OptimalBux Abandoned due to low profits!

OptimalBux Abandoned due to low profits!

What is Optimalbux about?

It is a hybrid PTC, in addition to being another of the pages to see ads and earn money they also added the alternative of revenue sharing.

OptimalBux Features

Minimum withdrawal: $5 USD.

Need investment: No.

Limit of Direct Referrals: 200 for estándar users.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Supported Countries: All.

Forum: Yeah.

Payment methods: Air TMBitcoin, payerDash, Litecoin, Ethereum.

Rented referrals: Yeah.

Ways to earn free money with Optimalbux


display of ads

To start seeing the ads, go to the menu and clic on the “Earn Money” button then on “View Advertisements” and you will access all the ads that you cánido see, as shown in the image below.

Additionally, for each ad you see you will receive 1 point, which you cánido exchange for money if you wish.

In Optimalbux it is not required to stay in the ad, a feature that I usually look for in the PTCs that I work with… It is that don’t have a focusthat way I cánido see the ads of all the pages at once and not waste a lot of time.


OptimalGrid (You always win)

It is the kind of game that reminds the minesweeper.

Every 24 hours they give you 10 opportunities to earn points for advertising, banners, etcétera.

These rewards are useful if you work with other pages so that you perro promote your referral backlinks for free.

The Grid on this page is also unique, because unlike other PTCs where you almost never win.

Here you always get a plus! Although you will only earn credits to promote yourself… It is free and effective advertising that we cánido use to inject traffic to our other businesses.


PTSU Offers

These offers reward you with money for registering on other websites and encuentro certain conditions.

They usually pay $0.5 for each registration.

I do not usually make these offers because in other PTCs I have already made them before and they have rejected the job without paying me.

But you are free to try your luck.

Getting referrals is important!

It is necessary to see at least 4 ads a day to earn referrals.

clic commission

At Optimalbux users who have purchased upgrades earn 100% for the clicks of their referrals.

While the users who work for free only earn 50% of the value of the clicks of our referrals.

That is, for each referral that earns $5 you will get a commission of $2.5 USD.

Difference between a rented referral and a direct referral

  • The direct ones (RD) They are real people that you invite to the page with the backlink provided by Optimalbux.

    In Optimalbux, you cánido find your referral backlink in the menu by selecting the option that says “Banners”

  • The rented (RR) They are not real people.

    Some websites may try to claim that their RRs are real people, but they are just bots programmed to work at their convenience.

    After one has been watching the behavior of these robots for some time, it is easy to notice that the PTC administrator perro also control how active the RR is.

However, with a good administration it is possible to benefit from them, currently the only page where I rent referrals is in NeoBux: neobux strategies

Adpacks What is a revshare?

What makes OptimalBux different from other PTC-type pages is that it offers the opportunity to earn profits from your actions, offering the famous shared earnings.

How do Revenue Sharing Programs work?

In revenue sharing schemes, people are required to invest in the form of packages.

Once you buy a package, you must wait for it to mature to withdraw your earnings.

For example, let’s say you invest $10 today.

Then you wait for someone else to invest $10.

And so as more investors continue to come in, after a period of time, the owner returns his investment along with the profits.

The same cycle repeats itself over and over again.

What is the problem with these schematics?

As long as new investors keep coming there is no problem.

But once people stop coming in and new investors are scarce, profits start to decline.

For this reason, the owners cannot obtain any benefit and finally, they stop paying.

The most famous revenue sharing scheme in recent memory is TrafficMonsoon.

Which as expected ended up being a scam.

But this page from the beginning was doomed, since it was not sustainable.

How is Optimalbux different from other revenue sharing programs?

The main reason is that “Hables Scoville before launching TrafficMonsoon was already a famous serial scammer.”

By contrast Dimitrios Kornelatos and his colleagues have an impeccable reputation.

In addition, one of TrafficMonsoon’s errors was that the packages matured too quickly, in just 3 months 110% of the investment was earned, that is, a 10% profit in no time cannot be real, no bank or serious company offers such a thing.

On the other hand Optimalbux has a sustainable model. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.it’s just another page to earn some plus money, created by Dimitrios and his team.

For this reason, people who love to invest in revshare, Optimalbux is probably a good option, since they will hardly find another with administrators with such a good track record.

What do you get by buying a package?

For people who are interested in investing, I leave the information on how the packages work.

Each package costs $10.

You get: 100 PTC credits, 1000 banner credits and most importantly 120% return on investment, that is, for every $10 you invest, you will receive $12.

The daily return is 0.5% to 1% (Between $0.06 and $0.12 per day) this plus is added to your account daily automatically.

With those percentages it will take around 190 days to receive the net $12. It seems a bit slow, but it’s quite realistic.

In fact, most banks worldwide only offer an annual profit margin of 6 – 9%.

With Optimalbux, on the other hand, we would be obtaining a return of around 25% per year, which is excellent profitability.

What you earn will depend on how much you invest.

With $2 of income for each package, it means that if you buy 10 packages we would already be talking about $20 in earnings that you earn passively.

Is Optimalbux a scam?

If you pay, Optimalbux is a legit site run by a trusted person, with two very successful sister PTCs who are Scarletclicks and GPTPlanet.

Optimalbux Update March 2019

Unfortunately I have decided to remove this business from the blog, because it is not what I expected.

I spent a good time working on it daily and the profits made were extremely low.

It should be noted that the page continues to pay, here below I espectáculo you a proof of payment fresh out of the oven.

Optimalbux Proof of Payment

That small payment of 5 dollars took me 9 months to get it (approximately)… For that reason, I do not recommend it to anyone.

OptimalBux does pay, but a real pittance.

The referral limit will always make you earn little

On any page where you earn money just by clicking, you will earn little if you do not look for referrals.

Whoever tells you otherwise is lying!

Anyone who works at OptimalBux without investing will only be allowed to have a maximum of 200 direct referrals… Unless you choose to purchase a membership, which is not an option, due to its high price.

It is not necessary to take out many accounts, to realize that it will be a total loss of the investment.

However, the limit of referrals would not be such a serious inconvenience, if you could build a team only with active referrals… Just like it’s done in NeoBuxwhere we are allowed to eliminate references that are not clicking, so our team is filled only with people who really work the page.

Because of this, it is easy to end up making very good profits on NeoBux.

It is a company that espectáculos real interest in its users getting benefits and being able to grow.

The problem with Optimalbux is that removing referrals is not free… They charge you 10 cents for each referral you want to remove.

That is, for every 10 referrals eliminated, you will have to pay 1 dollar.

Something that has neither head nor tail.

Most likely, at least 9 of the 10 new referrals you get will also be inactive! Which means that you will have thrown 1 dollar in the trash.

In short, OptimalBux is not worth it because in the end you will be left with a PTC without referrals… Even if the platform indicates that you have already reached the maximum of 200 referrals, you perro be sure that 95% or even more will have stopped. make your clicks a long time ago.

So, if you want to increase the limit or eliminate the bad guys, you must necessarily invest money from your pocket… But there is no point in doing it, because it is a lousy investment that will only leave you with losses..

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 OptimalBux Abandoned due to low profits!
  OptimalBux Abandoned due to low profits!
  OptimalBux Abandoned due to low profits!

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