Our opinion on Toluna (2023)

Our opinion on Toluna (2023)

Toluna is one of our favorite CGD platforms.

It has different methods to generate money.

In addition, it is a panel that has a good remuneration per survey.

Toluna is one of the best platforms today to earn money doing paid surveys.

Not only because it offers a good remuneration for each one, but also because it has a good flow of surveys.

Likewise, it offers us other ways to generate earnings: playing games, paid offers, monthly contests and others.

And in addition to having a good referral system, it offers us a wide variety of prizes for which we perro exchange our points.

Reaching the minimum withdrawal amount is not too difficult on this platform.

If you are looking for opinions about Toluna, here you perro find ours.

What is Toluna?

Toluna is a platform that belongs to Toluna-Group, a company dedicated to market research to improve the products and services of many other companies.

Toluna specializes in paid surveys, the way they get their market research data.

The platform has a wide variety of gift cards, but it has Paypal as its main payment processor.

It also has a referral system and an application from which we perro get plus points.

As a agregado, it also offers a monthly raffle where you will have the opportunity to win prizes.

The only requirement to participate in the platform is to be older than 15 years.

The accepted countries are: Spain, Portugal, States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and México.

How does Toluna work?

The first thing you should do to earn money with Toluna is create an account on your official platform.

The platform will ask you for various information, such as: name, age, gender, country of residence, telephone number and other things.

Once you complete these steps, all you have to do is verify your dirección de correo electrónico with the message that will come to you.

By registering, you will receive 500 gift points.

Upon completing this step, the first thing you will need to do is complete your first profile survey.

You perro do it by selecting the “Profile Survey” option, which is located on the surveys tab in the top menu.

For completing this information we will receive some plus points.

Complete the entire profile survey It is necessary to be able to receive more surveys.

Remember that Toluna advertisers value those profiles that prove to be active in their consumption of products and services.

That is, they value those profiles that make purchases on a regular basis, travel and afín things.

So it is a good iniciativa to place our profile with these characteristics to receive more surveys.

The platform offers us different ways to earn money:

Taking paid surveys

The main way to make money on Toluna is with paid surveys.

The procedure is basically the same as in other platforms: we will receive the surveys by correo electrónico or we perro review the platform in search of new surveys, selecting the “surveys” section.

Each paid survey 1,200 points to 3,000 points.

Some surveys even pay 6,000 points, as perro be seen in the image above.

These surveys cánido be completed in 15 to 20 minutes.

quick votes

The quick votes are like a quick mini-poll.

After you clic on “Vote”, some options of the question will appear.

You will receive the points after select one of those options and press the Vote button again.

The estándar price of this section is 15 points.

But you perro earn up to 1,000 points, if you create the question or a new discussion yourself.

To make quick votes, you just have to give the option of “community” and then “quick vote”.

You cánido do something afín in the “Themes” option.

But in this option you yourself will have to put your own opinion.

paid offers

In the paid offers, you cánido earn money for doing different tasks, such as registering on various websites or making purchases through them.

This option is not enabled for all countries.

monthly contests

Toluna also has monthly contests with which you perro win other rewards.

To participate in these monthly contests you must meet some requirements: upload a profile photo, do some surveys and some months before the draw.

Playing games

This platform also offers us to play games for a reward in return.

By playing these games every day, you cánido earn from 0 to 1,000 points.

You cánido access this option, in the “Games” tab found in “Community”.

The first game is roulette, which offers you points depending on the result.

This game will only be available every 24 hours.

The other game is temporary.

Our Opinion on Toluna

Is Toluna legit?

Of course, this is a completely reliable platform.

For several years, hundreds of users have used this platform to earn money by taking surveys.

In fact, it is habitual find positive reviews on the web about Toluna.

If you search, you may also get one or another proof of payment.

Toluna is a platform that does pay its users and is completely reliable.

How are they going to pay us?

Toluna has different processors where most are gift cards.

Currently, the minimum withdrawal is 40,000 points to remove 10 euros by MediaMarket.

But if we want to withdraw through Amazon we must have 100,000 points or 25 euros.

And by Paypal they are 35 euros or 145,000 points.

All available means of payment are available in the “Rewards” tab.

The prizes available may vary depending on the country you are in.

How much cánido you earn on Toluna?

Toluna offers a good remuneration per survey.

40,000 points are equivalent to 10 euros.

Which means that 4,000 points are 1 euro, while 1,000 points are approximately 0.30 euros.

For each survey, you perro earn from 0.30 euros to 1 euro.

The great advantage of Toluna is that it has a good flow of surveys.

So reaching the minimum withdrawal amount is not difficult.

Toluna influencers

Toluna also allows you to earn money for recommending the platform to other users and for them to register through your referral backlink.

For each of your referrals, you will get 500 points.

However, there is also a way to recommend the platform through Daisycon and TradeTracker, two affiliate platforms.

Thus, you perro use a personalized backlink to publish them on popular networks or on your blog.

By that method, you will receive 1 euro for each referral.

Final conclusion

Toluna is the platform that we recommend at CGD.

It has multiple advantages in its favor: high flow of surveys, good remuneration per survey, diversity of prizes, and multiple ways to earn points.

It is a sadness that it is not available to all countries in the world.

Even so, we recommend Toluna for all users who perro carry out the surveys from their country.

Toluna Alternatives

There are also other alternatives to Toluna, with which you cánido earn more profits, such as:


Swagbucks is a platform where we cánido earn money for doing surveys and paid offers.

It also has a referral system that offers us 10% for the total earnings of our guests.

Getting Started at Swagbucks

He has Paypal and Amazon checks as his main means of payment.

With only $10, we will be able to request our payment.

The platform is available for all countries.


Ysense is one of the best platforms today to earn money en línea.

Not only does it have paid surveys, it also offers mini-jobs, monthly contests, various tasks, monthly contests, and a good referral system.

Get started on Ysense

It is also available for all countries in the world.

Your amount minimum payout is $10.

You perro request them by Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Amazon checks.


It is only available for 70 countries in the world.

The only way to make money on this platform is through paid surveys.

However, it has in its favor that it has a good flow of surveys and good rewards.

Get started with LifePoints

You cánido withdraw your withdrawals through Paypal and other gift cards, such as: Amazon: iTunes, Media Market, Ikea and El Corte Inglés.

And here we have come with our opinion about Toluna.

Leave us in the comments any questions you have left and we will help you with each one of them.

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 Our opinion on Toluna (2023)
  Our opinion on Toluna (2023)
  Our opinion on Toluna (2023)

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