Opnio: Earn money (up to €3.5) for performing

Opnio: Earn money (up to €3.5) for performing

The Internet is full of sites with different ways to earn money, every day there are more and more platforms of this style, the big problem is that some are a waste of time.

So it doesn’t hurt to find out a little before using any of these pages.

Recently, a new website was launched to make money with surveys, it’s about Opnio.

It is another alternative with which by doing surveys, you cánido earn a little plus money

We explain everything you need to know: registration, how it works, payments per survey and of course it does seem to us that it is a reliable platform to invest your time or not.

Entrar Opnio and earn up to €3.5

What is Opnium?

Opnio is a platform to solve surveys, supposedly the company that founded it is Cint AB, Stockholm Sweden, which is a survey company of Swedish origin.

One of the features that attracts the attention of Opnio are the rewards for each survey, up to 3.50 euros.

Payments are made in vouchers Amazon, PayPal and GCodes.

As we mentioned, it is a relatively new platform, which means two things: the first is that we have time to be the first and get good rewards.

The second is the fact that we don’t know if it’s reliable or not, so we need to find out.

Sign up to Opnio

If you want to try this platform, obviously the first thing you should do is register, in this section we explain step by step how to do it:

  1. Entrar the official Opnio website and clic on «Sign up».
  • In the form you must entrar dirección de correo electrónico, passwords, date of birth, zip code, gender and clic on “Record».
  • The system will then ask you to complete your profile.
  • If you have completed the profile, an activation backlink will be sent to your correo electrónico.

How does Opnio work?

Like any survey platform, after registering you must complete your profile, the more you complete it, more surveys you will have to answer –the same happens with the panel station.

For each survey you answer you perro earn from 2 dollars to 3 dollars, you only have to invest 15 minutes to answer each of these surveys.

The objective of this platform is to collect all kinds of marketing data for various companies.

These companies pay for the creation of the surveys through which the data will be collected.

The platform pays users like you who register and give their answers to surveys, agregado it keeps a percentage of what is paid by the companies.

Is the Opnio survey portal reliable?

We cánido not confirm that it is a reliable platformAs we mentioned above, this is a very new platform.

At present, it is not possible to know from a registered usuario if he pays or not.

Therefore, we only have to wait until the minimum withdrawal is reached and that the money does reach our Paypal account or they give us an Amazon gift voucher.

If you are looking for an option that is known so far to be reliable, then we recommend the Livra survey panel.

How cánido you collect your winnings?

When you reach the minimum withdrawal, you will have the option to withdraw money, go to the “rewards» and tries to withdraw the amount of accumulated cómputo.

Then choose the withdrawal option, as we already told you, it cánido be PayPal, gift vouchers or Gcodes.

Wait as long as the platform tells you for it to become effective and reach your account.

The collection cánido take a few days, as it happens with the HintstersSurveys platform, the collections are not instantaneous.

Opnio Opinion

There is little to nothing to say about this platform, but we perro make it clear that being new, it is much more likely to be a non-paying survey panel.

Also, it is possible that it does pay, we just have to find out, we will try to reach the minimum withdrawal and if you make the payments, we will editar this articulo and we will indicate that it is a platform that pays.

If the money never comes, then we’ll tell you around here that it’s a scam.

The good thing about it being such a new platform is that you perro be one of the first to entrar and get the best rewards as new users arrive.

The bad thing is that it is not yet possible to know its reliability.

so you cánido waste time tried to get to the minimum and in the end not receive any money.

We leave it up to you to use it or not, if you reach the minimum before us, leave us a comment indicating whether you received the payment or if it is a scam.

We wish you all the luck in the world, follow our content so that you learn more ways to earn money en línea, such as Opiniolandia, which is one of the reliable surveys in Spain.

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 Opnio: Earn money (up to €3.5) for performing
  Opnio: Earn money (up to €3.5) for performing
  Opnio: Earn money (up to €3.5) for performing

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