OpinionBar: Give your opinion and get paid for each

OpinionBar: Give your opinion and get paid for each

OpinionBar It is another en línea survey panel with which you perro earn plus income.

One of the most remarkable things about this platform is that it has companies from the Fortune 500 list, that is, it has a client portfolio with important companies from all over the world.

It has been running for several years and also has millions of users from all over the world.

So far so good, but will it be a good option to invest our time?

Find out below, we will tell you everything about this platform to do paid surveys.

Entrar OpinionBar now

What is OpinionBar?

It is a platform belonging to MetrixLab that allows you to give your opinion and automatically receive a reward for each survey you have completed.

Currently, OpinionBar is very habitual among many companies that want to know valuable and accurate information from consumers through their opinions.

As we mentioned above, it is a platform with many users, so it is also habitual among the community of people looking to generate income through the Internet.

How to register on OpinionBar

One of the things that we like the most about OpinionBar and we know that many of our readers will also like it is that is available in many countries.

So don’t worry, you cánido probably register too, we’ll explain how:

  1. As always, the first thing is to go directly to the Opinion Bar website.
  2. Clic on “Create Account”.
  • Entrar your data to create a new account, name, correo electrónico, among others.

    Verify the Captcha, accept terms and conditions to finally clic on “creat your account”.

  • Now, complete your personal profile as it is done in Suverylama, the better you complete it, the more possibilities you will have a greater number of surveys.

Done, unlike other platforms surveys we have described hereOpinionBar allows you to register in a few steps.

How does this survey panel work?

It works afín to Sigmados survey panel, you must first create your account.

Then you will have at your disposal a panel of en línea surveys, with which you will help companies to improve your products and services.

When you log in, the platform will welcome you and tell you how much money you have available; Unfortunately, unlike other en línea polling companies, it does not give you any welcome plus.

Therefore, your welcome will be 0 euros, as seen in the following image.

Below the welcome screen you will be able to see the surveys you cánido do.

Surveys did not appear to us as soon as we registered, possibly later they will be enabled.

Likewise, we are going to complete the profile better – later we will explain how to do it.

That’s all, keep in mind that it doesn’t have tasks to do or view ads for money, like most platforms of this style do.

Increase your chances of receiving surveys

If the same thing happened to you that after registering you do not see surveys to take, it may be because you must complete your profile.

When you finish creating your account, you fill in profile data, but you perro make it even more complete, we explain how.

On the main screen you will see several sections, select the one called “Profile”.

You will see several options such as the ones shown below:

You may notice that these options are different types of sub-profiles that complement your profile.

Start by completing each of these.

This is the best way to increase your chances of receiving more surveys.

Keep in mind that one of the most “tedious” things in these opinion panels is making a very complete profile.

I orinan, it’s not just OpinionBar, all survey panels ask you to complete a very extensive profile.

But, it is part of generating income with these surveys, just as it is with Prizerebel.

How much money perro you earn?

We come to the section that may interest you the most, that of money.

Really, the platform does not pay much, we have to be clear and direct with this.

Obviously, we have not been able to know it from our own experience, but we have known many opinions from users who have used OpinionBar for a long time and have not generated enough income.

Apparently you perro take a full year in making 10 euros.

Which is certainly a long time to charge so little money.

How cánido you withdraw the money?

The minimum possible withdrawal is 13 according to the opinions, however, checking the website at present it is 20 euros or dollars.

To see if you have already reached the minimum you cánido do it from the beginning or by clicking on “rewards”.

You cánido do this withdrawal through a gift card Paypal, which is very good.

However, we find it inappropriate that it does not offer other means such as Amazon Gift Cards.

When you have the minimum withdrawal you perro enable the withdrawal option and configure your account to withdraw money.

It is possible that, depending on the country you are in, you perro withdraw through a bank account.

OpinionBar vs other poll sites

The truth is that the opinions of OpinionBar are mostly very bad, many people indicate that Currently they cánido’t get paid..

If we put this platform on a level with other platforms like Survey Junkie, we cánido say that it is unlikely that you will make a decent enough amount of money to withdraw on a monthly basis.

While on other platforms you cánido withdraw in a maximum of two or three months, such as Opnio or the iPoll Aplicación.

Review of OpinionBar

In our honest opinion we perro say that it is a platform not worth investing time.

Taking a year to reach the minimum and collect does not attract much attention to us.

Likewise, if you want to try this platform, you cánido do it freely, yes, you have to be very patient to be able to make the payments.

You will have to work several months answering surveys, which may never arrive in order to get a little plus money.

Additionally, you cánido try your luck with Surveoo.

So far our review of this survey platform, what did you think? If you want us to share more reviews, tell us in the comments.

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 OpinionBar: Give your opinion and get paid for each
  OpinionBar: Give your opinion and get paid for each
  OpinionBar: Give your opinion and get paid for each

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