OpinionWorld: Get paid for doing

OpinionWorld: Get paid for doing

Earning money en línea is less and less complex, this is because there are many survey platforms being born daily.

There are also several survey platforms that have time and are still paying, such is the case of Opinion Worlda pollster on-line that pays very well, for each survey you perro earn from 0.75 euros to 1 euro; It should be noted that it only takes 15 minutes to answer a survey.

It is another recommended option and we analyze it here, we begin by describing its main characteristics.

Getting started on OpinionWorld

Features OpinionWorld

OpinionWorld Features
Rating 4.5
Category surveys.
Company Survey Sampling International, one of the best pollsters, not only en línea, but sin conexión, has been running for 37 years.
countries Spain, México, Colombia.
Language Spanish.

What is OpinionWorld?

Opinion World is a en línea paid survey platform in Spanish and is one of the most reliable, since to this day it still pays.

Like all en línea surveys, when you complete surveys, you earn points and those points perro be exchanged for euros, which you cánido then withdraw through Giftcards from Amazon, Fnac, Itunes, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Casa of the Book or Paypal.

This survey panel is very afín to Survey Junkie, it’s been around for many years and we think their surveys have high rewards.

But, keep something in mind, the number of surveys available for each usuario is not much, so from now on we recommend you cComplete your usuario profile.

Thanks to a complete profile you have a better oportunidad of getting more surveys; The platform will notify you by correo electrónico when there are surveys available for you.

Opinion World: login

After registering and completing your profile, you cánido now log in so that you cánido begin to learn how this en línea platform for paid surveys works.

  1. Entrar the official site of Opinion World.
  2. Clic on «Login», option located in the upper right corner.
  • Entrar your nombre de usuario and password (the ones you used to register).
  • Clic on «Log in».

Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the options that the platform has, below we will explain how it works. Before we continue, we want to point out that you perro log in with your Fb or Google plus account.

How does OpinionWorld work?

Fácil, this en línea paid survey platform is hired by brands or companies that want to do marketing studies.

Thanks to Opinion World they have access to what users think about products, services and more, in this way they cánido make better decisions about their future projects.

The users who answer these surveys get paid and the platform also gets a piece of it, so it’s a win-win relationship for everyone.

How to use OpinionWorld?

It is afín to Valued Opinions or Surveyeah, after registering you will have access to a panel in which they will appear surveys available to you. It is important that you complete your profile, because if not, you will not have surveys available.

When completing your profile, go to the section «surveys» located on the top horizontal panel.

You will be able to see the available surveys that are colored orange, the ones in red are participations in which you share what you see on television and the internet and the products you buy.

Please note that each survey available has a quota limitThis means that only a stipulated number of users cánido respond to it.

Therefore, we recommend you not waste time when OpinionWorld sends you an dirección de correo electrónico letting you know that you have surveys available, as they won’t be for long.

The platform also has a rewards section, in which you perro redeem your points.

Depending on the product you choose to withdraw your money, there is a minimum limit.

In the following image you cánido see these minimums:

More ways to make money on OpinionWorld

Answering surveys is not the only way to generate money with the platform, you have other options.

For example, trying new products (mainly digital), seeing ads and also promoting OpinionWorld in affiliate networks, such is the case of Adjal.

For now, does not have a referral system like Nicequest or other afín platforms.

Not all members have access to other ways to earn poll money, as they must rank up.

OpinionWorld has an achievement system that is classified in medals, those who obtain a higher qualification, have more benefits.

Of course, not in all countries these other ways of earning money are available.

survey rewards

Obviously, the strong point is the surveys, it is the option with which you perro generate the most money.

The surveys do not have a fixed reward, this means that with some you perro get 0.75 euro and with others you perro get 1 euro.

Remember that just by investing 15 minutes answering a survey, you get an acceptable reward and better than many other pollsters.

Actually, for each survey that you answer, they will not give you the euros directly, but points.

Those of 75 points are equivalent to 0.75 euros and those of 100 points to 1 euro.

The minimum withdrawal is 5 euros, which is only 500 points (PayPal).

OpinionWorld payment method

The platform pays through PayPal, virtual visa and gift cards from Amazon, Ubear Eats, iTunes, Fnac, Carreforur, among others.

Possibly, depending on the country you are in, you will have the possibility of using one or the other options, since not all of them are available in most countries.

Review of Opinion World

It is another option that we recommend for you to generate some plus income, we think it is easy to use, it pays well and most importantly: is a reliable survey platform in Spain.

Keep in mind that the rewards of this platform are a bit higher than others, the problem is that there are not many surveys to take, which is a negative against it.

But we understand this, since its objective is to offer well-paid surveys.

Likewise, our recommendation is that you use this platform in conjunction with other afín ones, because what you generate with Opinion World will not lead you to wealth, but it will help you.

As long as you use it in conjunction with other platforms you will get different income, something that your personal finances will thank you for.

So far our analysis of this survey panel, tell us what other platform you want us to analyze.

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 OpinionWorld: Get paid for doing
  OpinionWorld: Get paid for doing
  OpinionWorld: Get paid for doing

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