Optimalbux | Veteran page that follows

Optimalbux | Veteran page that follows

OptimalBux is a veteran and reliable page with which we perro make money watching ads that we added to the blog.

I say veteran and reliable, since It went on the market back in 2010..

And I say reliable because its admin is the same as other big pages of earn money that exist on the internet and they all keep paying to 2022.

Some I use and others I don’t, since you perro’t get enough of everything.

Also, if you have been working on the internet for some time, you will know that unless you have many active referrals, ptc pages (where you earn money by viewing ads) are not excessively profitable.

Also these types of pages are the most likely to appear and disappear at the moment, since there is a lot of unscrupulous that launches them, takes the money from advertising and disappears without paying anyone.

Fortunately, Optimalbux Not even their owner is like that and they have been demonstrating it since 2010, the year of its launch.

For now (and we will knock on wood) continue to pay religiously for the various payment methods you have.

Later we will talk about it.

Registration and first steps in optimalbux

He registration in OptimalBux It is very fácil and if you are used to making this type of records, It won’t take you more than three minutes.

You will only have to clic on this banner.

You cánido do it from any country in the world, since Optimalbux is operational for both Europe and Latin America.

once you take to registration pagesimply you will have to fill in your personal information and a nombre de usuario.

Fill in and small capchat and that’s it! You will not have to wait for any verification correo electrónico.

It is a very fácil process that everyone perro do.

From this moment, Now you perro get into the optimalbux page and start earning money by watching ads.

How does Optimalbux work?

He operation of this page with which we perro earn money by watching ads It is very fácil and practically the same as other pages of the same style.

All ways to earn money You perro see them in the “Earn Money” section at the top.

Here you have a capture so that you go more directly.

In this section We will see the section to view ads or “View Advertisement”.

Here, in this section, is where we perro see paid ads, sometimes up to $0.001, which is quite good.

The announcements are changing at 00:00 o’clock, Spanish peninsular time.

Also, for each ad viewed, you will receive a point.

These points will accumulate and with them you perro buy referrals, rent them, etcétera..

In this way, you perro have, at least for a while, rented referrals completely free of charge.

This is the main way to earn money, viewing ads. The ads that the page puts us have adfocusso we must have the screen on when the time of the announcements is passing.

Once clicked on each of the adsand waiting a few seconds, We are going to have to solve a little capchat.

They will be the same as in other pages of the same style, as in all of them, we will have to choose the image that is the other way around.

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Earn more in optimalbux

As in all the pages in which we perro earn money by viewing advertising, watching ads is not the only way to earn.

Also you perro earn money in the “OfferWalls” sectionwith the typical offer panels such as Clixwall, PTCwall, etcétera… Here you perro earn plus money by completing registrations and offers.

If you are familiar with this type of pages, surely you many of the offer panels you know them, and it is even possible that you have signed up for one of the offers they offer.

Below, in the image that I put, you perro find the panels that Optimalbux offers us.

in these panels you will find offers to complete such as carrying out a free registration or downloading a game or application.

Even you will see ads in which, as in optimalbux, they will pay us simply for seeing ads.

In the section Paid to Signup Offers are offers offered by other users.

We will be compensated with plus cómputo for completing a registration and with performing a series of steps.

More ways to earn money

Then we have the typical game of uncovering boxes and get prizes, also known as OptimalGrid.

Daily you will be able to uncover several boxes, some will be rewarded with credits that you perro use to advertise your other websites or businesses.

to this game you perro play every dayit is still an entertaining game to earn money or to have a fun time.

Another way to making money in optimalbux is with adpacks.

These adpacks are advertising packagesthat after a while 120% of the investment will be returned to us.

The purchase of adpacks is your responsibility, since in the blog we only expose the ways to earn money that the page offers.

Although it has been paying for many years, nothing and no one offers us certainty that it will not end.

Other ways to earn money by watching ads

Here I leave you other pages that cánido be used to earn money by watching ads.

All of them continue to pay today.



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What are memberships and what types are there?

As in all pages of this type,in optimalbux you will have some memberships, with which you will earn more for your referred users.

With these memberships, you will have more opportunity to earn in the ads.

Here you have the table, so that you perro get an iniciativa of ​​how these memberships are going and if it is really convenient for you or not to buy one.

Default, we all start with the estándar membershipbeing able to expand it to what we deem appropriate.

for a membership is profitableO well we will have to have a wide network of direct referrals and active or many rented referrals.

If not, the membership will not be worth it and you will be losing money.

I orinan, be careful with this.

Minimum payment and payment method

The minimum amount to request a payment will be $5.

The withdrawals lWe cánido do it through Payeer, Neteller, Skrill, AirTM, FacuetPay and also cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, dash and litecoin).

withdrawals will be processed and shipped in a maximum of 7 working days.

Each of these withdrawals will have a type of commission, in some cases it will be higher than in others.

As for the commissions cánido vary from one day to anotherso I advise you that when withdrawing, you study by which processor or cryptocurrency you are interested in withdrawing.

Final opinions of optimalbux

Very interesting page and that without a doubt, We have to keep in mind, it will only take us five minutes a day.

Today, in 2022 keep payingand I hope it will continue to do so for many more years.

As I said before, it is not much that is achieved, but neither is the time that we are on the page. I strongly recommend that you register and you work it.

Also that tell everyone you know who might be interested in earning money en línea.

As usual, registration is free.

Here is the backlink to register with me.

If you need any kind of plus explanation about this or other pages, all you have to do is leave a comment here or contact me through the contact page on the blog.


I will answer you delighted!! Greetings and much success!

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 Optimalbux |  Veteran page that follows
  Optimalbux |  Veteran page that follows
  Optimalbux |  Veteran page that follows

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