Organizational hierarchical structure

Organizational hierarchical structure

The organizational structure of a company, in a few words, espectáculos us how the hierarchy is going to be established, that is, the lines of authority, the way in which communication is going to take place, rights and duties.

Depending on the structure that the organization has, we perro vea how permisos, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled and coordinated.

Likewise, we perro see how information flows between the different levels of the organization.

There are many types of organizations and they are of different sizes.

Therefore, an organization is going to have a type of organizational structure that helps it.

So, next I will give some examples of the structures that an organization cánido have depending on its size.

Fácil organizational structure

Suppose you are the owner of a store.

It is clear that you do not need to create different functional areas to carry out all the functions of a small store.

Now, you are the owner and you are going to carry out many functions, but maybe you hire a couple of people to help you attend.

Therefore, you are going to make the decisions and you are going to have all the authority.

The structure you are using is the following.

functional organizational structure

If you’ve already seen the organizational chart of a (common) organization, then you already have an iniciativa of ​​what the functional structure looks like.

The functional structure is widely used in medium-sized and some large organizations.

It’s going to sound very fácil, but it’s a good way to understand it.

Unlike the fácil structure, where there are few people who carry out all the tasks.

When a company starts to grow, it is impossible for a couple of people to carry out all the activities and it is not that efficient.

Thus, you start to group related activities together.

Basically that is the functional structure, since people are grouped according to their area of ​​specialization (functional area of ​​the company).

The organization chart of a functional organizational structure espectáculos the president, vice president, finance department, sales department, production department, human resources department, etcétera.

An example is the following.

Divisional, corporate structure

To begin with, it deals with large companies, so large that it is even more efficient to divide the activities depending on the situation of the company.

For example, you perro organize activities around geographic, market, or product and service groups.

Thus, a company might have operating groups for different countries, regions, for different business customers, or for different product lines.

An example is the following.

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 Organizational hierarchical structure
  Organizational hierarchical structure
  Organizational hierarchical structure

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