Pages that work as shorteners

Pages that work as shorteners

On the Internet it is possible to shorten URLs with tools called backlink shorteners.

Backlink shorteners are tools that allow you to shorten a backlink, that is, they allow you to disminuye the size of the backlink to a web address.

There are many platforms on the Internet that allow you to use their tools to shorten your backlinksand also obtain advanced statistics.

The url shortenersbacklinks or backlinks are a very interesting way of being able to handle in a better way any backlink you have to a website, so they constitute a good tool for many dueño de un sitio.

The use of these shorteners has become so habitual that functional objectives have given way to economic objectives.

Backlink shortener pages

On the Internet there are many platforms that allow you to shorten your backlinks.

Here are the best platforms to shorten your backlinks:


bitly is a company that allows you to shorten your long URLs, with the purpose of having a shorter dirección de Internet.

Easy to manipulate.

The Bitly company is currently the leading company in this field, since its use has become enormously habitual.

You cánido shorten your URLs in Bitly for free.

More information ”

How to shorten your backlinks with backlink shorteners?

it’s possible shorten your backlinks with backlink shorteners.

To carry out this action, it is only necessary to register on these platforms and configure your account.

After this you have to go to the section provided by these platforms to shorten your backlinks, so you will only need place the backlink you want to shorten and proceed to perform such action.

This entire process culminates in a smaller url, and that it redirects to the dirección de Internet you want users to go to when they entrar the shortened backlink.

When a usuario accesses this shortened dirección de Internet, they must first go through the company servers that allows you to shorten your URLs and then go to the backlink that was initially shortened.


When We share a backlink on popular networks to content on our website or blog, generally we tend to worry about two things: that the backlink does not occupy too many characterss (especially on Twitter) and be able to know how many clicks it has received from each of the networks in which we have shared it.

To respond to both needs, I recommend using url shorteners, which, in addition to saving characters, will help you obtain relevant metrics on the clicks obtained.

Backlink shorteners cánido help you a lot to know statistics on visits that receives said backlink, and this cánido help you improve advertising.

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 Pages that work as shorteners
  Pages that work as shorteners
  Pages that work as shorteners

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