Opinion Outpost Tutorial: What You Need

Opinion Outpost Tutorial: What You Need

Earn money by taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost.

We teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of this survey platform.

Opinion Outpost is a platform with which we cánido earn money for doing paid surveys.

The minimum payment of $10, an easy amount to reach thanks to its flow of surveys.

Much more because you cánido earn up to $0.50 for each one.

It has the most common payment processors, such as Paypal, Visa or Amazon Gift Card.

People from all over the world cánido register without any problem.

Ideal for those looking for the best surveys in Venezuela.

It is a platform that we recommend to start in the world of paid surveys or to complement with others.

Interested? Watch our articulo until the end and learn the most important thing about Opinion Outpost.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a paid survey platform that was created by Dynata LLC (previously called Survey Sampling International LLC), a company with 39 years of experience in data collection and also the founder of Opinion Outpost.

Opinion Outpost does not have a referral system.

This platform belongs to the surveys that pay by Paypal, although they also have other payment methods such as Visa and Amazon gift cards.

The platform has no geographical limitations.

How does Opinion Outpost work?

To earn money with Opinion Outpost, you need to register on the official platform.

It is as fácil as registering with your correo electrónico or your Fb account and providing some basic personal information.

Afín to surveys on surveypronto (really on all survey platforms), you will need to fill out all of your profile information to qualify for any survey.

Opinion Outpost will collect your profile data through

some initial surveys, as seen in the following image:

The more information you provide about your profile, the more likely you are to receive surveys.

By the way, write down the information you provide to the platform.

If you contradict your profile information in any survey, your account could be closed.

With this step you will be ready to receive paid surveys.

Every time there is a survey available you will receive an invitation to your dirección de correo electrónico to participate in it.

You perro also complete surveys directly from the platform.

Payments and rewards

Opinion Outpost works through points. 10 points equals $1while 100 points a $10.

This platform has 13 rewards available, among which are: Paypal, Visa and gift cards such as Amazon, Nike, Apple Gift Card and others.

Most payment processors require 100 points ($10) to redeem for real money.

Except for Amazon, which only requires 50 points ($5).

How to earn more money?

Like everything in life, there are some consejos that will allow us to earn more money with paid surveys.

In this articulo we will only mention some consejos, but in our articulo on the best paid surveys in Colombia we talk about them in more detail.

Conduct Continuous Surveys

It seems obvious, but it is often overlooked.

The more surveys you take, the higher your earnings will be.

Do not settle for the surveys that come to you in the correo.

Check the platform regularly for more paid surveys.

Answer the surveys with certainty

Be sure of what you are going to answer in the surveys.

If possible, try to answer with real information.

You cánido be penalized if you contradict yourself in the answers of your paid surveys.

Another trick is to write down the important answers, especially those that are constantly repeated in the surveys.

Does Opinion Outpost pay or is it a scam?

Yes, Opinion Outpost is a reliable platform that has been making payments to its users for several years.

On the web, you cánido find different proofs that espectáculo the reliability of this survey panel.

Furthermore, Dynata LLC, the company behind Opinion Outpost, has earned the trust of users because it has proven to be responsible.

If you want to know more about this type of platform, you perro also look at our list of the most reliable surveys.

How much does Opinion Outpost pay per survey?

The earnings you cánido get per survey cánido vary from the profile you have to the type of surveys you receive.

On their official platform, they indicate that you cánido earn up to $0.50 by survey.

Which means that, in general, you cánido make $1.50 to $1.75 in an hour.

Opinion about Opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a platform dedicated primarily to paid surveys.

Like platforms like Myiyo or YouGov, its forte is paid surveys.

It is a pity that it does not have a referral system like other platforms of the same type.

However, it makes up for it with its good payment for surveys and the catalog of rewards it has.

Opinion Outpost is a platform that we recommend at CGD.

You perro also see our opinions of paid surveys and know our criteria on other platforms.

Other alternatives to Opinion outpost

There are other alternatives to Opinion Outpost like the ones we espectáculo in the best surveys in Spain.

In addition to being complementary to Outpost, they offer better remuneration, a greater flow of surveys and other alternatives to increase your rewards.

These are the three most important:


Myiyo is a paid survey platform where you perro earn up to €3 by survey.

With your referral system we perro earn €0.50 per guest.

Make your payments by Paypal once we have reached €20.

You cánido learn more in our Myiyo review.


Ysense is one of the best platforms to earn money on the web, since it will allow us to earn money with additional ways to paid surveys, such as: mini-jobs, its referral system and monthly offers.

It is available for all countries and withdrawals cánido be made from $10 by Paypal and other payment processors.

See more in our Ysense tutorial.


YouGov is also positioned among the best platforms to earn money doing surveys.

we cánido win up to €2 by surveys and its referral system offers us €1.66 for each guest.

Payment perro be requested once we have reached €25.

Check out our YouGov guide.

And here we have come with this articulo.

Do you have any questions about Opinion Outpost? Leave it in the comments and we will help you answer it.

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 Opinion Outpost Tutorial: What You Need
  Opinion Outpost Tutorial: What You Need
  Opinion Outpost Tutorial: What You Need

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