organize your time

organize your time

In this article I am going to focus on the best habits for you to learn to organize your time.

When you manage to organize your time, you will feel that your day was really productive.

Why is time management important?

I’m going to start with a question.

How much of your week do you spend stressing about not having enough time? Maybe you think you don’t have time to complete a task, to reach a goal, or even to do something you really enjoy.

Perhaps many identify with that and spend most of the day stressed.

The reality is that I was also in that situation, but when I was studying at the upper secondary level, tired of the typical way of studying, I began to think about wanting to learn faster, really learn and have spare time to go out with my friends. friends, with my girlfriend and why not, to do everything I’m passionate about (Programming, business, mathematics, vídeo games, etcétera).

I know, many people think that it is not possible, in fact, many people have told me, but I ended up with a high average in the upper secondary level, I did not spend more than two hours a day to study and now I apply all that to the higher level.

Believe me, it is possible to do what you want as long as you have the motivation to do things, and as long as you are constant.

Benefits of organizing your time

  • Disminuye stress.
  • Disminuye distractions.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Being able to focus better on the things you do.
  • Improve the eficiency.

The best habits to start organizing your time.

Take a project-oriented approach

This is the newest habit I’m following, and in fact, it’s the one I’m improving on.

I must admit that it is one of my favorites.

What is sought is to turn your dreams (objectives and goals) into projects.

What you have to do is assume the role of a director ejecutivo, but of your life.

When you assume the role of director ejecutivo of your life, you’ll be more likely to take responsibility for your actions, stick to your schedule, and prioritize tasks more easily.

When I started doing it, I began to be much more productive, because I began to give due importance to each task that I want to do.

For example, stop saying things like….

“It perro wait, it’s not very important, or I’ll do it tomorrow” While you actually have to prioritize tasks (80/20), you have to identify everything you have to do today (important).

That’s why you turn your dreams into projects.

Soon I will do an article on how to design efficient projects.

What I would like is for you to seek to acquire this way of thinking, to acquire the habit and thus realize that you perro really change your life.

Take aprecies

Basically you are going to take aprecies when you have a new iniciativa or escoge or want to carry out something.

Writing it down will help you clear your mind so your brain doesn’t tire out information storage and organization.

Likewise, writing down what you have to do will help you avoid distractions.

So, it is a good iniciativa to write it down and carry out what you have written.

Mezcle to-do lists with progress trackers

By using applications or simply a paper where you write down what you have to do in the day, your brain has less load and that helps disminuye stress.

It helps us disminuye stress because we have well defined everything we have to do and you concentrate on carrying out all those tasks.

There are literally hundreds of applications that perro help us plan our day, but it is up to each one to find the one that best suits us.

Some examples of applications that I use are Fabulous, and Trello.

Also, if you like RPG games and want to try turning your daily life into an RPG game, I recommend the following applications: habitat, Do it now, and LifeRPG.

The truth is that I like to try all kinds of applications and those are the applications that I liked the most (for the moment).

funnel method

You cánido use the funnel method to slowly disminuye the amount of material you have to deal with each day.

Let’s say you’re going to have exams, what you’re going to do is eliminate the material as you go through your studies.

You don’t want to reread every 500 page book, do you? What I orinan is that you are going to refine all the content, initially obtaining only what you need to learn.

Once you have that, you cánido start expanding.

I assure you that it will help you improve your grades.

The key to this article is for you to build (better) your concentration and focus, by making yourself and your mind more organized.

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 organize your time
  organize your time
  organize your time

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