are the ones I use the most.

Swagbucks is the typical page where it is more interesting to collect Amazon vouchers than Paypal.

The reason is the points needed to get one or the other.

If to get €5 in Paypal you needed 899 points, to get €5 in Amazon, you only needed 500 points.

And I’m using the past tense because the rules changed a few months ago and currently you perro only get €50 checks for 5,000 points.

For the rest, a great page that you have to have it yes or yes.

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Reasons why it is better to ask for an Amazon check

In internet businesses, such as banks, commissions on the internet are usually quite largeyes, in some cases.

In some occasions It will not be the same pages that charge us the commission, but rather it will be PayPal that takes the commissions for the money they send us from the pages.

These commissions perro vary from 0.5 to 7%depending on the country from where the commission is sent.

In other cases, it is the page the page that charges us a minimum fee for withdrawalso that the payment is processed by PayPal, since they agree to pay us an amount, but without counting the commission, which obviously, they charge us.

These are the main reasons why in some pages or applications it is more convenient to collect by means of an Amazon check (which take 10 years to complete) than by PayPal.

Best pages to get Amazon checks: opinions

As I told you at the beginning, earning amazon checks is a good optionsince if in the future we want to acquire an article, at amazon we have everything imaginable.

By getting these amazon checks, we will avoid having to pay out money.

In this articulo I have tried explain when on which pages and when it is better to collect by Amazon check than by PayPal.

The main reasons are mainly because we perro save a few cents (in some cases euros) charging through Amazon as opposed to doing it through PayPal.

I hope this articulo has helped you escoge on which method to charge.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Pages where it is better to charge for Amazon
  Pages where it is better to charge for Amazon
  Pages where it is better to charge for Amazon

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