Opinions Torneum: what it is, how it works and

Opinions Torneum: what it is, how it works and

The dream of every gamer is to have a space in which they perro fully dedicate themselves to their passion and also get paid for it.

And it is that, who would not like earn money playingin exchange for testing their skills in exciting en línea games and tournaments.

But the question that you are surely asking yourself at this moment is where cánido I do it? And the answer that we have come to give you today is Tournament.

Stay to discover more about this new platform, its possibilities and the opinions that it has already generated among users and jugadores.

What is Tournament?

Tournament is a new vídeo game platform created jointly by TheGrefg and AlphaSniper97, two famous Youtubers and Streamers in the Gamer world.

His visión in creating the platform has been to spread eSports and place them within the reach of anyone who wants to participate in them.

The iniciativa is that, over time, Jugadores from all over Latin America and Europe perro try their luck and start your career like professionals.

This platform is designed to host a large number of tournaments in which you cánido participate regardless of your condition and skill level.

In exchange for your participation, you cánido get virtual coins which you perro then redeem for elementos, prizes and cash.

The general characteristics that this platform brings:

  • Record completely free for anyone.
  • Available in 10 countries among which are Spain, México, Chile and Argentina.
  • game catalog expanding: Fornite, COD, Free fire, Apex legends and many other famous titles.
  • Free or free tournaments accessible to all Jugadores.
  • Paid tournaments with a higher level of competitiveness and higher rewards.
  • It allows backlink your networks popular to your profile.
  • you cánido create content for uso contínuo on Youtube or Twitch, being able to choose to join the Torneum Team or Torneum Legends.
  • leveling system that classifies the jugadores according to their ability in Rookie, Challenger and Elitewith tournaments that adapt to the level and rhythm of each player.
  • System of premium membership that allows access to new and better features and functions.
  • System of points known as Honor, obtained by loyalty, skill and good behavior, which gives access to better skills.
  • overall top based on cups and victories based on the performance of each player.

Minimum requirements to be part of Torneum

But like everything, Torneum also has some minimum requirements If you want to be part of the platform:

  • PC, notebook, tablet or mobile with enough capacity.
  • A good connection to Internet.
  • Be over 14 years old.
  • Live in one of the countries where you are available.
  • Have installed the games in which you want to compete.
  • Have a official count (PSN, Xbox, etcétera).

How do you earn money in Torneum?

In order to get money on this platform, all you have to do is participate in tournaments and win.

In exchange for each victory you will receive an amount of gold, a virtual currency that will accumulate in your account.

Once you have a good amount, you perro start receiving prizeseSport elementos and even exchange gold for money that will be deposited into your PayPal account.

Gold cánido also be purchased for real money, at a rate of 10 thousand gold coins for €100.

These coins will be useful to you to be able to access the highest level tournaments within the platform.

Types of tournaments in Torneum

Torneum makes available to each of its users different types of tournaments designed for adapt to your level and routine of game, giving certain freedoms to the jugadores according to each case.

Let’s see what they consist of:

  • Thunder Tournament: Tournaments with a modality of phases that you must overcome until you reach the final phase.

    These tournaments stay open for a long time and you cánido entrar whenever you want.

    Also, they are of infinite type, you perro finish one and immediately entrar the next one.

  • Titan Tournament: They are the biggest tournaments you will find on the platform, and the ones that report the best earnings.

    The mechanics is to accumulate victories against your rivals and stay at the top, in order to access the rewards.

    You perro reset it a limited number of times.

In turn, these two Tournaments are divided into different levels which you perro access according to your skill:

  • Rookie Tournaments: Characterized by the gray wings, they are free and with limited places.

    Ideal for testing skills and training.

  • Challenger Tournaments: Identified by their red wings, they are advanced level and require a gold fee to entrar.
  • Elite Tournaments: With their golden wings, these tournaments are the highest level within the platform.

    Much more expensive than the previous level, but with higher rewards.

  • Play off: Special tournament for champions, in which they face each other to access better prizes and rewards.

Prizes: cánido you win cards and real money in Torneum?

As we already mentioned above, if possible win physical prizes and real money in Torneum.

all you need is accumulate gold and gems in your accountand then access the prizes tab to exchange them for:

  • Money.
  • Professional level gaming equipment.
  • Digital cards for purchases in en línea stores.

You will get the gold and gems as we have already indicated: winning tournaments.

In addition, you also get them by participating in events, maintaining your top, etcétera.

Torneum Opinions: Is it reliable and safe or a scam?

Tournament still in development phase, adding new and better functions according to the retroalimentación they receive from users who are already part of it.

But from now on, it appears to be a fairly stable, safe and reliablewhich already has more than 1 million users and 2.5 million games played.

Do you think you have the necessary skills to compete with the greats? If the answer is yes, then definitely.

this platform is for you.

All your operations are legal and transparent when making purchases, payments or withdrawing prizes in money or elementos.

Finally, keep in mind that, thanks to your free registration, You cánido entrar to try what this whole topic is about and check if you have what it takes.

Explore the platform and discover if it meets your expectations, no need to invest not a cent.

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 Opinions Torneum: what it is, how it works and
  Opinions Torneum: what it is, how it works and
  Opinions Torneum: what it is, how it works and

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