Organizational development

Organizational development

In today’s article I have the objective that you understand what organizational development is, based on definitions from different authors.

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Throughout history, it has been proven that any company perro disappear if it does not develop its strengths, knowledge and creativity necessary to overcome the challenges that arise, that is, a company should not remain static if it wants to. survive in such a changing world.

In fact, a teacher once told me that I have to always keep in mind that heThe only permanent is change and therefore, both we (individually) and the companies have to be in a process of change (improvement) that allows them to adapt to the environment.

This is where Organizational Development (OD) comes in.

Definition of Organizational Development

Definition according to Beckhard

«OD is a planned effort of the whole organization and controlled from the highest level to increase the effectiveness and well-being of the organization through planned interventions in the processes of the organization, applying the knowledge of the behavioral sciences»

Definition according to Bennis

«DO is a response to change, a complex educational strategy that aims to modify beliefs, attitudes, values ​​and the structure of organizations, so that they cánido better adapt to new markets, technologies and challenges»

Definition according to Schmuck and Miles

«DO is a planned and continuous effort to apply behavioral sciences to systems improvement, applying reflective and self-analytical methods»

Definition according to Burke

OD is a process of planned change in an organization’s culture, through the use of behavioral science technologies, research, and theory.

Definition according to Jorge A.

Hernández Palomino

«It is the process by which the organization diagnoses and evaluates the behaviors, values, beliefs and attitudes of people to face resistance to change; With this, you perro apply changes in the organizational culture»

It should be noted that the DO is not only a guide to what a company must do to survive, but also seeks to achieve success.

What is organizational development?

Well, as you could see, we cánido say that it is a change process, however, it perro be seen as a change response tool.

That is, it is a tool that allows us to modify the beliefs, values, attitudes and structures of organizations.

In this way, it allows us to face the challenges that arise with new markets, technologies and different cultures.

Origin of organizational development

The origin of organizational development is found in studies on behavior and human relations.

It originates thanks to the contributions of human relations researchers.

They stand out among them:

  • Elton Mayo.
  • Mary Parker Follett.
  • Henry Gantt.
  • Hugo Münsterberg.

The aforementioned authors are known as DO pioneers.

It is worth mentioning that other authors locate the origins of the DO in 1924, with the studies carried out by Elton Mayo and his colleagues at the Western Electric company, in Hawthorne.


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 Organizational development
  Organizational development
  Organizational development

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