Outdooractive: Features, prices +

Outdooractive: Features, prices +

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to plan your next adventure or need help exploring a chosen trail, there are so many aplicaciones to support your life in the great outdoors!

As nature lovers, we know the importance of being equipped with a reliable aplicación for route finding and navigation.

Our previous selection of free hiking aplicación reviews focused on AllTrails and Gaia GPS.

Outdooractive is another alternative that offers high-quality tour and trail suggestions for more than 30 outdoor activities.

It is the dominant choice for European users, although it perro be used by anyone in the world!

Read our Outdooractive review to find out if it’s the right choice for you.

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What is Outdoor Active?

Founded by Hartmut Wimmer in 1994, Outdooractive is an aplicación that offers many trail, track and route options for various outdoor activities in your region.

Most of these tours are designed by the company’s professional tour partners to ensure that they are accurate, reliable, and complete in structure.

They come with a detailed topographic map for navigation that you perro use en línea or sin conexión.

If you’re an outdoor professional, you cánido even use Outdooractive to create your own trips and share them with the usuario community! You also have the opportunity to rate, review and comment on the trails and routes mentioned on the platform.

Outdooractive is one of the oldest and most prominent outdoor aplicaciones used by over 10 million outdoor enthusiasts today.

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Outdooractive functions

search routes

You perro use the aplicación as a trail finder to find suitable trails for hiking, biking, mountain biking, skiing and many other activities.

Once you specify the region and activity, you will be given a list of suggestions.

Many of the suggestions are very informative and comprehensive, including vídeos, photos, points of interest, and GPS tracks.

plan routes

Just like Gaia GPS or Komoot, Outdooractive also offers you the ability to build your own routes.

You cánido provide start and end points or draw waypoints directly on the map.

The aplicación will suggest the best route for you.

Custom routes cánido also be downloaded and printed.


Outdooractive recently acquired ViewRanger, an aplicación renowned for its sophisticated mapping and navigation tools and boasts of bringing all its features to you.

Turn-by-turn navigation is available in text and voice formats.

share your experiences

Be an inspiration to other travelers by sharing your adventures with the global community of Outdooractive users.

You perro add photos, comments and reviews.

Image courtesy: Outdooractive : routes in Albuquerque

How much does Outdooractive cost?

Outdooractive offers 3 subscription plans for its users.

Its basic version is free to use.

If you want more features, you cánido upgrade to the Pro version for €2.50 per month or Pro+ for €5 per month.

Users cánido sign up for a free trial to review the features and escoge if they are worth the price.

Both paid versions are ad-free and give you sin conexión access to routes and maps.

You will also be entitled to discounts from Outdooractive’s partner brands.

The Pro version offers topographic maps and satellite images along with many other exciting benefits.

The Pro + version offers expert level maps with official details, 3D planning and many other features ideal for off-road professionals.

What we like about Outdooractive

global coverage

Like AllTrails or Komoot, this is an aplicación that offers information about trails and tours from around the world.

It’s a great aplicación for travelers who don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading region-specific aplicaciones to explore the great outdoors.

The fact that you perro also contribute and popularize lesser known trails is an added benefit!

rich in details

As most of the tour suggestions are curated by experts, you will find them very descriptive and helpful.

Outdooractive also provides you with up-to-date information on trail conditions, hazards, and warning levels to ensure you have a safe experience.

Even the maps are full of interesting geodata.

All of this gives you a complete iniciativa about the trail you are about to explore.


It’s easy to find trails based on your activity and requirements, as there are plenty of filters to narrow down the list of recommendations.

You perro select the preferred sport in “category” and then specify the duration of the route, the ascent of the tour, the duration and other important characteristics.

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What we don’t like about Outdooractive

Lack of great ViewRanger features

The ViewRanger acquisition has frustrated most of its users.

VewRanger’s route plotting and navigation features are not performing at the optimal level as they used to before the acquisition.

It seems Outdooractive has also missed out on retaining many beloved ViewRanger features.

GPS acquisition, route alignment, and many other features work inconsistently.

Losing access to previously purchased maps in ViewRanger is also another destacable drawback.

complex and flawed

One of the main features of an outdoor aplicación is reliability, but Outdooractive seems to lack it.

The aplicación is not very usuario friendly and intuitive.

Some features like route finding, planning and exporting are difficult to use as the aplicación tends to crash more frequently.

When you reopen the aplicación, the changes are not saved most of the time.

The new usuario interfaz is also poorly designed and overall performance is very slow.

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Is Outdooractive worth it?

The answer really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you need a platform that offers great trail options with detailed content, this is a great option.

Outdooractive’s large collection of trail information is its greatest strength.

However, according to many Outdooractive reviews, an alternative hiking aplicación, Komoot, is ahead when it comes to navigation.

It’s also important to consider the complaints from ViewRanger users who don’t find Outdooractive to have adopted all of its features successfully.

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 Outdooractive: Features, prices +
  Outdooractive: Features, prices +
  Outdooractive: Features, prices +

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