Opinions AfiliaGo: features

Opinions AfiliaGo: features

Working en línea is for many the business of the 21st century, since it cánido be done from the comfort of home and in front of a PC without making any physical effort.

However, it is likely that you are wondering how to start generating income.

That is where AfiliaGo was born; a solution for those who want to live off the Internet making promotions from a website, YouTube channel or other means.

It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile platforms out there to earn money en línea.

Given that, allows you to be the advertiser of multiple highly recognized companies.

If you would like to know everything about this platform and how you perro earn money with it, just keep reading.

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What is AfiliaGo?

AffiliateGo is an affiliate platform in which you cánido sign up to promote multiple sports betting houses, casinos, brokers or even poker companies.

For this you will be awarded a reward, which will clearly depend on multiple factors; starting with the number of users you perro redirect.

AfiliaGo represents more than an affiliate program, since it also is considered a platform for tipster; better known, such as betting specialists or advisers.

In summary, whether or not you own a platform related to any of the mentioned topics, AfiliaGo will help you monetize through easy-to-start campaigns.

Important features of AfiliaGo

This affiliate platform is quite intuitive, so signing up will not be a complicated process; much less request the campaign to start advertising the multiple companies available.

Also, also give a $10 plus.

In addition to having the main betting houses in all of Spain, it also has recognized brokers, casinos, or other platforms.

Thus, monetizing your website, fanpage, Telegram channel, or another will not be complicatedsince there will be multiple topics that you cánido attack.

To receive rewards from users who register through your campaign these they must comply with some steps and requirements.

Otherwise, no AfiliaGo benefits will be received.

this platform too It has 2 tools that are widely useful, and they are:

  • Design Go: With this tool you cánido editar, modify and configure the marketing campaigns as you wish.
  • paygo.

    With this second tool you cánido better manage the monetary income you receive from subscriptions or afín.

On the other hand, AfiliaGo has a news section so that you cánido find yourself informed with everything related to the world of betting, forex or other available sectors.

You also have a vídeo tutorial area, statistics, banners, among others.

Without a doubt, it is a platform that has completely changed the rules of the game in digital marketing and the affiliate system.

What payment methods does AfiliaGo allow?

The payment methods with which you perro request the money accumulated in AfiliaGo are:

  • Paypal.
  • Skrill.
  • Wire transfer.
  • Electronic check.

How do you earn money with the AfiliaGo affiliation?

To earn money with AfiliaGo you simply have to register here and complete your personal information, with this you will earn your first 10 dollars.

You will then need to complete the following steps to start an ad campaign and start receiving benefits.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Once you are inside AfiliaGo you must go to the upper left area: Clic the frameset icon > Campaigns > Choose one of the available themes.
  • In this case, we will select “Bets” for the example.

    After clicking, a window will be displayed in which you cánido filter the bookmakers to your liking; Below you will find all the available ones.

  • In this section you perro see the details related to the available campaigns.

    It is suggested that the conditions be read, since these will be the steps that users must comply with in order for a benefit to be paid to you.

    The easier they are to meet, the more chances there are to earn money.

  • Then you just have to check the lower right red box that says: request campaign.

    AfiliaGo will notify you when the application has been approved and is available to be published in your media.

What bookmakers are there in AfiliaGo?

In AfiliaGo you perro find a large number of bookmakers.

Therefore, mentioning the exact amount cánido be a bit complex, however, it is possible to find the following:

  • codere.
  • Yagame.
  • Betsson.
  • Kirolbet.
  • William Hill.
  • Betway.
  • BRAND Betting.
  • circus.
  • Sportium.
  • 777.
  • Casino Barcelona.
  • NetBet.
  • Bet Safe.
  • Luckia.
  • Patizamba.
  • Dafabet.
  • Contrincante it.
  • GoldenPark.
  • Among others.

How cánido AfiliaGo bets be promoted?

In this sense, we cánido say that AfiliaGo is quite versatile with its users, since basically allows the usuario to promote bookmakers from almost any platform through which an advertising campaign perro be disseminated.

You perro promote AfiliaGo bets through the following means:

  • Popular networks.
  • Fanpages.
  • Web pages.
  • Telegram channels.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Youtube.
  • Forums.
  • Personal weblogs.
  • Among others.

You have at your disposal the entire Internet to spread AfiliaGo campaigns; It is simply required that these spaces cánido receive visitors or you cánido accumulate followers.

Opinions AfiliaGo: do you earn money or is it a scam?

Among the opinions of AfiliaGo that we found, we highlight some important aspects:

For starters, the company is pretty serious in the affiliate marketing business (and well known in the moneymaking world).

make punctual payments and also highlights its intuitive platform.

We rule out then, that it is a scam.

As we mentioned before, his system is a clear revolution of the affiliate marketing system we know today, differing greatly from the one owned by Amazon or other companies.

And one of the most relevant aspects is that it provides all the tools to the usuario so that they perro start as soon as possible and earn money.

Regarding their reliability, at the end of the platform we note that they have important badges that assure the usuario that AfiliaGo is regulated and has a commitment to bettors and tipsters.

Let’s finish by highlighting that this type of business perro quickly benefit those who have followers of the available topics.

Therefore, it does not hurt to register and try to carry out any of the available campaigns.

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 Opinions AfiliaGo: features
  Opinions AfiliaGo: features
  Opinions AfiliaGo: features

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