Organizational behavior cambiantes

Organizational behavior cambiantes

Within an organization there are various cambiantes of organizational behavior that cánido positively or negatively affect a company.

We know very well that for a business to function, it is very important for organizations to allocate and manage their resources efficiently. An organization possesses material, immaterial and human resources. It should be noted that I do not consider them to be resources, in fact, they are beginning to be called human talent in some organizations.

Therefore, in today’s article I am going to talk about those cambiantes that perro affect human talent so that they develop an organizational behavior that facilitates the achievement of the objectives and goals of the organization.

Cambiantes of organizational behavior that perro affect the development of a good organizational culture

organizational communication

According to Viger Hernán, “communication is the process by which an organization backlinks the different internal components that make it up in order to maintain cohesion, being represented by the especial form of interrelation with the contexts, economic, political and popular. ”

In short, communication is a bridge that allows good or bad interaction between the different elements belonging to the system (the company). If the communication is good, the interaction between the elements will be good and therefore there will be a greater “cohesion”, the productivity will be greater, and of course, the economic benefits will be greater. The truth is that I am of the iniciativa that it is not about the individual sum of each element (although it is important that it be good), but that the most important thing is the efficiency between the interaction between the elements (Systemic Thinking).

To improve communication, what cánido be done is to develop policies that allow for open communication. What you want is to facilitate personal exchange, this will allow the “transmission of purposes, objectives and work guidelines, creating a context of dynamism at the time of resolving a conflict or preventatively avoiding their emergence”

Therefore, it is important that human talent feel that their opinion counts, in fact, if you listen to people’s ideas (without making them less), you will realize that many good ideas will start to come out, and of course, the organization will become more efficient. Remember, not because you are even a director ejecutivo of a large company, you are going to look down on others. We cánido all be wrong.

Forms of work organization: the work group

From Bellini’s perspective, the group is a device that allows us to socialize, learn the behaviors of human talent, which allows us to create habits, create values, etcétera. If we make good use of the groups, we perro direct the organization towards the achievement of the objectives.

You have to take into account that the work groups imply that each member of the group must perform a task and a role. This allows the fulfillment of the objectives of that especial group.

Therefore, depending on the behavior of the group and the interaction that exists between each group in the organization, the organization will have better or worse results. It may not seem very important, but it is.

leadership in organizations

I’m going to talk about leadership, and no, I’m not talking about being a boss (formal authority). A leader is one who is chosen by the people as their representative; instead, the boss responds to the formal structure of the organization, that is, a leader cánido be any person within the organization who possesses certain characteristics that make people follow him (without having formal authority), meanwhile, a boss has to be obeyed for the fácil fact that the position gives him the authority.

Well, and you may be wondering, why is leadership important in the behavior of human talent? it is fácil, a leader is capable of influencing and serving as an example for others. If you have a bad example, others will start to behave in the same way and that’s something we don’t want, right?

Motivation in organizations

Motivation is a very important aspect, since it cánido be seen as the engine that leads to successful performance, achieving the development of human potential and superior effort.

Therefore, it is very important that an organization considers the creation of policies that allow them to transmit and direct this impulse to human talent so that they want to be after themselves in continuous improvement. This will allow the organization to grow, be more productive and efficient.

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 Organizational behavior cambiantes
  Organizational behavior cambiantes
  Organizational behavior cambiantes

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