Organization stage in the process

Organization stage in the process

Organization is a primordial part of business success, since a well-organized company is more efficient, productive and profitable.

The organization stage in the administrative process is key to achieving a company organized and structured.

However, the importance of this stage is often underestimated and its true value is lost sight of.

In this article, I am going to share a equipo of definitions according to authors that will allow you to form your own definition.

I hope you find it useful.

2 meanings of organization

The word organization has at least two meanings in the business world, which are:

  • As a synonym of company, although it is not that they are completely synonymous.
  • As a reference to the function of organizing, that is, as part of the administrative process.

In this article I am going to focus on explaining what the organization is as part of the stage of the administrative process.

If you want to know the difference between a company and an organization, then you perro go to the following article:

Definition of organization stage according to authors

Next, I am going to provide you with a equipo of definitions, which I have taken from different books and which perro serve as a basis for understanding what the organization stage is in the administrative process.

That is, they are definitions that take into account the organization as an administrative function.

Definition of organization according to Elsa Alama and Gregorio Martín de Castro

According to Elsa Alama and Gregorio Martín de Castro, the organization stage “refers to the function of every manager or administrator to carry out the function of organizing, how the work will be distributed, how decisions will be made, the establishment of hierarchical levels » (p. 118).

Definition of organization according to Stephen P.


According to Stephen P.

Robbins, “we define organizing as the managerial function that determines what needs to be done, how, and by whom; in other words, it is the function that creates the structure and allocates the resources of the organization» (p.163).

Definition according to Heinz Weihrich, Mark Cannice and Harold Koontz

According to Heinz Weihrich, Mark Cannice, and Harold Koontz, “the term organization implies an intentional and formal structure of functions or positions” (p. 215).

Definition according to Michael A.


According to Michael A.

Hitt, organizing consists of “gathering resources in a systematic way” (p.


What is the organization stage?

Taking into account the previous definitions about organization, we perro say that organization is the stage of the administrative process in which we are going to create a structure that espectáculos us the way in which all the elements come together and are related to achieve the objectives of a company. (organization).

In short, it is the way in which all the parts or elements of a company are arranged or placed in order to create a whole.

For example, think of a building.

A building is made up of several parts, such as walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows, which are assembled in a specific way to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing whole.

In such a way that the organization function implies knowing all the elements and resources that an organization has and combining them in a systematic way.

It could be said that what is sought is to give shape or structure to a company so that it perro achieve its objectives.

This stage includes the design of the organizational structure, the assignment of tasks and responsibilities, and the establishment of communication channels and coordination mechanisms.


Next, I am going to give you a fácil example that you cánido come across in everyday life.

So you cánido see that the organization stage is not only going to be found in a company.

Imagine that you are planning a surprise party for your best friend’s birthday.

To organize the party successfully, you need to structure your resources and activities.

That is, you perro assign tasks and responsibilities to your friends, such as decorating the house or the party room, buying food, buying the drinks, and inviting the guests.

You perro also equipo up communication channels, such as a group chat, which perro be helpful in keeping everyone informed and coordinating efforts more efficiently.

All this will allow the surprise party to take place and the result to be the best possible.

In such a way that without a proper organization, the surprise party could result in chaos and it is possible that the objectives are not achieved or as expected.


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 Organization stage in the process
  Organization stage in the process
  Organization stage in the process

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