Other ways to earn money

Other ways to earn money

In this section we are going to talk about other ways to earn money.

Obviously, not everything is our beloved PTC, earn money with the mobile or cashback.

There are other forms, totally valid and that must also be exploited.

In I get out of the crisis I divide them into several sections, all of them totally valid and working.

I invite you to continue reading below and you will see the ingenious ways to earn moneySome you wouldn’t believe.

Have you thought about earning money listening to the radio? Well, that is what one of the pages that I promote on the blog offers us.

People actually make pages that we would never think would pay us to do what they ask us to do, such as doing an internet search or shortening backlinks.

This is due to advertising, in these search engines or when we shorten advertising, we must see some ads that are the ones that will bring you the necessary money to be able to maintain the page, pay users and obtain benefits.

In most cases, the advertising is in the form of banners or pop-ups, which, although they are not usually too annoying, we have to remove them.

There are also other ways to earn money on internet that we could not imagine that they exist, but it is so, if we understand earning money en línea as obtaining totally free products.

These products will be sent home completely free of charge, yes, but on the condition that we talk about the benefits of these products, either to improve them or to launch them in the future in Spanish markets (these pages Normally they are only for Spain, due to the cost of shipping costs).

Without further ado, I will explain the others methods to earn money en línea.

What are the best other ways to make money?

Undoubtedly the internet goes a long way, here you perro find everything, everything you want or need you will be able to find.

And also of course, ways to earn money en línea.

Here I am going to explain the less “orthodox” ways to earn money on the internet, all of them work and are paying.

Perhaps these sections do not earn large amounts of money, but the advantage they have is that, except for the shipment of products, they are valid for the whole world.

And as I said before, five dollars in Spain is not worth the same as five dollars in Venezuela.

In this way, something that for Europeans is not a lot of money, for someone who reads me from Latin America, those five dollars that they perro get a month orinan being able to treat themselves or not being able to give it to them.

Earn money using your resources


This platform is very afín to the one below, but in this case, we will rent our IP so that other users cánido crack and see what palabras clave work best from an IP that is not theirs.

It also has a mobile application and is available to everyone.

  • minimum payment: $5
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, 10% of what our referrals earn in a first and only level


When it is said that money perro be made using the resources, we orinan “renting” the excess bandwidth of our internet.

This we cánido achieve with honeygain.

With honeygain apk we perro give up the remaining WiFi band in our home for companies to do market research and pay us for it.

The application is available for all countries, both for Windows, Mac, iOS and andriod.

  • minimum payment: $20
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, 10% of what our referrals earn in a first and only level


With this Russian page we will earn money mainly through an advertising bar that we will have on our screen.

It is a non-intrusive advertising, in addition, there are other ways to earn money on this page.

You will also be able to advertise your business to the Russian public.

  • minimum payment: there is no minimum
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, 5.65% of what our referrals earn in one of the 10 levels you have

Earn money with your car

The car is a good that we all have, because at some point in our lives it is very necessary for us.

For example, if we have to go to work, if we have to visit relatives, do the shopping, etcétera…

But what about the rest of the time? why not we take advantage of it at that time that the car is stopped in the garaje (or that we are working with it).

There are many ways to make money with my car.

Some we perro use and others not.

But I am sure that if you use some of them you will be able to get a plus for the maintenance of the vehicle and in the end you will discover that it pays for itself.

Do you want to know the different ways to earn money with your car? well in this articulo I explain everything to you.

make money writing

make money writing is a good choice for earn money on internet.

Never forget that writing is an art and like all art, some people will have more abilities than others.

Thanks to the internet, we have many platforms that put editors in contact with companies that need writing in exchange for a small commission.

In this articulo I explain all the pages on the internet where you cánido earn money writing.

make money selling used things

Surely in our house we have many things that we do not use, be they technology products, clothes or utensils.

With the advent of the internet, collaborative and non-wasteful commerce has become even easier.

If in our childhood we inherited the clothes of our older brothers, the books of the neighbors and the toys of other children, now it has been raised to the maximum power.

I’m sure this also interests youPayoneer

There are various ways of make money selling used things.

Different applications put buyers in contact with sellers, in many cases without any type of commission.

At this point I explain the ways of earn money selling used things that exist using new technologies.


It is the second-hand application that reigns in Spain, with more than three million users in its application.

In Wallapop you cánido find everything from clothes to cars.

If you want to know how make money with Wallpop read the articulo i wrote.

selling used clothes

Selling used clothes has become a good way to renew your wardrobe.

This is another way to earn money on the internet that is widely used, especially by any type of audience (not only female).

Give your armario a spin, take out what you no longer wear and photograph it.

There are many applications that pay you for used clothing, especially those of recognized brands and that are in good condition.

If you want to know the pages or applications to sell used clothes read this.

make money with travel

We all like to travel, of course! But many times it is too expensive for us.

That is why it is very interesting to take advantage of the offers that both travel operators, agencies, and platforms offer.

Here I explain the different ways to earn money with travel.


The platform that has revolutionized unconventional vacations.

What began by renting a mattress in the living room of an apartment has become a multinational.

You perro also earn money with Aribnb and get your vacations free or heavily discounted

  • minimum payment: Accumulated cómputo in your Airbnb account
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, we will earn 35 euros when an affiliate registers as a host and has their first reservation.

    And we will earn 15 euros when an affiliate makes their first reservation

earn rubles

The price of the ruble is very low, barely one cent of the dollar per ruble.

Therefore, I do not invest too much effort in getting them.


With this extension for Google plus Google chrome we perro earn rubles automatically.

With a very low minimum payment (just one ruble) we will be able to withdraw our earnings to various payment processors, especially Payeer.

  • minimum of pay: 1 ruble
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, five levels of referrals, we will earn 10% of the profit per ad from our referrals and 5% of what our first level referrals invest in advertising.


This is a multitasking page where we perro easily earn rubles.

By doing various tasks such as viewing registrations, visiting other pages and advertisers, we will be able to earn rubles for our Payeer wallet (in addition to many others).

  • minimum payment: 2 ruble
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, three levels of referrals, we will earn based on the level that we have

Teaser fast

Teaserfast is the first page to earn rubles that I introduce.

It is an extension that we must add to the browser that we use and we cánido earn rubles with advertising.

  • minimum payment: 1 ruble
  • Valid for: everyone
  • referrals: Yes, we will earn 10% of what our referrals generate at any level

earn money by shortening backlinks

Earning money by shortening backlinks is a very common way to earn money en línea and of which there are many examples, pages and shorteners that pay to shorten an internet backlink and have users clic on said shortened backlink.

Here I put the ones that I work.


He is one of the oldest and who continues to pay, due to the intrusiveness produced by the publicity of the shorteners, he is the only one who works.

  • minimum payment: $5
  • Payment method: PayPal and Payoneer
  • payment frequency: Monthly, once completed the first time, it perro be daily

I’m sure this also interests youWesWap pays, verified, and my first scam

Earn money with Consumer Panels

In consumer panels we must entrar exclusive customer lists so that companies cánido compare the purchases we make.

Normally they will give us a device to scan our purchases, in exchange for an incentive, be it economic or in the form of gifts.

Kantar WorldPlanet

This is the largest portal for consumer panels in Europe, present in many European countries, we perro win gifts (there is a catalog) for scanning the products in our shopping cart.

You have to validate yourself, and once validated, they send the device home.

  • minimum payment: Depends on the gift you want to get
  • Payment method: Gift catalog
  • Referrals: No

Try free products

Different pages will give us to try free products.

These product tests will be sent to us with the intention that we test them and choose the best option among several of the same product, sometimes we will have to share them with someone, in others it will be for us only.


The page that sends and offers the most products.

You must pass an initial screening, since they have many requests.

Many products in the month

  • minimum payment: No payments, only product tests
  • Payment method: The product you perro try
  • Referrals: No

Kuvut (formerly Testamus)

It is the largest collaborative marketing community in Spain, you cánido try, if you are chosen the products that are sent to you, many products in the month

  • minimum payment: No payments, only product tests
  • Payment method: The product you perro try
  • Referrals: Yeah


Youuz is the largest collaborative community in Europe, you cánido test innovative products or that are going to give a change in their positioning.

  • minimum payment: No payments, only product tests
  • Payment method: The product you cánido try
  • Referrals: No

Discount checks

Saving money through discount checks is a good way to earn money en línea.

There are some platforms that will offer us gift cards with a large discount percentage.

Sixth Continent

A pioneer in Spain in this type of card, it offers us various gift and fuel cards at a much lower price than habitual.

  • minimum payment: No payments, card discounts
  • Payment method: The discount on the card
  • Referrals: Yeah

surprise boxes

In this section we will put different surprise boxes of food, details, pet food, etcétera..

Which cánido be obtained at a much lower price than what is stipulated in the market.

In addition, there is always the possibility of getting them totally free.


Degustabox is a surprise box that we will receive every month with food products in general.

The price of the individual products perro easily exceed €25, but we perro get them all for €15.99.

In addition, on our first purchase, we will have a discount of €7, so we cánido purchase the first one for €8.99.

You perro stop receiving it whenever you want, since it has no permanence commitment.

I’m sure this also interests yousnuckls

Final conclusions about other ways to earn money

As you cánido see, there are many other ways to earn money, which are not in the books.

Or put another way, less orthodox ways of earn some plus money.

All the ones that I explain to you are valid and today they are working, indeed, perhaps we will not earn as much money as doing surveysbut everything we perro win is always good.

Some pages, especially those to test products, will not give us cash, but we will get top products at zero cost, which is always positive.

As for some others, such as shorteners, their advertising is very intrusive, so we will not earn much money with it, unless we are very ingenious when it comes to putting shortened backlinks and knowing where we cánido put them.

If you want to know other articles afín to Other ways to earn money you cánido visit the category adsensei.

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 Other ways to earn money
  Other ways to earn money
  Other ways to earn money

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