Pages that pay for Airtm and are 100%

Pages that pay for Airtm and are 100%

You are looking for pages that pay for Airtm In a direct way? In this article we will see a list of the most reliable and recognized platforms that have Airtm to pay their users. Airtm is one of the most widely used currency exchange and payment processors in the community. And it has become, in a short time, a serious alternative to Paypal. Especially for those people who are dedicated to making money en línea from Latin America. While Paypal has a series of restrictions with certain LATAM countries, such as Venezuela, Airtm is much more maleable. Among other things, we allows us to convert the money we earn on the internet to the local currency of our countrythus facilitating that we perro use our earnings on the network to make daily purchases.

This is the main aspecto that has caused more and more users to prefer to earn money and receive it on Airtm instead of make money on paypal.

Best pages that pay for Airtm

As I said in the introduction, in this articulo we will talk about different pages that pay for Airtmbut there are three factors that I want to highlight before seeing what they are about, how they work and how we perro send the money we earn in each of them to our Airtm account.

✅ The pages that we will see next They are totally reliable and serve users from all countries. All we need is to have an account. If you still do not have one, you perro register for free through this backlink. Also, I leave you this Airtm guide in Spanish so that you know all the details of this payment processor.

✅ I have personally tested the pages and I cánido confirm that they pay. In fact, many of them are veterans and have been en línea for many years. But best of all, they are endorsed by Airtm, which gives them, if possible, a agregado of credibility.

✅ The work that we will have to do on each platform will not always consist of the same. There are PTC pages, micro-task pages, traffic exchange platforms or even backlink shorteners that pay for Airtm.

These pages have a common backlink: in all of them we perro earn money without investing and withdraw earnings by Airtm.

List of PTC pages that pay for Airtm


Neobux is one of the oldest and most reliable PTCs (Paid To Clic) on the internet. It has been en línea since 2008 and allows us to earn money by watching ads, playing games, answering paid surveys, completing offers, managing rented referrals… There is the possibility of withdrawing earnings from $2 through different withdrawal methods. Among them, Paypal, BTC and, like, also pay by Airtm.

Neobux Guide Registration in the PTC

Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks is another of the longest-running PTCs out there. In this case, it is a year younger than Neobux since it has been en línea since 2009, but its solvency and reliability are beyond doubt. Here we perro also earn money by watching ads, completing PTSU offers (Paid To Sign Up) or offers on the walls, following a good strategy with rented referrals or even participating in the Scarletgrid. Regarding payments, we perro withdraw earnings, among others, vía Airtm, Payeer, Faucetpay from $5.

ScarletClicks Guide PTC Registration


Timebucks is a page afín to the previous two in which we perro also earn money and collect it through Airtm. The options to obtain profits are varied since it has walls of offers, surveys, PTC ads, games… As for payments, Timebucks sends us the money every Thursday automatically to the payment processor that we indicate whenever we reach the minimum payout threshold of $10.

Registration in the PTC


The fourth PTC page that pays through Airtm is Optimalbux. As in the previous ones, in this PTC we will earn money for viewing ads, registering for PTSU offers, answering surveys and completing offers on the walls. It has a grid in which we perro get prizes of money or free advertising (to recommend other sites and get direct referrals). The minimum payout is $5 and in addition to Airtm we perro also collect winnings vía Neteller and Skrill or in BTC, LTC and DASH cryptocurrencies.

Registration in the PTC

Mini-task pages that pay directly to Airtm


2Captcha is a platform that pays its users for solving captchas and recaptchas. The job is quite fácil: it’s about completing as many captchas as possible, so that the more we solve correctly, the more money we’ll earn. One of the particularities of pages like 2Captcha and Kolotibablo, in which money is earned by solving captchas, is that there is always work. Whenever we want we perro accumulate profits. Whatever time it is and whatever day it is. And best of all, we only need to accumulate $1 and we’ll be able to request to be paid vía Airtm!

Registration on the platform

SproutGigs (formerly Picoworkers)

SproutGigs is a mini-task platform that also makes payments vía Airtm. Unlike 2captcha, on this page we carry out tasks proposed by other users, that they will pay us an amount of money to carry out a certain action. Some of these tasks may consist of visiting a website, registering on a platform, giving a like on popular networks, etcétera. There are many different tasks and they usually pay rewards between $0.01 and $0.20. Finally, the minimum payout is $5.

Registration on the platform


Microworkers is a platform afín to SproutGigs, in which we perro earn money for each action we take. In fact, they use the same web design, so if we know how one works, we’ll fully understand the other. The kind of mini-tasks that are available and the rewards we receive for completing them are very afín, the only difference being that to receive a payment by Airtm we will need to accumulate a minimum of $9.

Registration on the platform

Other ways to earn money and withdraw using Airtm

Exe-io is a recognized backlink shortener that allows us to easily earn money and withdraw vía Airtm. We have talked on many occasions about PTCs that allow us to earn free cryptocurrencies, in addition to watching ads and other ways, for solving backlink shorteners. Well, in we will be the ones who will shorten a backlink and later we will spread it. Be it in popular networks, in weblogs and forums, buying advertising in PTC… So that every time someone clicks on that backlink we will earn money. The minimum amount required to charge for Airtm is $6.

Registration in the backlink shortener


To finish with the list of pages that pay for Airtm We will refer to the Rotate4all traffic exchange platform. On this platform we perro earn money by visiting and staying for a few seconds on different advertising pages. It basically consists of an ad rotator in which we go through ad after ad, and we earn money with it. The minimum withdrawal amount for all methods, including Airtm, is $5.

Registration on the platform

How to withdraw money from these pages to Airtm

We have already been seeing that each of these pages requires a minimum amount to be able to withdraw the earnings to our Airtm account. In some cases it is $5, in others it is $6 and in others it is $10. However, once this obstacle is overcome, in all of them we will be able to request a payment by Airtm very easily. We will only have to give, to these pages, the address of the correo electrónico account that we have associated with Airtm. As an example, an image capture of how money is withdrawn in Neobux, which will always be better understood.

As we perro see, in Neobux you cánido withdraw your earnings through different methods and processors. Among them Neteller, Skrill and Airtm. In these three cases, the only information we have to provide is the correo electrónico address associated with each processor. Which in our case would be Airtm. In this sense, and use Neobux as an example, all the pages that pay for Airtm use the same system. So whether it’s on 2captcha or on SproutGigs or on any other page, we’ll be able to withdraw the profits we obtain by providing our correo electrónico address in Airtm.

It is reliable to send and receive money on Airtm

Airtm is a fully proven payment processor and is one of the most used by the community. At a personal level, I have been using Airtm for years, both to receive and send money, and I have never had any problem. It even offers the possibility of exchanging our money for various cryptocurrencies, a functionality that I have also used several times for its simplicity and practicality. Making a comparison with Paypal, which is the payment processor par excellence, I wouldn’t know which is the safer of the two. However, I cánido assure you that Airtm has many more options, both for withdrawal and deposit, and much fewer restrictions than Paypal.

In some Latin American countries Airtm is essential to receive and send money. Paypal applies certain restrictions and limitations, while Airtm is much more maleable.

As cánido be seen in the image, the money we receive in our Airtm account cánido be withdrawn through different methods. I usually withdraw the money from Airtm through Paypal, but we cánido do it using our bank account, payerNeteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bizum, Perfect Money and many more methods.

Opinions about using pages that pay for Airtm

In the blog we have seen in different tutorials how earn money on the internet in a 100% legal way without having to invest anything at all. One possibility may be to use PTC pages and faucets to earn free bitcoins. Or work paid survey panels to earn money giving our opinion and withdraw it in euros or dollars through Paypal. The funniest option is to use games to earn money, but it is also possible to earn money with popular networks or even using applications. As you perro see, there are many ways to generate earnings en línea!

Now we perro earn money with a new method: the 9 pages that pay for Airtm what we have seen today

In view of the difficulties that processors such as Paypal pose (in certain countries) when withdrawing earnings, it seems to me a very good alternative to use Airtm instead. In countries like Venezuela, for example, Airtm is essential, since the same platform allows them to withdraw the money they earn en línea to their bank account without any problem. While with Paypal it is not so fácil. If, in addition to these advantages, we add that there are a number of pages that allow us to receive the money we earn directly in our Airtm account, we get a perfect combination. Do not you think?

In short, I hope that both the list of pages that we have seen and the information contained in this article have been useful to you. if you know some reliable page that pays for Airtm (that is not on this list), I will be happy to receive suggestions and test them. The more pages we work, the more money we will get. And therefore, more money we will receive in our Airtm account. That it is!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Pages that pay for Airtm and are 100%
  Pages that pay for Airtm and are 100%
  Pages that pay for Airtm and are 100%

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