organizational competencies

organizational competencies

Have you ever thought about how much a company is worth? Perhaps the first thing you think of is financial resources, or even material resources, but… is it completely true?

If we come to think that the value of a company consists of only the familiar value that is attributed to tangible assets such as machines, tools, equipment, facilities, or raw materials.

Then we could go so far as to say that a company is only a equipo of physical elements subject to continuous depreciation over time.

If this were the case, a company could not make the financial capital that it has invested, perhaps the initial investment would not even be altered.

On the contrary, if we start accounting for the wear and tear of the machines or their depreciation, the situation would be even worse, since there would be a reduction in the initial financial capital.

The only thing we would have would be a company that loses every day that passes, to the point of becoming worthless.

Perhaps at this point you are thinking that in fact, you are thinking something different from what I am saying, but think that in this article I have the main objective that you do not measure companies solely from the financial point of view, well, the The same company is a system whose results depend on the interaction and efficiency of all the elements that compose it.

Therefore, what I am trying to say is that physical and financial resources cánido be considered as static, that is, they do nothing on their own.

Therefore, they need the action of man in order to function and be profitable.


Importance of organizational competencies

What happens when a company only pays its attention to physical and financial resources? The answer is fácil… They stop being a good business, this is because in this type of company, financial capital has a higher priority than intellectual capital.

Simply put, money is much more important than knowledge.

However, what companies are currently aiming at is investing in knowledge, that is, they consider that the training, training and development of their intellectual capital is the most important thing.

So why is it important? Because knowledge generates innovation and wealth.

So much so that many large companies already have corporate universities to train, train and develop their intellectual capital.

An example of a corporate university is that of Pixar.


What are organizational competencies?

Organizational competitions?… What is the first thing you think of if I tell you that you are going to compete?… Well, maybe you think that you are going to test yourself against someone else, or maybe you think of a prize awarded to a first place .

In fact, with that you are already beginning to answer your question.

I’ll explain .

Competition comes from the Latin “competentia”, which means confrontation or contest that two subjects carry out regarding the abilities they have in carrying out a specific task.

Therefore, we cánido see that competencies are the measure of our abilities.

Therefore, a competence cánido be seen as a equipo of skills or abilities that are related to the satisfactory performance of the job.

However, as we already know, in a company it is not enough that we have the resources, but what is most important is knowing how to manage them.

Therefore, we have to consider that resources consist of organizational assets and capabilities.

organizational assets

Simply put, assets are the assets that the organization accumulates as a result of investment in scale, plants, location, and brand equity.

organizational capabilities

Capabilities perro be seen as a equipo of skills and collective learning, which ensures the execution of functional activities through organizational processes.

That is, as Chiavenato says:

Organizational capabilities refer to its potential to organize, manage, coordinate, or undertake a specific equipo of activities and skills.

Types of Organizational Capabilities

strategic capabilities

According to Chiavenato, they function as an orientation guide that greatly influences the strategic direction, and refers to the organization’s ability to learn (acquire, assimilate information) and the ability of senior managers to manage the execution of the strategy.

In addition, the capacity for evaluation and judgment is included, that is, the ability to identify other opportunities.

functional capacities

Functional skills are those that are classified according to the type of activity they perform, for example, marketing skills, financial management skills, or operations management skills.

operational capabilities

As you are already imagining, they are the individual tasks, for example, the operation of a certain machinery

So… What gives value to a company?

Well, what gives value to a company is that equipo of people who use and manage a equipo of resources, and whose interaction generates a positive or negative result.

Therefore, all companies have to start taking into account that their best investment is in improving the training, training and development of their intellectual capital.

This will allow human capital to always be in a process of continuous improvement, that is, a continuous process where people learn and improve day after day, generating new knowledge that gives rise to innovation and therefore, to the increase of the profits of the company.

Finally, it should be noted that companies are currently taking great steps to include technologies such as artificial intelligence in all their operations, which means that for all of us to be able to work in the companies we want or create our own, we have to We have to adapt and improve our knowledge, abilities, or attitudes every day.

You have to be a little better every day.

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 organizational competencies
  organizational competencies
  organizational competencies

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